Total TFS Migration Tool

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A tool developed to migrate data such as Work items,Shared queries,Iterations,Areas,Test Plans,Suits and Work flows between two TFS Projects.



Related Projects

TFS Project Test Migrator

The goal of this project is to offer a solution to migrate a test plan from a TFS project to another.

TFS Reflect Work Items Links

This small utility allows complex TFS to TFS migration to preserve work item links during the process. It is used in complement with the TFS Integration tools.

TFS Integration Platform

The TFS Integration Platform enables developers to build tools that integrate other systems with TFS. Building one way and bidirectional tools for VC and WIT is much simpler with this platform, as most of the TFS interaction and migration/sync actions are provided for you.

Test Case Import Utilities for Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2010

Utilities for importing test cases, requirements, bugs from excel and word formats into work items on the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 or 2012.

testlink2tfs - TestLink to TFS Test Suite Migration Tool

TestLink to TFS Test Suite Migration Tool

TFS Helper package

VS2010 is well integrated to TFS and has all the features required on day to day basis. Most common feature any developer use is managing workitems. Creating work items is very easy as is copying work items, but what I need is to copy workitem between projects retaining links ...

TFS Backlog Manager

TFS Backlog Manager is an easy way to view and edit the backlog of work-items, in a way similar to the Scrumworks two panel setup. On the left are the committed work items for the selected sprints. On the right are the uncommitted backlog work items. You drag-and-drop wor...

TFS Work Item Hierarchy using a custom control

This TFS Custom control for Work Items (requires SP1) allows setting a parent work item, displays parent work item as well as a child hierarchy and prevents closing a parent when any child work items are not closed. Known Issues: As with any TFS custom work item control, this...

Export Test Cases From TFS

This project lets the users to export the test cases present in form Work items in TFS 2010 to MS Excel.

TFS Quick Search

A visual studio 2005 add in that allows the user to search multiple fields of TFS work items for a project. A common usage of this would be to allow the user to quickly search title, description and history of comments of all work items in a project (but more fields should be...

tcTfsNotifier - TeamCity TFS Notifier Plugin to Update TFS Work Items with TeamCity Build Numbers

TeamCity TFS Notifier Plugin to Update TFS Work Items with TeamCity Build Numbers

TFS Test Plan Builder

TFS Test plan builder is a tool to assis users of Microst Test Manager to build new test plans then moving from sprint to sprint or release to release

Work Item Creator

Standalone application that enable you to create Work Items and organize them in a hierarchical way. This software also includes: - WINetwork, an Alert that is aware of Work Item changes, and update related ones using custom schemas. - Merge Branches driven by Work Items.

lbcopy - Liquibase Backed Database MIgration/Copy

Liquibase Backed Database MIgration/Copy

TFS 2012 Merge Work Items Event Handler

A server side event handler for TFS 2012 (and TFS 2010) that automatically associates the work items that were associated with the merge sources, e.g. the chang

migration - Package migration for Golang automatically handles versioning of a database schema by applying a series of migrations supplied by the client

Package migration for Golang automatically handles versioning of a database schema by applying a series of migrations supplied by the client. It uses features only from the database/sql package, so it tries to be driver independent. However, to track the version of the database, it is necessary to execute some SQL. I've made an effort to keep those queries simple, but if they don't work with your database, you may override them.The version of a database is defined as the number of migrations applied to it.

migrant - A Go CLI migration tool

Migrant is a CLI-only tool forked from [@Rubenv's]( [sql-migrate]( project, with some light refactoring, less support for databases and less testing. It relies on sqlx and modl instead of gorp, since I tend to favor some of modl's design choices a bit more.If you want an excellent migration tool, I would just go with sql-migrate.I plan to eventually add a feature set different enough from the original to warrant the creation of this

TFS On The Road

TFS On The Road is a TFS client for Windows Phone 7. With it you can have a good view from your TFS even if you are "on the road". It allows you to access projects, work items(including attachments), changesets, builds, branches, and work item queries.

Search Work Items

This plugin for Team System puts a little search box right into Visual Studio to make it easy to find work items. It is an addin for Team Foundation Client (Team Explorer) and is accessible from the Team menu when you're connected to a Team Foundation Server and is also avail...