Dim - User-friendly, high quality document icon maker for OS X

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Dim is free, open source software distributed under a three-clause BSD license (see below).




Related Projects

icns2png / libicns for OS X icns files

  •    C

Software for library for manipulating MacOS X .icns icon format. Currently provides support for reading and writing icns files in most sizes. Also provides two utilities for manipulating files in the .icns format: icns2png icontainer2icns

Open Icon Library


The goal of this project is to offer a consolidated library of icons used in various libraries, window makers, themes and other applications. Over 10,000 unique icons in svg, png, xpm, ico, and icns formats. See homepage for details.

iconizer - Create Xcode asset catalogs swift and painless

  •    Swift

Create Xcode image catalogs (xcassets) on the fly. Iconizer builds the necessary file structure for you and generates all required images for App Icons, Launch Images and Image Set. Visit the homepage for more information.

Generate-GIF - Sketch.app plugin for generating animated GIFs


The Generate GIF and Generate ICNS plugins are now merged into a single plugin bundle. You can download and read more about the new and improved version at my Export More repository.

TwelveMonkeys ImageIO: Additional plug-ins and extensions for Java's ImageIO

  •    Java

TwelveMonkeys ImageIO is a collection of plugins and extensions for Java's ImageIO. These plugins extends the number of image file formats supported in Java, using the javax.imageio.* package. The main purpose of this project is to provide support for formats not covered by the JRE itself.


  •    Shell

Find the file Sublime Text 2.icns and replace with the one from this repository. The name needs to remain exactly the same. You can also just double click on the 'mac_replace_icons' script, and it will run in terminal. Because it uses sudo, you'll need to put in your password.

gosx-notifier - gosx-notifier is a Go framework for sending desktop notifications to OSX 10

  •    Go

A Go lib for sending desktop notifications to OSX Mountain Lion's (10.8 or higher REQUIRED) Notification Center.On OSX 10.9 and above gosx-notifier now supports images and icons.

jmespath.php - Declaratively specify how to extract elements from a JSON document, in PHP

  •    PHP

JMESPath (pronounced "jaymz path") allows you to declaratively specify how to extract elements from a JSON document. jmespath.php allows you to use JMESPath in PHP applications with PHP data structures. It requires PHP 5.4 or greater and can be installed through Composer using the mtdowling/jmespath.php package. The JmesPath\search function can be used in most cases when using the library. This function utilizes a JMESPath runtime based on your environment. The runtime utilized can be configured using environment variables and may at some point in the future automatically utilize a C extension if available.

Fibonacci - Flexbox page layout composer

  •    Javascript

Fibonacci is an offshoot of an internal tool created to let non-developers design page layouts using Flexbox, without having to learn HTML or CSS. Live demo here. Fibonacci starts with a blank <div> , which you can then split to your heart's content. It generates both the HTML and CSS needed to recreate the layout in your own pages. After you've made your horizontal or vertical split, you can then add a new sibling, shrink or expand, give it a fixed width/height, remove or split it again. Remember to add a unit when you enter a fixed width or height! Once you're happy with the layout, hit the export icons to copy the generated code and paste it wherever you need it in your own code.

WinDim - The smallest and most useful app in today.


Dim the bright lights on any computer screen with WinDim. This nifty little app will variably dim a bound area of your screen. I use it all the time when i want to watch a video in a web browser. But has many uses, great for ADHD. just give it a try.

SwiftIcons - 🎢Swift Library for Font Icons - ★ this library

  •    Swift

Please ★ this library. Now, you don't have to download different libraries to include different font icons. This SwiftIcons library helps you use icons from any of the following font icons.

Quartz TV

  •    Objective-C

Quartz TV is a real-time video program for Mac OSX which pretends to be a TV studio, including video effects, titles, news tickers, and lower 3rd animations. Also, it can can import your own graphics, videos, and quartz composer files.

PlayerPro music editor and SoundTracker

  •    C++

PlayerPro is a music composer and sound editor ( SoundTracker ) for MOD S3M XM IT UMX . Uses XI, Quicktime or SoundFonts. Currently runs on MacOS and OSX; playback engines also available for Windows and BeOS. Upcoming version 6 will support ALSA (Linux).


  •    C++

A kool dock for KDE. It attemps to resemble the Mac OSX dock. Check out the screenshots. Features: App Launcher, On Screen text display (over icons), Dragamp;Drop app list, Auto-Hide, Nice hide-show animation, Transparency, Xinerama support, Others.

PhotoSlide - Recreation of Lightzone with a modern and reactive user interface

  •    Java

This is application uses concepts from Lightzone and Lightroom and represents a simple Photo management application with a modern and reactive user interface written in JavaFX. Actually it is only a picture viewer / video file viewer with some small editing features and metadata support.

icons - Named, vector icons for elementary OS

  •    Meson

An original set of vector icons designed specifically for elementary OS and its desktop environment: Pantheon. It is recommended to use the free and open source Inkscape vector editor to create elementary icons. Any and all icons must follow the elementary Icon Design Guidelines.

composer-merge-plugin - Merge one or more additional composer.json files at Composer runtime

  •    PHP

Merge multiple composer.json files at Composer runtime.Composer Merge Plugin is intended to allow easier dependency management for applications which ship a composer.json file and expect some deployments to install additional Composer managed libraries. It does this by allowing the application's top level composer.json file to provide a list of optional additional configuration files. When Composer is run it will parse these files and merge their configuration settings into the base configuration. This combined configuration will then be used when downloading additional libraries and generating the autoloader.

composer-changelogs - :notebook: Display better summary after Composer update

  •    PHP

composer-changelogs is a plugin for Composer. It displays some texts after each Composer update to nicely summarize the modified packages with links to release and compare urls. Just copy it in your commit body and you get a nice description.