TFS 2012 Server/service Setup for Demo

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Set up a TFS 2012 Server/Service demo environment in less than 1 minute now!



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TFS Scorecard

TFS Scorecard gives you insight in your own TFS environment and your organizations Team System adaptation. You can see trends i activities, source control, workitem tracking as well as the overall adaptation in your organization.

git-deploy-demo - Empty Web Application created while deploying Git+ VS2012 Integration

Empty Web Application created while deploying Git+ VS2012 Integration

Demo TFS

The first Demo TFS Project

Home-VS2012 - Home .NET Development Projects (VS2012)

Home .NET Development Projects (VS2012)

XNA-VS2012-Scripts - Install Scripts for XNA 4.0 and XNA on VS2012

Install Scripts for XNA 4.0 and XNA on VS2012

VS2012-theme - A theme for Sublime Text 2 to ease the transition for VS2012 users

A theme for Sublime Text 2 to ease the transition for VS2012 users

TFS Scrumboard

TFS Scrumboard is an extension to TFS 2010 Web Access, providing easy planning and managing of workitem progress. TFS Scrumboard is build (in C#) as an extension to TFS 2010 Web Access. It is designed to be used in scrum projects, using one of the many scrum process templat...

ScrumPilot for TFS

ScrumPilot is a dashboard and tool for use with Team Foundation Server. It provides a global & consolidated Agile management perspective of your projects.


A demo of how to use TFS OData Services from an Andriod App. This is Code for the Article in DNC Magazine Issue 7 (July-August 2013). The magazine is absolutely Free.

TFS Integration Platform

The TFS Integration Platform enables developers to build tools that integrate other systems with TFS. Building one way and bidirectional tools for VC and WIT is much simpler with this platform, as most of the TFS interaction and migration/sync actions are provided for you.

TFS Team Project Manager

TFS Team Project Manager automates various tasks across Team Projects in Team Foundation Server. If you find yourself managing multiple Team Projects for an organization and have recurring tasks and questions that repeat themselves over and over again, Team Project Manager pro...


need to upgrade this to latest 4.5 based oauth/openid code using .net 4.5 and vs2012. I have a real website on membership 2.0 with sql 2008 database server. I have more than 100k clients registered. With this demo project i will learn how to do upgrade and then apply the techniques on real thing

TFS Guides

TFS Guides is for all the TFS users. For beginers, the guides will help to have an easy start using the basic functionality, and for more advanced users, the guides will provide help for the advanced functionality of the Team System.

TFS PowerPack

The TFS PowerPack is a set of tools for clients using the TFS server. The tools were made to satisfy needs and add more features not provided by the original installation of TFS.

TFS Deployer

TFS Deployer was originally released by Readify on the 16th of December 2006. TFS Deployer enables the Team Build's Quality field in Team Foundation Server to be used to trigger a PowerShell script to be executed to automatically deploy a build to multiple environments.

TFS Working On

TFS Working On is a simple time tracker system tray utility that makes it easier to record your time spent working on TFS Work Items. This enables accurate data capture that can be used for schedule reporting and time sheeting.

TFS Backlog Manager

TFS Backlog Manager is an easy way to view and edit the backlog of work-items, in a way similar to the Scrumworks two panel setup. On the left are the committed work items for the selected sprints. On the right are the uncommitted backlog work items. You drag-and-drop wor...