TextBox with counter .NET WebControl (C#)

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This is a TextBox with counter WebControl written in C#. It can be used and deployed in the same way as any normal control. You can set the limit (maxlength) for the TextBox and specify the TextBoxMode (i.e. SingleLine, MultiLine, Password).




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Dynamic Rdlc WebControl

"Dynamic Rdlc WebControl" is an ASP .NET WebControl to generate dynamic reports in RDLC format without generate physical files. Suports groups and totalizers. It is developed with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, ASP .NET and C# 4.

Splitter Panel Ajaxian ASP.NET WebControl

The SplitterPanel WebControl looks and works like the splitter panel seen on the MSDN website.

TabStrip ASP.NET WebControl & Tab Image Builder Tool

An ASP.NET tab control which renders as a styled unordered list ( <ul> ). A tool for creating the tab images is also included, and you can add your own as well.

HierList ASP.NET WebControl

The HierList ASP WebControl generates hierarchial lists from XML data sources using the <ul>, <ol>, and <li> html tags.

Gravatar Image WebControl

Gravatar Image WebControl enables your ASP.NET website to display Gravatar picture with size, rating and default image option.


Xtree.NET is a .NET/Mono webcontrol which produces a Windows Explorer like menu system. Works on most common browsers (ie, mozilla, opera etc.). Based on Javascript and DHTML. The webcontrol is developed in C#.


WebControl is a application built for the purpose of strict control of the available websites/actions users are allowed to access.

gluezilla - Library to embed Gecko for the Mono Winforms WebControl

Library to embed Gecko for the Mono Winforms WebControl

JqGridControl - ASP.NET webcontrol for jqGrid

ASP.NET webcontrol for jqGrid

ASP.NET Google Maps

Extensible and easy to use, this is ASP.NET Google Maps Control. Drag & Drop and is ready to go. You can configure map style, add a PushPin using this control like any other WebControl.

PickList (Dual Listbox) ASP.NET WebControl

Renders two listboxes side-by-side with buttons between them form moving options from one listbox to the other. Other names for this type of control include dual listbox and double listbox.

AutoComplete.Net (for Asp.Net and Asp.Net MVC)

AutoComplete.Net is a wrapper around the JQuery UI Autocomplete widget. It makes it easier to add autocomplete functionalities without having to bother with tons of javascript. Includes a WebControl for your Asp.Net web applications and a bunch of extension methods for your ...

Role Viewer Manager

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 WebControl able to hide unauthorized Web Part. See "Read Me.txt" file to learn how to add it to your SharePoint sites.

ASP.NET Bing Maps

Extensible and easy to use, this is ASP.NET Bing Maps Control. Drag & Drop and is ready to go. You can configure map mode, map style, add a PushPin using this control like any other WebControl.

InputDialog ASP.NET WebControl

The InputDialog is a customizable webform dialog that collects data from a user via a popup window or DHTML layer programmatically on the client. The dialog is invoked by a standard HTML button or custom image button and it returns the collected data back to a hidden or visible

Matt's TinyMVC - MVC for ASP.NET Web Forms

MattsTinyMVC enables ASP.NET Web Forms applications to be developed using the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern. MattsTinyMVC features two-way data binding of any WebControl or HtmlControl, no-code state/cache management, and enables full unit-testing of your web app....


The TB.TreeGrid is a Asp.Net WebControl used to show hiberarchy data in tree view.

Ajax Toolbar for ASP.NET

This toolbar is an Ajaxian ASP.NET WebControl for WebForms and has both a server-side and client-side API. The control is written in C# with the 3.5 BCL and uses the MS AJAX client library. It also uses CSS heavily for its presentatin and its style sheet can be easily customized.

ASP.Net Flash Control

The ASP.Net Flash Control is a custom control that wraps an Adobe FlashPlayer in a web form and exposes the FlashPlayer properties in a property grid. It allows you to handle version detection and express updates if desired. This web control works with ASP.Net 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5.

XMMS Webcontrol plug-in

A micro-webserver built as a plug-in for XMMS (www.xmms.org) allowing remote control over network. HTTP was chosen because of it's simplicity.