muse-js - Muse 2016 EEG Headset JavaScript Library (using Web Bluetooth)

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You can find a fully working example in the muse-lsl repo.


@types/text-encoding : ^0.0.32
@types/web-bluetooth : ^0.0.2
rxjs : ^5.5.0



Related Projects


  •    C++

With this Python module (based on C++ code) it is possible to create a Brain Comp. Interface (BCI) and herewith to get EEG data online and evaluate the data while receiving it. - Up to now, this tool relies on the Brain Vision Rec. as EEG software -

Brain - Arduino library for reading Neurosky EEG brainwave data

  •    C++

Brain is an Arduino Library for parsing data from Neurosky-based EEG headsets. Tested units include the Star Wars Force Trainer and Mattel MindFlex. It's designed to make it simple to send out an ASCII string of comma-separated values over serial, or to access processed brain wave information directly in your Arduino sketch. See the examples for code demonstrating each use case.

The Programmable Chip EEG BCI


The purpose of the Programmable Chip EEG BCI project is to create a EEG that is modernized with some of the latest hardware. The Design uses lower amplification and higher bit analog to digital converters to remove the need for filtering and amplifying.

emokit - Open source driver for accessing raw data from the Emotiv EPOC EEG headset

  •    Python

Open source driver for accessing raw data from the Emotiv EPOC EEG headset


  •    Java

EEG-Holter - Designed for analysis of long-term EEG - Holter. Java developed, it supports medical and logbook anotations, epileptic events data, graphics and EDF files. UNIFESP 2009 - Aristides Tavares dos Santos, Prof. Dr. Carlos J R Campos.



This is a public release of a Matlab toolbox for working with data from electroencephalography (EEG/ERP) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). It contains functions to process and visualize ERP/MRI data and associated electrode positions.

ES32 - EEG Analysis

  •    C++

ES32 is a windows program for the analysis of EEG data files as produced by the NEUROSCAN (tm) Acquire application.

Experimental EEG Viewer

  •    Java

A small Java program for reading, analysing, viewing and animating the data from an EEG machine during a psychology experiment.


  •    C

A simple C program for GNU/Linux systems to synthesize a sound signal with binaural beats: when listened to with headphones, the distinct frequencies of the two channels interfere in the brain to produce a difference frequency in the EEG range.

EEG Peak Detection


EEG Peak Detection

MetroEEG: Mindwave for Windows Phone


Windows Phone 8 API for Minewave Mobile EEG Headset.

Biosignal Tools

  •    C

BioSig is a software library for processing of biomedical signals (EEG, ECG, etc.) with Matlab, Octave, C/C++ and Python. A standalone signal viewer supporting more than 30 different data formats is also provided.

Neuroinformatics database


The NIDB provides storage, retrieval, and processing of neuroinformatics data. The system is mainly designed for imaging data, such as fMRI and EEG, but data of any type can be associated with a subject through all storage and analysis steps.

Mean Machine


Using the Mean Machine, even very large EEG data sets can be analyzed (artifact detection, evoked potentials, frequency analysis, ect.). It is a Matlab GUI application, which can also be run via the command line without GUI-support.


  •    C++

NeuroScope is an advanced viewer for electrophysiological and behavioral data (with limited editing capabilities): it can display local field potentials (EEG), neuronal spikes, behavioral events, and the position of the animal in the environment.

vuong-mediapp: Multimedia BioInformatics

  •    Java

Multimedia, Medicine Computing and BioInformatics --- This Project is a collection of several subprojects for Solutions in Multimedia, Medicine Computing and BioInformatics focus on video-,EEG- amp; Multichanels-signals developped in Web 20, J2EE.

nilearn - Machine learning for NeuroImaging in Python

  •    HTML

Nilearn is a Python module for fast and easy statistical learning on NeuroImaging data. It leverages the scikit-learn Python toolbox for multivariate statistics with applications such as predictive modelling, classification, decoding, or connectivity analysis.

neurolab-android - NeuroLab Android https://github

  •    Java

Repository of Android app for the Neurolab Open Hardware platform. This repository holds the Android app for the Neurolab Hardware. We are developing a neuro-device as a headband with integrated electronics. The goal of the Neurolab project is to create an easy to use open hardware measurement headset device for brain waves that can be plugged into an Android smartphone and a software application and enables us to understand our brains better.

Emotiv Engine Client

  •    DotNet

Provides an event-driven .NET framework wrapper around the managed Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset API.


  •    Java

This project will develop cross-platform Java software for interfacing with EEG devices, specifically hardware developed by the OpenEEG project (

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