Multi-Project Templates with Wizard: Visual Studio 2010 Sample

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This project shows you simple example of creating multi-project templates with wizard using Visual Studio 2010, which generates VSIX file. A VSIX file enables us to install Visual Studio extensions (tools, controls, template etc) with a single click.



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resharper-vsix - VSIX and ReSharper integration

This repo contains two projects that enable better integration between Visual Studio's VSIX extensions and ReSharper.The first project, resharper-vsix is a ReSharper extension that will install any VSIX files bundled inside one of ReSharper 8's NuGet based extensions. This is intended to enable ReSharper extensions to also extend Visual Studio in ways that ReSharper doesn't currently support, perhaps by including project or item templates, or different editor extensions (highlights, adornments, folding, etc).

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Repository for all open source things related to Pex from Microsoft Research, such as examples, custom test frameworks, additional mocks, best practices, or any other type of extensions.

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phpNova is a modern, fully object-oriented PHP framework that successfully merges AJAX and MVC best practices. The uniquely modular approach enables you to cherry-pick the stuff you want and integrate it into your existing architecture or fully integrate your site into phpNova from the ground-up. The permissive licensing structure is also intended to make this easy for IP-wary companies. No other PHP framework is designed to offer this level of flexibility and portability. Oh, and yes, it is - Community guides for open source creators

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a deployment based on bootstrap, h5bp + others and best practices

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dotnet-apiport - This repo contains .NET Portability Analyzer (VSIX and Console) libraries and tools

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Perl::Critic - Critique Perl source code for best-practices