WCF Extensions

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Collection of WCF extensions. The current version provides a compression channel.




Related Projects

WCFExtras - WCF Soap Header support, Xml comments to WSDL annotation and more

A collection of useful WCF extensions including Soap Header support, WSDL documentation and more.

WCF Latency Test Harness

This project contains a harness to test the latency of WCF (and .NET Remoting) for different bindings, serializers, parameters (and sizes), OneWay/TwoWay, etc. It can be used to test the latency behavior for a large set of scenarios, and can easily be customized to assess the ...

WCF Data Service Format Extensions for CSV, TXT

This project add support for Legacy formats like CSV, TXT (CSV Export) to the data service output and allow $format=txt query. By default WCF Data Services support Atom and JSON responses however legacy systems do not understand ATOM or JSON but they understand CSV, TXT f...

WCF Load Test

This tool takes a WCF trace file and a WCF client proxy, or a WCF interface contract, and generates a C# unit test that replays the same sequence of calls found

WCF Client Generator

This code generator avoids the shortcomings of svcutil when generating proxies for WCF web services with a large number of methods.

WCF AOP Sample

This project contains a simple implementation of AOP for WCF. It illustrates how to do simple logging and param masking using basic WCF extensions and Unity.


Example of a project that uses Ninject 2.2 + WCF Extensions + WCF REST

WcfEx - Yet another WCF extensions library

Yet another WCF extensions library

OData.Toolkit - OData Toolkit is a set of extensions for WCF Data Services that can make life easy

OData Toolkit is a set of extensions for WCF Data Services that can make life easy

WcfEx - Khoa's Extensions for WCF

Khoa's Extensions for WCF

IWebCF - DotNetNuke WCF Services Module

IWebCF provides a platform for developers to extend DotNetNuke using WCF services. IWebCF brings the power of SOA to DotNetNuke, allowing DNN to be more easily integrated with enterprise applications and services.

A simple windows service to host WCF or WF services

This little dll makes it easy to : - host a WCF server in a win-service, - handle faulted exceptin to restart your WCF server in case of failure and restart it, - Create an installer for that service, - Access the WCF server directly, in case of Singleton pattern, for WF host...

WCF Test Harness

The WCF Test Harness is a flexible tool that can be used to quickly test services. The utility is a windows application that uses WCF to submit requests via a given URL or proxy class. This utility is similar to other service test tools, notably WCF Load Test and SOAP UI.


WCF LOB TCP adapter will make it easy for BizTalk, WCF and WWF services to communicate with a TCP server. you will no longer worry about managing TCP clients, openning closing connections. This project was built using WCF LOB Adapter SDK 2.0

WCF REST Extensions for Silverlight

Access RESTful POX and JSON web services using the WCF methodology you know and love.

FlexDev - WCF Extensions

Provides authentication in WCF services without the use of SSL, including Silverlight applications.


WCF helper library: IoC, StructureMap, UnitOfWork, extensions methods, support for Windows Identity Foundation, tokem caching, etc...

Silverlight Server File Manager

SLFilemanager is a Server-side file manager written as Silverlight object. - Written in Visual Basic. - Uses the Silverlight Multi upload manager. - Communication by means of WCF service. - Folders in treeview - Files in Gridview - Support for drag and drop.