Contact Form for Umbraco

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Contact Form for Umbraco is an extension for Umbraco (surprise!). It's supposed to be just like Umbraco: Simple, flexible and friendly.



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Umbraco Creative Website Starter (CWS)

This is the project for the Creative Website Starter Package for Umbraco CMS, a .NET opensource CMS. The Creative Website Starter Package is created by Umbraco MVP Warren Buckley and is undergoing some changes for the V4 release of Umbraco.

Log Manager 4 Umbraco

Log Mangager Package for Umbraco backend. You can filter for view and deletetion of your umbraco log entries. Works with Datalayer - so you can use it as well with VistaDB and MySQL. Useful to check if an internal error happend, or to clean up the log table from old log entries.

uForum basics - Forum for Umbraco CMS

uForum is a small forum package for Umbraco CMS. uForum basics is a fork of the uForum code used to run on Our Umbraco, but has been refactored to fit a more generic scenario.

Khaaaantest!! package for Umbraco

The is the Khaaaantest!! package for Umbraco. It's a simple contest module that offers a basic but complete contest application for your Umbraco installation.

Amazon S3 for Umbraco

This is a project that will allow you to connect to your AmazonS3 via the Umbraco CMS and allow you to select your files and add them to your content easily. This is still in Alpha.

Dynamic Grid Data Type for Umbraco

The Dynamic Grid Data Type for Umbraco is a custom ASCX/C# control that was created to store tabular data as an Umbraco "Data Type". There's an ability to add/remove rows/columns and it writes the whole grid to the database as an XML string. All done via UpdatePanels.

Designit Umbraco Newsletter Package

The Designit Umbraco Newsletter Package makes it easy for developers to add newsletter functionality to umbraco sites. The package enables you to: Handle subscribe, unsubscribe functionality. Create campaigns in four easy steps. Track campaigns Handle mailbounces

umbraco-navbuilder - Umbraco NavBuilder package for building large or complex navigation.

Umbraco NavBuilder package for building large or complex navigation.

umbraco-blocksystem - Umbraco package for sidebar widgets / blocks on a website.

Umbraco package for sidebar widgets / blocks on a website.

umbraco-imageflow - An Umbraco package for better image editing

An Umbraco package for better image editing

Cultiv Razor Contact Form

A contact form for Umbraco, written in Razor.

Doc Type Extensions 4 Umbraco

Doc Type Extensions is an Umbraco package which installs a series of additional Context Menu items to help when working with doc types.

AutoExport2DotNet 4 Umbraco

AutoExport2DotNet is an Umbraco package that allows you to automatically export your Linq to Umbraco classes to a library folder every time a doc type is updated.

Umbraco Advertising Management

This is the home page for the Umbraco Advertising Management Project. Umbraco CMS is an .NET opensource CMS. This project has just started, you can download the source code of the initial version. The objective of this project is to create a package that would provide a...

rfSlider for Umbraco

rfSlider is a fast and simple way to add rotating linkable images to your Umbraco pages. Install the package and add the macro to your page. It is developed in Javascript, CSS and XSLT for Umbraco installs 4.5 or greater.

Dictionary Translator for Umbraco

This package is to be used with the ASP.NET open source CMS Umbraco, which extends the umbraco admin user interface to allow you to translate a dictionary item into different languages with a simple click of a button using the Microsoft Translation WebService.

Auto Expire Client Dependency 4 Umbraco

Auto Expire Client Dependency is an Umbraco package that automatically expires the Client Dependency cache if any changes are detect in either /css or /scripts directories of an Umbraco site.