TrueCrypt - Disk Encryption Software

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TrueCrypt is software for establishing and maintaining an on-the-fly-encrypted volume (data storage device). On-the-fly encryption means that data is automatically encrypted right before it is saved and decrypted right after it is loaded, without any user intervention. No data stored on an encrypted volume can be read (decrypted) without using the correct password/keyfile(s) or correct encryption keys.



Related Projects

fscrypt - Go tool for managing Linux filesystem encryption

fscrypt is a high-level tool for the management of Linux filesystem encryption. This tool manages metadata, key generation, key wrapping, PAM integration, and provides a uniform interface for creating and modifying encrypted directories. For a small low-level tool that directly sets policies, see fscryptctl.To use fscrypt, you must have a filesystem with encryption enabled and a kernel that supports reading/writing from that filesystem. Currently, ext4, F2FS, and UBIFS support Linux filesystem encryption. Ext4 has supported Linux filesystem encryption since v4.1, F2FS added support in v4.2, and UBIFS added support in v4.10. Other filesystems may add support for native encryption in the future. Filesystems may additionally require certain kernel configuration options to be set to use native encryption.

PartImage - Disk Backup Software

Partimage is opensource disk backup software. It saves partitions having a supported filesystem on a sector basis to an image file. Although it runs under Linux, Windows and most Linux filesystems are supported. The image file can be compressed to save disk space and transfer time and can be split into multiple files to be copied to CDs or DVDs.

File Lock PEA - Filesystem-Level Encryption

The File Lock PEA (PEA = Password Encrypting Archive) encrypts data at the filesystem level and offers the possibility to decrypt single files or whole directories temporarily.

FSArchiver - Filesystem Archiver for Linux

FSArchiver is a system tool that allows you to save the contents of a file-system to a compressed archive file. The file-system can be restored on a partition which has a different size and it can be restored on a different file-system. Unlike tar/dar, FSArchiver also creates the file-system when it extracts the data to partitions. Everything is checksummed in the archive in order to protect the data. If the archive is corrupt, you just loose the current file, not the whole archive.


SystemRescueCd is a Linux system rescue disk available as a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick for administrating or repairing your system and data after a crash. It aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on your computer, such as creating and editing the hard disk partitions. It comes with a lot of software such as disk management tools (parted, partimage, fsarchiver, filesystem tools, ...), network administration programs and simple text editors . It can be used for both Linux an


FileSystem is an application that allows you to browse the content of your iPhone disk, displaying file and folders, files contents, and detailed informations about file and folder permissions.

AlphaFS - Bringing Advanced Windows Filesystem Support to .NET

AlphaFS is a .NET library providing more complete Win32 file system functionality to the .NET platform than the standard System.IO classes. Features highlights: creating hardlinks, accessing hidden volumes, enumeration of volumes, transactional file operations and much more.

xen-disk - Command-line tool for attaching virtual disks to xen virtual machines

100+0 records in 100+0 records out 104857600 bytes (105 MB) copied, 0.125296 s, 837 MB/sExample: attaching an existing file as a virtual disk-----------------------------------------------------In domain 0 create a disk file using a process similar to: dd if=/dev/zero of=disk.raw bs=1M count=1 seek=1K losetup /dev/loop0 disk.raw mkfs.ext3 /dev/loop0 losetup -d /dev/loop0Next attach it to a running VM using a command like: xen-disk connect debian --path disk.rawA new virt

hadoop-crypto - Library for per-file client-side encyption in Hadoop FileSystems such as HDFS or S3.

Seekable Crypto is a Java library that provides the ability to seek within SeekableInputs while decrypting the underlying contents along with some utilities for storing and generating the keys used to encrypt/decrypt the data streams. An implementation of the Hadoop FileSystem is also included that uses the Seekable Crypto library to provide efficient and transparent client-side encryption for Hadoop filesystems.Currently AES/CTR/NoPadding and AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding are supported.


quot;Process On Writequot; filesystem is a usermode virtual filesystem that is designed to execute a user-defined process each time a file is committed to disk.

Relational Filesystem

A linux userspace shadow (file data is on disk) relational filesystem (aka quot;database filesystemquot;) using fuse and postgresql to store metadata. Directories can be queries, and powerful features (e.g. bayesian classification) are added through plugins

ecfg - Upcoming replacement for

ecfg is a utility for managing a collection of secrets, generally with the intent of committing them to source control. The secrets are encrypted using public key, elliptic curve cryptography (NaCl Box: Curve25519 + Salsa20 + Poly1305-AES). Secrets are collected in a JSON, YAML, or TOML file, in which all the string values are encrypted. Public keys are embedded in the file, and the decrypter looks up the corresponding private key from its local filesystem or the process environment.See the manpages for more technical documentation.

encfs - Encrypted pass-thru filesystem for Linux

Encrypted pass-thru filesystem for Linux

MetFS - MetFS is FUSE based, encrypted, dynamic sized filesystem software.

MetFS is FUSE based, encrypted, dynamic sized filesystem software.

ccd - encrypted redundant distributed filesystem on top of couchdb

encrypted redundant distributed filesystem on top of couchdb

WhisperYAFFS - Encrypted Filesystem Support For YAFFS2

Encrypted Filesystem Support For YAFFS2

encfsui - Encrypted filesystem encfs GUI wrapper

Encrypted filesystem encfs GUI wrapper

owefs - One-way encrypted filesystem

One-way encrypted filesystem

Encrypted Filesystem for FUSE

EncFS - virtual encrypted filesystem for Linux