Togetherjs - Website that helps to collaborate in real-time

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TogetherJS is a JavaScript library by Mozilla that adds collaboration features and tools to your website. By adding TogetherJS to your site, your users can help each other out on a website in real time. Your users can send a unique TogetherJS url to a friend. When the friend opens the link, each user sees the same page and can interact with it together in real time.

It has support audio chat, video chat, co-browsing, Real time content sync and lot more.



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Riot - Messaging and Colloboration made easy

Riot is built on top of Matrix. Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralized communication delivering a community of users,bridged networks, integrated bots and applications plus full end-to-end encryption. Riot allows teams to communicate across a wide range of collaboration apps. If some team members use Riot while others use IRC, Slack or Gitter, Riot will allow these team members to seamlessly work together. Riot offers the richest network of communication bridges.

cHat - This is a simple chat client with video and audio chat options.

This is a simple chat client with video and audio chat options.

Lync Presence & Chat Widget

The Lync Presence widget shows Lync presence information on your website. Website visitors can start chat conversations using the Lync Chat widget. The widgets are jQuery plugins communicating with a WCF Service. Place them on any kind of website (PHP, .NET) and style with CSS.


Project overview: Many TV channels have a sliding bar at the bottom of the screen that accepts SMS and MMS that will be displayed on the screen. Similarly, our project is going to handle the same scenario for Websites were each website is going to have its own BottomToolBar (BTB) and will be customized to have show that it is really related for each website… below is the detailed description of this customization.. Detailed description of the BottomToolBar (BTB): BTB should always be at the

FREE DNN Chat Module (Embed Mode) for 123 Flash Chat

With this FREE DotNetNuke Chat Module, embed a live chat room into website with DotNetNuke(DNN) integrated seamlessly. Once logged in the DotNetNuke,users could auto-access the web-based chat room directly.

IceyChat - icey chat?is a group chat website~

icey chat?is a group chat website~

Smooch - Live web messaging to your website or web app

Smooch is the best way to have personal, rich conversations with people on your website or customers on any device. The Smooch Web Messenger will add live web messaging to your website or web app. Customers will be able to talk to you from your website, while you manage conversations using your favorite business systems.

html5 video chat

htm5 video chat with rtcpeerconnection, rtcdatachannel, peer2peer video and audio chat

Bigbluebutton - Open Source Web Conferencing

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for distance education. It supports sharing of slides (PDF and any document readable by OpenOffice), webcams, whiteboard, chat, voice over IP (using FreeSWITCH), and presenter's desktop. It can record and playback sessions (slides, audio, and chat), runs on Mac, Unix, and PC computers, and is supported by a community of developers that care about good design and a streamlined user experience.

Mumble - High Quality Voice Chat Software

Mumble is a cross-platform voice over IP application. It is a client - server application where multiple users could use the same server and all their communication is encrypted. It could be used while gaming. It does audio video recording.

C4F Vista Peer-to-Peer Toolkit

Develop peer-to-peer (P2P) applications for WinForms and WPF applications with no lines of code. Includes WinForm & WPF drag 'n drop controls including P2P Chat, P2P File transer; P2P Audio and P2P Audio & Video controls. All source code for samples available in both VB and ...

userplane - Integrate Userplane audio, video, chat conferencing into ATutor.

Integrate Userplane audio, video, chat conferencing into ATutor.

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node audio chat

Free DotNetNuke Chat Module (Popup Mode)

With this free DotNetNuke Chat Module (Popup Mode), master will assist to integrate DotNetNuke with 123 Flash Chat seamlessly, and add a popup mode chat room into website instantly.

Scrollback - Embeddable cross-platform chat for communities and webstites

Scrollback is a web and mobile application for online communities conversations. Scrollback rooms are designed to enable communities to have an immersive and engaging experience. You can create your own community or search for existing communities based on your interest.

TowTruck - Website service makes easy for users to collaborate

TowTruck is a service for your website that makes it surprisingly easy to collaborate in real-time. When a user comes to your site, they'll be able to activate the TowTruck tool and send a link to a friend to start collaborating on the web site. It helps to talk to your friends over chat, so you can share resources and links. Using Web Real-Time Communication, you can talk with your friends over the microphone in the browser.

Build-Mobile-App-with-Chat - The tutorial uses several Azure services to power a real-time chat infrastructure that is readymade for analytics

Real-time chat is engrained into our expectations of everyday business communication. Applying sentiment analysis to the chat messages as the flow between users can help unlock actionable insights that would otherwise be require a human monitoring all chat conversations.The Sentiment Analysis for Real-Time Chat Tutorial demonstrates the application of Microsoft Cognitive Services sentiment analysis as chat messages flow between web-based clients, enabling immediate visualization of sentiment in the chat clients and in Power BI dashboards that update in real time.

WeQuest - simple tiny chat-like system

WeQuest is an open-source simple tiny chat-like CRM system that provides live customer support directly from your website, so you can give one-on-one help in real-time, adding the human touch to your website. Written in PHP and uses AJAX.

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A simple way to add live chat to your website using HipChat

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