.NET Transactional File Manager

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Transactional File Manager is a .NET API that supports including file system operations such as file copy, move, delete, append, etc. in a transaction. It's an implementation of System.Transaction.IEnlistmentNotification (works with System.Transactions.TransactionScope).




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transaction - Python library to provide filesystem transactional support.

Python library to provide filesystem transactional support.

Sftp Server Logging Patch

sftp server patch for openssh: - user based ftp session transaction logging - disable / enable ftp client's ability to chown and chgrp the filesystem - designate a umask value

Narayana - Open Source Transaction Manager

Narayana is the premier open source transaction manager. It has been used extensively within industry and to drive standards including the OMG and Web Services. The Narayana transaction suite protects businesses from data corruption by guaranteeing complete, accurate business transactions for Java based applications. It has built in failure recovery components that handle failures automatically with no manual intervention required.

go-txdb - Single transaction sql driver for golang

Package txdb is a single transaction based database sql driver. When the connection is opened, it starts a transaction and all operations performed on this sql.DB will be within that transaction. If concurrent actions are performed, the lock is acquired and connection is always released the statements and rows are not holding the connection.Why is it useful. A very basic use case would be if you want to make functional tests you can prepare a test database and within each test you do not have to reload a database. All tests are isolated within transaction and though, performs fast. And you do not have to interface your sql.DB reference in your code, txdb is like a standard sql.Driver.

bitcoin-flow - Visualize the flow of Bitcoins from transaction to transaction

Visualize the flow of Bitcoins from transaction to transaction

fscrypt - Go tool for managing Linux filesystem encryption

fscrypt is a high-level tool for the management of Linux filesystem encryption. This tool manages metadata, key generation, key wrapping, PAM integration, and provides a uniform interface for creating and modifying encrypted directories. For a small low-level tool that directly sets policies, see fscryptctl.To use fscrypt, you must have a filesystem with encryption enabled and a kernel that supports reading/writing from that filesystem. Currently, ext4, F2FS, and UBIFS support Linux filesystem encryption. Ext4 has supported Linux filesystem encryption since v4.1, F2FS added support in v4.2, and UBIFS added support in v4.10. Other filesystems may add support for native encryption in the future. Filesystems may additionally require certain kernel configuration options to be set to use native encryption.

filesystem-api-explorer - Filesystem API explorer - chrome extension

A helper extension which help developers browse into the contents of their local Web filesystem created by FileSystem API. After installing the extension, visit a Web site that uses FileSystem API (like HTML5Rocks' FileSystem tutorial page http://playground.html5rocks.com/#filesystem_apis) and click the browser action icon.

Transaction - Bank card transaction data tool

Bank card transaction data tool

perl-db-transaction - feather-weight transaction management for your DBI handles

feather-weight transaction management for your DBI handles


Uses Spring + AspectJ weaving to report on transaction status of all executed method in class & subclasses of base package specified in Aspect. Useful in determining methods that are unneccessarily wrapped with Spring transaction manager

jboss-transaction-spi - SPI for integrating the narayana transaction service

SPI for integrating the narayana transaction service

spring3-transaction - Spring3 ?? Transaction ??? ???? ???.

Spring3 ?? Transaction ??? ???? ???.