gulp-livereload - gulp plugin for livereload

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A lightweight gulp plugin for livereload to be used with the livereload chrome extension or a livereload middleware. See examples.


chalk : ^2.4.1
debug : ^3.1.0
event-stream : ^3.3.4
fancy-log : ^1.3.2
lodash.assign : ^4.2.0
tiny-lr : ^1.1.1
vinyl : ^2.2.0



Related Projects

gulp-webserver - Streaming gulp plugin to run a local webserver with LiveReload

  •    Javascript

The gulp.src('root') parameter is the root directory of the webserver. Multiple directories are possible. Solution: Set as host option.

gulp-connect - Gulp plugin to run a webserver (with LiveReload)

  •    CoffeeScript

If the http2 package is installed and you use an https connection to gulp connect then http 2 will be used in preference to http 1.

electron-connect - Livereload tool for Electron

  •    Javascript

Utility tool to develop applications with Electron. Using this in your Node.js scripts (e.g. gulpfile.js), you can livereload your Electron app.

connect-livereload - connect middleware for adding the livereload script to the response

  •    Javascript

connect middleware for adding the livereload script to the response. no browser plugin is needed. if you are happy with a browser plugin, then you don't need this middleware. note: if you use this middleware, you should make sure to switch off the Browser LiveReload Extension if you have it installed.

livereload - LiveReload applies CSS/JS changes to Safari or Chrome w/o reloading the page (and autoreloads the page when HTML changes)

  •    Javascript

guard-livereload — another command-line tool using our browser extensions. If you really want it, though, old instructions on settings up LiveReload 1.x are here.


  •    Objective-C for Mac and Windows. See “develop” branch for the latest Windows release and LiveReload 3 progress. NOTE: this repository will soon be renamed into livereload/LiveReload or something like that.

python-livereload - livereload server in python

  •    Javascript

livereload server in python

LiveReload - LiveReload

  •    Objective-C

LiveReload is an essential tool for web developers, and is currently the top paid developer tool on the Mac App Store in many countries. when distributing the software, the best effort is made to explain the purchasing policy to all users of the software who don't already have a license.

generator-bespoke - Yeoman generator for Bespoke.js

  •    Javascript

A generator for [Yeoman]( that scaffolds a [Bespoke.js]( presentation.The boilerplate project includes a [Gulp]( build system, a preview server with [LiveReload](, [Jade]( and [Stylus]( compilation, and a [GitHub Pages]( deployment task.Your generated presentation optionally includes the following [Bespoke.js plugins


  •    CoffeeScript

LiveReload JavaScript code that communicates with the server and implements reloading


  •    Ruby

Guard::LiveReload automatically reload your browser when 'view' files are modified.

budo - :clapper: a dev server for rapid prototyping

  •    Javascript

This is a browserify development server focused on incremental reloading, LiveReload integration (including CSS injection) and other high-level features for rapid prototyping.Then open http://localhost:9966/ to see the content in action.

tiny-lr - tiny livereload

  •    Javascript

This script manages a tiny LiveReload server implementation. It exposes an HTTP server and express middleware, with a very basic REST API to notify the server of a particular change.

grunt-nodemon - Grunt task to run nodemon

  •    Javascript

Note that using the callback config above assumes you have open installed and are injecting a LiveReload script into your HTML file(s). You can use grunt-inject to inject the LiveReload script. Script that nodemon runs and restarts when changes are detected.

gulp-responsive - gulp-responsive generates images at different sizes

  •    Javascript

gulp-responsive depends on sharp. Sharp is one of the fastest Node.js modules for resizing JPEG, PNG, WebP and TIFF images. If you are using Mac OS then before installing gulp-responsive you should install the libvips library. Further information and instructions can be found in the sharp installation guide.

gulp-bump - Bump any version in any file which supports semver with gulp (

  •    Javascript

gulp-bump v2 supports Any valid semver in any filetype. ####You can view more examples in the example folder.

gulp-rev-replace - Rewrite occurences of filenames which have been renamed by gulp-rev

  •    Javascript

Pipe through a stream which has both the files you want to be updated, as well as the files which have been renamed. For example, we can use gulp-useref to concatenate assets in an index.html, and then use gulp-rev and gulp-rev-replace to cache-bust them.

gulp-sass - SASS plugin for gulp

  •    Javascript

Sass plugin for Gulp. Before filing an issue, please make sure you have Updated to the latest Gulp Sass and have gone through our Common Issues and Their Fixes section.