Unity Azure Setting Injector

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Using Unity in Windows Azure made simple. Ever considered moving to Windows Azure, but didn't know how to inject setting from your Service Configuration file? Just reference this project and you will be able to inject Azure Storage Account Connection Strings & Local Storage Paths




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patterns & practices - Unity

The Unity Application Block (Unity) is a lightweight extensible dependency injection container with support for constructor, property, and method call injection. Unity addresses the issues faced by developers engaged in component-based software engineering. Modern business ap...

Enterprise Library Extensions

Extensions for the Microsoft Enterprise Library application blocks which makes programming applications even easier.


AzureLogProviders is a library which provides ready to use log providers for azure.

prime31-azure - Use Azure Mobile Services to connect your Unity leaderbaord to the cloud

Use Azure Mobile Services to connect your Unity leaderbaord to the cloud

Lokad.CQRS - build scalable enterprise apps on Windows Azure

C#/.NET stand-alone library that features a CQRS engine (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) for Windows Azure, CQRS clients, cloud views and event sourcing. Lokad.CQRS also emphasizes DDD (Domain Driven Design). Tier 1 project used in production in three products at Lokad.

Unity Community Contributions

A project dedicated to the community contributions for Unity, the Microsoft Patterns and Practices dependency injection framework.

AzureMobileService - Connect your Unity game to Azure Mobile Services with this tutorial

Connect your Unity game to Azure Mobile Services with this tutorial

Attribute Based Cache using Unity Interception

Unity interception handler attribute for Caching which allows to apply boiler plate caching pattern to classes, and class members directly, without configuring them in the application configuration file. Configure your choice of Cache Provider (ObjectCache, Azure included)...

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Enterprise Integration Patterns with Windows Azure Service Bus

Azure Service Manager

Azure Service Manager is an enterprise application which provides an subscriber-based API through WCF to allow clients to collect information on multiple Azure subscriptions, including hosted services, SQL Azure and storage services. It provides service, usage and billing data.

GraphView - GraphView is a DLL library that enables users to use SQL Server or Azure SQL Database to efficiently manage graphs

GraphView is a DLL library that enables users to use SQL Server or Azure SQL Database to manage graphs. It connects to a SQL database locally or in the cloud, stores graph data in tables and queries graphs through a SQL-extended language. It is not an independent database, but a middleware that accepts graph operations and translates them to T-SQL executed in SQL Server or Azure SQL Database. As such, GraphView can be viewed as a special connector to SQL Server/Azure SQL Database. Developers will experience no differences than the default SQL connector provided by the .NET framework (i.e., SqlConnection), only except that this new connector accepts graph-oriented statements.GraphView is a DLL library through which you manage graph data in SQL Server (version 2008 and onward) and Azure SQL Database (v12 and onward). It provides features a standard graph database is expected to have. In addition, since GraphView relies on SQL databases, it inherits many features in the relational world that are often missing in native graph databases.

azure-storage-cpp - Microsoft Azure Storage Client Library for C++

The Azure Storage Client Library for C++ allows you to build applications against Microsoft Azure Storage. For an overview of Azure Storage, see Introduction to Microsoft Azure Storage.

Windows-appsample-customers-orders-database - This code demonstrates a working customer order database hosted on Azure, implemented in C# and XAML, and ready to form the basis of your Windows Store enterprise app

A mini-app sample that shows common enterprise scenarios such as creating and maintaining customer accounts, orders, and products. This sample runs on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).The app showcases features useful to enterprise developers, like user authentication, UI controls, and cloud database integration.

patterns & practices: Enterprise Library Contrib

Enterprise Library Contrib is a community developed library of extensions to the patterns & practices Enterprise Library.

azure-storage-net-data-movement - Azure Storage Data Movement Library for .Net

The Microsoft Azure Storage Data Movement Library designed for high-performance uploading, downloading and copying Azure Storage Blob and File. This library is based on the core data movement framework that powers AzCopy.

gyazit - screenshots from gyazit https://github.com/uasi/gyazit/

screenshots from gyazit https://github.com/uasi/gyazit/


Web Application Starter Kit (aka Site SDK) is a solution / project template for building ambitious web applications on top of the AngularJS, ASP.NET Web Api, Entity Framework, Enterprise Library, and Windows Azure. Need help? Email me at hello@tarkus.me


A modular, extensible Silverlight application shell using Prism, Unity and the Enterprise Library, and written in C#. It includes WCF services which provide AuthZ and logging services to the shell, which are also available to the modules.

Yame Sample Project

??????????????ExtJs?VS2010?Enterprise Library 5?Unity 2


Example application (in both VB and C#) using ASP.NET MVC 3, and Enterprise Library 5 (Data Access and Unity Application Blocks), and WCF.