sindredash - Fighting back against modularity - a Sindre utility suite.

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Fighting back against modularity - a @sindresorhus utility suite.Supporting Sindre's libraries that have been modified since 2015, 'cause I don't have all day, damn.


alpha-sort : ^1.0.1
archs : ^1.0.0
binary-extensions : ^1.0.1
bower-name : ^1.0.1
caller-callsite : ^1.0.0
caller-path : ^1.0.0
camelcase : ^1.0.2
cat-names : ^1.0.1
compare-urls : ^1.0.0
condense-whitespace : ^1.0.0
cp-file : ^2.0.2
cpy : ^2.0.0
debug-log : ^1.0.0
decamelize : ^1.0.0
default-uid : ^1.0.0
detect-newline : ^1.0.2
dog-names : ^1.0.1
dot-prop : ^1.0.1
downgrade-root : ^1.1.0
each-async : ^1.1.1
filename-reserved-regex : ^1.0.0
filenamify : ^1.0.1
filenamify-url : ^1.0.0
get-stdin : ^4.0.1
get-urls : ^4.0.0
github-username : ^1.1.1
globby : ^1.1.0
has-dom : ^1.0.0
humanize-string : ^1.0.1
humanize-url : ^1.0.1
ipify : ^1.0.3
is-binary-path : ^1.0.0
is-html : ^1.0.0
is-md : ^1.0.0
is-progressive : ^1.0.0
is-stream : ^1.0.1
is-up : ^1.0.3
lowercase-keys : ^1.0.0
markdown-extensions : ^1.1.0
modify-keys : ^1.0.0
modify-values : ^1.0.0
multiline : ^1.0.2
newline-br : ^1.0.0
node-platforms : ^1.0.0
noop3 : ^13.7.2
normalize-url : ^1.0.2
npm-keyword : ^1.0.1
npm-name : ^1.0.3
os-name : ^1.0.3
osx-release : ^1.0.0
package-json : ^1.0.1
pad-stream : ^1.0.0
prepend-http : ^1.0.1
public-ip : ^1.0.2
random-word : ^1.0.1
read-chunk : ^1.0.1
registry-url : ^2.1.0
root-check : ^1.0.0
somebody : ^2.0.0
sort-on : ^1.0.1
strip-ansi : ^2.0.1
strip-css-comments : ^2.0.0
strip-json-comments : ^1.0.2
strip-outer : ^1.0.0
strip-url-auth : ^1.0.0
sudo-block : ^1.1.0
superb : ^1.1.2
titleize : ^1.0.0
trim-repeated : ^1.0.0
unique-random : ^1.0.0
unique-random-array : ^1.0.0
untildify : ^2.0.0
user-home : ^1.1.1
valid-filename : ^1.0.0
win-release : ^1.0.0
xdg-basedir : ^1.0.1



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Issues with the output should be reported on the Lo-Dash issue tracker.Render a template using the provided data.

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(2) Include angular-filter.js (or angular-filter.min.js) in your index.html, after including Angular itself.(3) Add 'angular.filter' to your main module's list of dependencies.

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Features from the rust language in javascript: Provides Traits/Type classes & an advanced library for working with sequences/iterators in js. Ferrum provides a library for transforming lists & iterables; it provides all the functions you would expect like map, filter, foldl and many others. In this regard it is very similar to libraries like wu.js, lodash or underscore. Ferrum has been written to remedy some of the issues in these libraries.