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Minimalistic doc generator with Vue component based layout system


@babel/core : 7.0.0-beta.47
@vue/babel-preset-app : 3.0.0-beta.11
autoprefixer : ^8.2.0
babel-loader : 8.0.0-beta.3
cache-loader : ^1.2.2
chalk : ^2.3.2
chokidar : ^2.0.3
commander : ^2.15.1
connect-history-api-fallback : ^1.5.0
copy-webpack-plugin : ^4.5.1
cross-spawn : ^6.0.5
css-loader : ^0.28.11
diacritics : ^1.3.0
docsearch.js : ^2.5.2
escape-html : ^1.0.3
file-loader : ^1.1.11
fs-extra : ^5.0.0
globby : ^8.0.1
gray-matter : ^4.0.1
js-yaml : ^3.11.0
koa-connect : ^2.0.1
koa-mount : ^3.0.0
koa-range : ^0.3.0
koa-static : ^4.0.2
loader-utils : ^1.1.0
lodash.throttle : ^4.1.1
lru-cache : ^4.1.2
markdown-it : ^8.4.1
markdown-it-anchor : ^5.0.2
markdown-it-container : ^2.0.0
markdown-it-emoji : ^1.4.0
markdown-it-table-of-contents : ^0.4.0
mini-css-extract-plugin : ^0.4.1
nprogress : ^0.2.0
optimize-css-assets-webpack-plugin : ^4.0.0
portfinder : ^1.0.13
postcss-loader : ^2.1.5
prismjs : ^1.13.0
register-service-worker : ^1.5.1
semver : ^5.5.0
stylus : ^0.54.5
stylus-loader : ^3.0.2
toml : ^2.3.3
url-loader : ^1.0.1
vue : ^2.5.16
vue-loader : ^15.2.4
vue-router : ^3.0.1
vue-server-renderer : ^2.5.16
vue-template-compiler : ^2.5.16
vuepress-html-webpack-plugin : ^3.2.0
webpack : ^4.8.1
webpack-chain : ^4.6.0
webpack-merge : ^4.1.2
webpack-serve : ^1.0.2
webpackbar : ^2.6.1
workbox-build : ^3.1.0



Related Projects

vue-styleguidist - Created from react styleguidist for Vue Components with a living style guide

  •    Javascript

Project was started when not finding a tool that generates documentation of components with hot reloading, read documentation and have a playground. Created from React Styleguidist, implement additional support to read and compile .vue files. Only supports 2.x. Vue Styleguidist is a style guide generator for Vue components. It lists component and shows live, editable usage examples based on Markdown files. You can use it to generate a static HTML page to share and publish or as a workbench for developing new components using hot reloaded dev server.

vue-table - data table simplify! -- vuetable is a Vue

  •    Vue

This is the previous version that works with Vue 1.x. The most up-to-date version is the Vuetable-2. If you like it, please star the Vuetable-2 repo instead, or make a small donation to support it. If you're looking for the version that's working with Vue 2.x, please go to vuetable-2 repo. However, I still have no time to work on the documentation. But if you're familiar enough with vuetable, it shouldn't be any much different. Look at the what's changed for info on changes from version 1 and the upgrade guide on how you could upgrade from version 1.

vuegg - :hatching_chick: vue GUI generator

  •    Javascript

Scaffold vuejs projects by dragging-dropping components directly into the visual editor and moving-resizing them to your choice. Vuegg leverages the creation of the pages and routes of your app/website, eases the styling work and helps to achieve a rapid-prototyping workflow (... at least in theory). The aim of this project is to merge designing and prototyping into one single process. Whenever you're happy with what you see on the screen, just get your code.

blessed-vue - A VueJS runtime to let you write command line UI in Vue

  •    Javascript

Compile against VueJS 2.5.13. This package is a Vue.js runtime for blessed and now blessed-contrib. The current version is compiled against VueJS 2.5.13, which means those lovely features and bug fixes comes with v2.5.13 in vue core will be available in the current version. For example, the lovely improvements about the functional components.

vue-hotel-datepicker - Vue date range picker component

  •    Vue

A responsive date range picker for Vue.js that displays the number of nights selected and allow several useful options like custom check-in/check-out rules, localisation support and more. The date format string.

vue-todos - vue最新实战项目教程,从零开始,一步一个脚印,循序渐进。跟着我一起学习vue吧!

  •    Javascript


vue-toasted - ⚡ Responsive Touch Compatible Toast plugin for VueJS 2+

  •    Javascript

Vue Toasted is One of the Best Toast plugin available for VueJS. it is responsive, touch compatible, easy to use, attractive and feature rich with icons, actions etc... Checkout the Interactive Demo here.

vue-inspector - Vue.js Inspector for Mobile Devices

  •    Javascript

vue-inspector is a basic inspector for Vue.js that works with mobile devices. It could work in a desktop environment, but I do not recommend that; use Vue.js devtools instead. With vue-inspector is possible to execute JavaScript code directly in your mobile browser and get error messages generated at run-time. Also inspect the data, props, router links, views/components, computed properties, routes, Vuex and more... inside your Vue.js project.

vue-grid-layout - A draggable and resizable grid layout, for Vue.js.

  •    Vue

This is the initial layout of the grid. The value must be an Array of Object items. Each item must have i, x, y, w and h proprties. Please refer to GridItem documentation below for more informations.

vue-virtual-scroller - ⚡️ Smooth scroll with any amount of data

  •    Vue

Smooth scroll with any amount of data (demo). ⚠️ vue-virtual-scroller now uses vue-observe-visibility to automatically refresh itself when shown to prevent display glitches. This means you need to include the Intersection Observer polyfill needed by vue-observe-visibility for this to work in old browsers (like Internet Explorer).

vue-vscode-snippets - These snippets were built to supercharge my workflow in the most seamless manner possible

  •    Javascript

These snippets were built to supercharge my workflow in the most seamless manner possible. This repo was built particularly for real world use. It doesn't catalogue the API definitions, and it's not a kitchen sink approach. Rather, it focuses on developer ergonomics from the point of Vue of real world use. Included are the pieces I personally get sick of typing, have to keep looking up, or forget to consider while developing that I make more use of when they're at my fingertips.

vue-django - @Django integrated with a full-featured @Webpack + (@vuejs / vue-loader) setup with hot reload, linting, testing & css extraction

  •    Javascript

@NdagiStanley has mirrored the fork to have this repo here. This starterpack has proved useful to many and I thank you for the emails I have received from all of you. The reasoning behind this mirror is that this is an effort to support the users more by developing further on this project. From here on, I am calling on all potential collaborators by making it easier to make PRs and adding utility of Issues in this 'new' repo (Of course with the same name :) ). Lastly, just so you know, I'll be keeping up with developments in the original. If you are using vue-cli@1.x, it will be pulling the master branch of this template by default. If you are using vue-cli@2.x, it will be pulling the dist branch instead, which provides more configurable options thanks to new features in vue-cli@2.x. It is recommended to upgrade vue-cli as soon as you can.

vue-good-table - An easy to use powerful data table for vuejs with advanced customizations including sorting, column filtering, pagination, grouping etc

  •    Vue

An easy to use powerful data table for vuejs with advanced customizations including sorting, column filtering, pagination, grouping etc

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