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SvnFlow is an application, which helps synchronizing branches on different SVN servers in semi-automatic fashion



Related Projects

FullSync - File Synchronization and Backup Tool

FullSync is a universal file synchronization and backup tool which is highly customizable and expandable. It is especially for developers, but the basic functionality is easy enough for everyone. It supports multiple protocols like FTP, SFTP, SMB/CIFS(Windows Shares) and local files, Scheduled execution of synchronizations using intervals or a crontab like scheduling. Publication and update of websites, synchronization of local directories and making backups of your data.

csync2 - cluster synchronization tool

Csync2 is a cluster synchronization tool. It can be used to keep files on multiple hosts in a cluster in sync. Csync2 can handle complex setups with much more than just 2 hosts, handle file deletions and can detect conflicts. It is expedient for HA-clusters, HPC-clusters, COWs and server farms.

Unison - File synchronization tool for Unix and Windows

Unison is a file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. It allows two replicas of a collection of files and directories to be stored on different hosts (or different disks on the same host), modified separately, and then brought up to date by propagating the changes in each replica to the other. Unlike simple mirroring or backup utilities, Unison can deal with updates to both replicas of a distributed directory structure. Updates that do not conflict are propagated automatically.

syncthing - Open Source Continuous File Synchronization

Syncthing is a continuous file synchronization program. It synchronizes files between two or more computers. We strive to fulfill the goals below. The goals are listed in order of importance, the most important one being the first. This is the summary version of the goal list - for more commentary, see the full Goals document.Protecting the user's data is paramount. We take every reasonable precaution to avoid corrupting the user's files.

SVNKit- SubVersion Client in Java

SVNKit is a pure Java toolkit - it implements all Subversion features and provides APIs to work with Subversion working copies, access and manipulate Subversion repositories - everything within your Java application.


Subversion is an open source version control system. Founded in 2000 by CollabNet, Inc., the Subversion project and software have seen incredible success over the past decade. The open source community has used Subversion widely: for example in projects such as Apache Software Foundation, Free Pascal, FreeBSD, GCC, Django, Ruby, Mono, SourceForge, ExtJS,, PHP and MediaWiki. Google Code also provides Subversion hosting for their open source projects.

Barrier Synchronization Register Library

This is a library to expose the functionality of the Barrier Synchronization Register (BSR) on IBM POWER Systems in Linux. This facility helps speed up synchronization across large SMP systems.

Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE) for .NET

SSE is an XML micro-format and corresponding sync algorithm that can be embedded in RSS or Atom feeds to allow for two-way synchronization among peers. More important: the algorithm allows for mesh-style synchronization between nodes, with no concept of a "master" copy. This c...

pecl-system-sync - Synchronization objects

The 'sync' extension introduces synchronization objects into PHP. Named and unnamed Mutex, Semaphore, Event, and Reader-Writer objects provide OS-level synchronization on both *NIX (POSIX semaphores required) and Windows platforms. The extension comes with a test suite that integrates cleanly into 'make test'.

synchronization - Simple REST synchronization API for refinery

Simple REST synchronization API for refinery

C-Synchronization - Synchronization using PThreads in C (producer/consumer problem)

Synchronization using PThreads in C (producer/consumer problem)

synchronization - Some basic thread synchronization code

Some basic thread synchronization code

JFileSync - Java File Synchronization

JFileSync is a Java application used to synchronize directories of two different file systems. For instance, you want to synchronize a set of directories on your laptop with a set of corresponding directories on your workstation.

bol - Command-line and web journal that stays synchronized and encrypted across devices

bol is a client program for editing and synchronization of encrypted documents. All local and remote files are encrypted with AES-256. The main utility is a command-line program (bol) that lets you write/view encrypted documents using your favorite command-line editor. Synchronization is optional and provided through a server program (bolserver), where updates are pushed/pulled. A public server is available at Both utilities are available in the latest release as a self-contained executable binary for most popular OSes and there are no requirements, except a text-editor (either micro, vim, emacs, or nano).There are many other similar programs, but I adhere to the utility of bol because of its inherent speed, ease of installation, and lack of dependencies.

svnModule - File Sync using Subversion

DotNetNuke Module for updates, checkouts and commits directly from an and to a subversion repository. This module demonstrates howto integrate subversion functionality into DNN using the SharpSVN library. Requirements: -> Telerik ASP.NET UI Library (dll) -> IWebCF

svnrdump - Out-of-tree mirror of subversion/svnrdump. Builds against Subversion 1.6

Out-of-tree mirror of subversion/svnrdump. Builds against Subversion 1.6

WebSVN - Online subversion repository browser

WebSVN provides web interface to view Subversion repository. It helps to view file or directory and see a list of all the files changed, added or deleted in any given revision. It provides support to view the differences between two versions of a file.