ibus-teni - Bộ gõ tiếng Việt cho Linux chạy trên IBus

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Copyright 2018, Nguyen Cong Hoang . IBus Teni is a Vietnamese Input Method Editor (IME) for IBus.




Related Projects

ibus-rime - 【中州韻】Rime for Linux/IBus

  •    C

【中州韻】Rime for Linux/IBus

Neoe IME

  •    Java

Input method based on Java(TM) Input Method Framework(IMF). To install,copy it to quot;jre/lib/extquot;, use it as quot;Chinese Pinyinquot; IME in any java swing applications. quot;Japanesequot; IME is also provided.



ImeLib is an easy-to-use IME library for getting reverse conversion of East Asian text, such as Chinese PinYing, Bopomofo (Ju-Yin-Fu-Hao), Japanese Hiragana, etc.



this is a project to create a Wubi IME for windows 8. we want it can run under Windows 8 style UI

BeboX MP : BeBox Multimedia Player

  •    C++

BeBoxMP can be used in your car or at home with your TV, in a HTPC. The project aims to stay ligtht amp; fast, simple to install and setup (quot;unzip and goquot;). Special Tools can also be found here for BMW Cars with IBUS (look at IbusComm for BeBoxMP integrat

sunpinyin - A statistical language model based Chinese input method

  •    C++

SunPinyin is an SLM (Statistical Language Model) based input method engine. To model the Chinese language, it uses a backoff bigram and trigram language model. Currently, SunPinyin 2.0 is available on IBus, SCIM, and as a standalone XIM Server.

MSPY 2010 Open Extended Dictionary Building Tool


A tool to create Open Extend Dictionary for Microsoft Pinyin IME 2010, it is develped in C#


  •    C++

Pinyinput is an IME for Windows that allows you to type Hanyu Pinyin with tone marks.

Kitsune Firefox Extension

  •    Javascript

Kitsune is a Firefox extension which enables users to input Japanese in Firefox without external Japanse IME.

Asian Character Tables


A collection of tables of cjk data useful for among other things academic research and making an IME. Including data on Sawndip, or Zhuang characters.


  •    C++

Davepy is a Chinese Pinyin Input Method Editor (IME), which supports smoothly converting from Chinese Pinyin to Chinese Hanzi. In which some statistic language modeling approaches are introduced and some NLP technique will be added into it continually.


  •    C

An OS X port of the popular intelligent chinese IME, quot;chewingquot;, originally as a module of xcin.

mozc - Mozc - a Japanese Input Method Editor designed for multi-platform

  •    C++

Copyright 2010-2016, Google Inc.Mozc is a Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) designed for multi-platform such as Android OS, Apple OS X, Chromium OS, GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows. This OpenSource project originates from Google Japanese Input.


  •    Java

Java based InputMethodEngine (ime) using the kmap-files from Yudit and the kmp files from Simredo. Currently support over 120 different languages/alphabets.

Sarasvati: A Sanskrit IME

  •    C++

This lets you type Sanskrit on Windows XP/2000 using a regular QWERTY keyboard! It is designed to be easy to learn, use and install. Could be used for other Devanagari languages - Hindi, Konkani, Marathi, Punjabi etc...

xvnkb - Vietnamese keyboard for X Window

  •    C

xvnkb is a Vietnamese keyboard input program for X Window. It provides a useful way of editing Vietnamese in X Window environments with popular input methods and charsets. It runs as a small X application in the background without any interference with o

Tieng Viet


quot;Tieng Vietquot;, in English mean Vietnamese. The project will help people all around the world have a great opportunity in learning Vietnamese. By using our accademic eassy, you can learn Vietnamese more quickly! The material will be released under GNU.

JVnSegmenter: Vietnamese Word Segmenter

  •    Java

JVnSegmenter is a Java-based and open-source Vietnamese word segmentation tool. The segmentation model was trained on about 8,000 sentences using Conditional Random Fields (FlexCRFs). This tool would be useful for Vietnamese NLP community.

Firefox Dictionary Extension

  •    Java

This is a Firefox extension which supports Dict protocol based on JDict server. Users can add new dictionaries formated DICT (see www.dict.org). Currerntly, we add English-Vietnamese, French-Vietnamese as the default database.