ref-wchar - A ref "type" implementation of `wchar_t *` (a.k.a. wide string) backed by "node-iconv"

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This module offers a "wide strings" (wchar_t *) implementation on top of Node.js Buffers using the ref "type" interface.The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


iconv : 2
ref : ^1.3.1



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node-github-hook - A simple node.js based github post-receive server

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This is a very simple, easy to use evented web hook API for GitHub or GitLab. A command-line executable is also available. Where 'event' is the event name to listen to (sent by GitHub or Gitlab, typically 'push' or 'system'), 'reponame' is the name of your repo (this one is node-github-hook), 'ref' is the git reference (such as ref/heads/master), and 'type' is the type of system hook.

org-ref - org-mode modules for citations, cross-references, bibliographies in org-mode and useful bibtex tools to go with it

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Introduction to org-ref on YouTube. Here are some annotated images of basic insertion of citations in org-mode.

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REF, or r() is a nicer alternative to PHP's print_r / var_dump functions. Composer will install the bundle to the directory vendor/digitalnature.

uap-core - The regex file necessary to build language ports of Browserscope's user agent parser.

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This repository contains the core of BrowserScope's original user agent string parser: data collected over the years by Steve Souders and numerous other contributors, extracted into a separate YAML file so as to be reusable as is by implementations in any programming language. This repo itself does not contain a parser: only the necessary data to build one. There exists a ref implementation, along with multiple, production-ready implementations in various programming languages.

abi-compliance-checker - A tool for checking backward API/ABI compatibility of a C/C++ library

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ABI Compliance Checker (ABICC) — a tool for checking backward binary and source-level compatibility of a C/C++ software library. The tool analyzes changes in API/ABI (ABI=API+compiler ABI) that may break binary compatibility and/or source compatibility: changes in calling stack, v-table changes, removed symbols, renamed fields, etc.

avalon-ref - Avalon Reference Documentation, Bill of Materials, Chip Communication and etc.


Avalon Reference Documentation, Bill of Materials, Chip Communication and etc.

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Integrated reference viewer.

Euler Solutions


This project is intended to provide the solutions of the mathematical problems given at;ref=view

PyCXX Python-C++ Connection

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PyCXX is a set of classes to help create extensions of Python in the C++ language. The first part encapsulates the Python C API taking care of exceptions and ref counting. The second part supports the building of Python extension modules in C++.


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Multi-Map(Google,Yahoo,Microsoft,OpenStreetMap, NOAA/BSB Charts,self-calibrated raster) location-based GPS app for Windows Mobile PDA/Smartphone. Use your mobile phone and the web to collect and share geo-ref content (photos,text).

u2f-ref-code - U2F reference implementations

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This code can verify U2F registrations and signatures. A web application built to accept U2F 2nd factor is built on top of a code base such as this. The code base includes a trivial web application so the user can experiment with registration and signatures (also see the sample web app below).This is a Java implementation of a U2F device. It generates registration and signature statements and is meant for testing against your server implementation. A physical U2F device will generate similar statements.

vue-swipe - A touch slider for vue.js.

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vue-swipe is a touch slider for vue.js.How to change swipe? Just use ref and call goto method like this.$refs.swipe.goto(newIndex) to change swipe item, see example code.

avout - Avout: Distributed State in Clojure

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Avout brings Clojure's in-memory model of state to distributed application development by providing a distributed implementation of Clojure's Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) STM along with distributable, durable, and extendable versions of Clojure's Atom and Ref concurrency primitives. Avout enables techniques that require synchronous, coordinated (i.e. transactional) management of distributed state (see also JavaSpaces), complementing approaches that focus on asynchronous, uncoordinated communication between distributed components, e.g. message queues (0MQ, RabbitMQ, HornetQ), event-driven approaches (Netty, Aleph), and actors (Erlang, Akka).

XBRL Taxonomy Generator

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A set of tools allowing non-specialistic users to build taxonomies for XBRL 2.1 (Extended Business Reporting Language), starting from reports in electronic format. MS Access data entry tool, in italian language. Lbl, Ref, Pres, Calc linkbases. See Docs!

react-joyride - Create walkthroughs and guided tours for your app

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Include Joyride in the parent component. Don't forget to pass a ref to the component.

vue-croppa - A simple straightforward customizable mobile-friendly image cropper for Vue 2.0.

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A simple straightforward customizable mobile-friendly image cropper for Vue 2.0. A two-way binding prop. It syncs an object from within the croppa component with a data in parent. We can use this object to call useful methods (Check out "Methods" section). Since v1.0.0, you don't need this anymore, the ref on component can also be used to call methods.

firebase-react-native-sample - Using React Native with Firebase

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With the new 3.1.0 SDK, Firebase Database and Firebase Auth, now work with React Native. Rather than use new Firebase(url) like with the old SDK, you now configure firebase with firebase.initializeApp(config), and use the new firebase.database().ref() method.

react-notifications-component - Highly configurable and easy to use React Component to notify your users!

  •    Javascript

You must place ReactNotificationsComponent component at the root level of the application in order to work properly, otherwise it might conflict with other DOM elements due to the positioning. Use ref arrow syntax when declaring ReactNotificationsComponent in order to have access to internal method addNotification. All API methods provided must be called like this.

BLAKE2 - BLAKE2 official implementations

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ref/: C implementations of BLAKE2b, BLAKE2bp, BLAKE2s, BLAKE2sp, aimed at portability and simplicity. sse/: C implementations of BLAKE2b, BLAKE2bp, BLAKE2s, BLAKE2sp, optimized for speed on CPUs supporting SSE2, SSSE3, SSE4.1, AVX, or XOP.