raty - :star2: jQuery Raty - A Star Rating Plugin

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:star2: jQuery Raty - A Star Rating Plugin



jquery : ^3.2.1



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bootstrap-star-rating - A simple yet powerful JQuery star rating plugin with fractional rating support

  •    Javascript

A simple yet powerful JQuery star rating plugin for Bootstrap which supports advanced features like fractional star fill and RTL input support. Developed with a focus on utlizing pure CSS-3 styling to render the control. The plugin uses Bootstrap markup and styling by default, but it can be overridden with any other CSS markup. View the documentation or a complete demo at Krajee JQuery plugins. NOTE: Release v4.0 is a modified rewrite with various new enhancements and BC breaking features. It allows rendering richer markup for star symbols and offers theming support.

react-native-star-rating - A React Native component for generating and displaying interactive star ratings

  •    Javascript

A React Native component for generating and displaying interactive star ratings. Compatible with both iOS and Android. For the emptyStar, fullStar, halfStar, and iconSet props, please refer to the react-native-vector-icons package for the valid string names for the star icons. When selecting the icon string names, you must remember to remove the font family name before the first hyphen. For example, if you want to use the ion-ios-star from the Ionicon font set, you would set the fullStar prop to ios-star and the iconSet to Ionicons.

rateYo - A simple and flexible star rating plugin

  •    Javascript

it uses SVG to render rating, so no images required. just create a div, throw some styles, initialize and thats it!.

AXRatingView - Star mark rating view with flat design for iOS8, iOS9, iOS10

  •    Objective-C

Star mark rating view for a review scene. This repositry is under these Objective-C coding styles.

Silverlight Star Rating Control

  •    Silverlight

A simple star rating control for editing or displaying ratings in Silverlight. Supports half-filled stars. Includes the star shape as a separate control.

RateIt - a jQuery (star) rating plugin

  •    JQuery

Rating plugin for jQuery Fast, Progressive enhancement, customizable (just swap out the images, or change some CSS), Unobtrusive JavaScript (using HTML5 data-* attributes), RTL support, supports as many stars as you'd like, and also any step size.

Cosmos - A star rating control for iOS/tvOS written in Swift

  •    Swift

Picture of binary star system of Sirius A and Sirius B by NASA, ESA and G. Bacon (STScI). Source: spacetelescope.org. There are three ways you can add Cosmos to your Xcode project.

DLStarRating - iOS star rating component

  •    Objective-C

iOS star rating component

HCSStarRatingView - Simple star rating view for iOS written in Objective-C

  •    Objective-C

HCSStarRatingView is a UIControl subclass to easily provide users with a basic star rating interface. It supports all device resolutions and although it requires no images to render the stars (thanks PaintCode), you can provide custom ones if you so desire.

DLStarRating - [INACTIVE] iOS star rating component

  •    Objective-C

A UIControl subclass that behaves similarly as the App Store rating control. Written by David Linsin, January 2011.

laravel-love - It lets people express how they feel about the content

  •    PHP

This package is a fork of the abandoned Laravel Likeable. It completely changes package namespace architecture, aimed to API refactoring and adding new features. First, pull in the package through Composer.

talon-for-twitter-android - The Material Design version of my popular Android Talon for Twitter app, 100% open-source

  •    Java

This is the complete version of the Twitter client that I created for Android. It is 100% open source, the only thing that you will have to do plug in is your own API keys. I am lucky enough to say that, as a paid app, Talon has perched itself at the top of the top paid social apps list since it's release in 2014. It has amassed 100,000+ downloads while holding a 4.6 star rating on the Play Store. This app is one of the more successful apps I have ever made and I am open sourcing it as a "thank you" to everyone that has supported my work over the years! It works great and I'm proud to say that it can probably be considered one of the most popular third party Twitter apps.


  •    CSharp

Sport is a Xamarin.Forms app initially built for Xamarin employees as a way to facilitate leaderboards for a few ping-pong tables and darts we have around the office. Athletes can join leagues, get ranked and challenge other athletes to move up the ladder.Sport employs the Elo Rating System. Each new member of a league initially starts with a rating of 1200. Anyone can challenge anyone, above or below you in the ladder and you can have multiple challenges in play. The larger the delta between the two players will result in how significant your rating increases or decreases. Victor over an athlete with a much higher rating than yours and you'll see a nice bump in your rating.

CommonDevKnowledge - :octocat::fire: :star2::star::star::star: :star: 史上最全的BAT大厂Android面试题汇集,以及常用的Android开发的一些技能点,冷门知识点汇总,开发中遇到的坑汇总等干货。

  •    Java

:octocat::fire: :star2::star::star::star: :star: 史上最全的BAT大厂Android面试题汇集,以及常用的Android开发的一些技能点,冷门知识点汇总,开发中遇到的坑汇总等干货。

Flutter-learning - :octocat::fire: :+1: :star2: :star: :star::star: Flutter从配置安装到填坑指南详解,Flutter相关Demo解读,项目实例,Dart语法详解

  •    Dart

:octocat::fire: :+1: :star2: :star: :star::star: Flutter从配置安装到填坑指南详解,Flutter相关Demo解读,项目实例,Dart语法详解

TTGEmojiRate - An emoji-liked rating view for iOS, implemented in Swift3.

  •    Swift

An emoji-liked rating view for iOS, implemented in Swift3. TTGEmojiRate is an emoji-liked rating view for iOS which is implemented in Swift. You can drop up and down on the Emoji face to change the rate, which is more interactive. TTGEmojiRate is also highly customizable that many features of it can be configure, like the emoji line width and the mouth width.

Open Hot or Not

  •    PHP

Open Hot or Not is a free implementation of the popular Hot or Not people rating website. Developed in php5+mysql, It allows picture uploading, voting, comments, comment voting, manage a blog, etc...

Windows Phone Rating Reminder


This a fairly basic little class library that will prompt your user to rate your app on the Windows Phone Marketplace. The library displays a custom 3 button message box (Yes, No, Remind me later) after when either the app is used x number of times, or x number of days since t...

ajaxful-rating - Provides a simple way to add rating functionality to your application.

  •    Ruby

Provides a simple way to add rating functionality to your application.