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A super-lightweight, highly configurable, cross-browser date picker jQuery plugin




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Datepair.js is a lightweight, modular javascript plugin for intelligently selecting date and time ranges, inspired by Google Calendar. It will keep the start and end date/times in sync and can set default values based on user action. There are no external dependencies, however it can easily be used with jQuery or Zepto. The plugin does not provide any UI widgets; it's preconfigured to work with jquery-timepicker and Bootstrap Datepicker, but you can use it with any datepicker or timepicker (or none at all). Looking for jquery-datepair? Scroll down.

Multiple-Dates-Picker-for-jQuery-UI - MDP is a little plugin that enables jQuery UI calendar to manage multiple dates

This plugin extends the jQuery UI datepicker clendar, allowing to select more than one date, picking them one by one or by ranges relative to the clicked date. Take a look at some demos.

Zebra Datepicker .Net

Zebra_Datepicker is a small, compact and highly configurable datepicker jQuery plugin, meant to enrich forms by adding the datepicker functionality to them.

ui-date - jQuery UI Datepicker for AngularJS

This directive allows you to add a date-picker to your form elements.We recommend using the excellent ui-bootstrap date-picker which is maintained by a larger team.

jQuery-UI-Date-Range-Picker - A range picker built on top of jQuery UI's Datepicker Control

A range picker built on top of jQuery UI's Datepicker Control

DatePicker - jQuery-based DatePicker with support for date ranges, multiple calendars, styling and more

Yet another jQuery-based date picker! This date picker provides an easy way of creating both single and multi-viewed calendars capable of accepting single, range, and multiple selected dates. Easy to style, with two example styles provided: an attractive 'dark' style, and a Google Analytics-like 'clean' style. Download the latest release, and jQuery.

jtsage-datebox - A multi-mode date and time picker for jQueryMobile, Bootstrap, & jQueryUI

DateBox is a jQuery date and time picker. Full Documentation and Demos, that works with jQueryMobile, Bootstrap, and/or jQueryUI. An extra special thanks to Phill Pafford for answering tons of questions about DateBox, and jQueryMobile in general on StackOverflow.


A Cocoa NSFormatter subclass to convert dates to and from ISO-8601-formatted strings. Supports calendar, week, and ordinal formats.

Multiple Dates Picker for jQuery UI

Extends jQuery UI's datepicker (calendar) allowing multiple dates and range selection and avoidance.

timepicker - A jQuery UI Time Picker

This is a jQuery UI time picker plugin build to match with other official jQuery UI widgets. Based on the existing date picker, it will blend nicely with your form and use your selected jQuery UI theme. The plugin is very easy to integrate in your form for you time (hours / minutes) inputs. I built this plugin because I could not find a plugin that did what I needed.

jQuery UI DotNetNuke integration

The goal of jQUI-DNN is to provide an easily deployable solution for developers wanting to use jQuery UI in a DotNetNuke context. The core and themes are provided as separate modules for easy deployment in a DotNetNuke host. It is developed in C#.

Silverlight 4 & 5 Persian DatePicker

Silverlight 4 already supports right to left languages such as Persian/Arabic/Hebrew but it lacks .NET Framework's Persian calendar support. So I've decided to create a new open source project to add these missing features. Thanks to Microsoft, Now Silverlight 5 supports .NET...

Microba controls

Microba is a set of finely crafted amp; feature rich JFC (Swing) components. Keywords: jfc, swing, java, date picker, datepicker, date-picker, calendar, gradient editor, marker, slider, palette editor, jgraph bird view, bird eye

ng2-datepicker - Angular2 Datepicker Component

For available format options check out here.In case you want to initialize with an empty value, just assign null to the model attribute you're storing the date and you can customize the message in the bar with the property barTitleIfEmpty.

bootstrap-datepicker-rails - A Datepicker for Twitter Bootstrap, integrated with Rails assets pipeline

bootstrap-datepicker-rails project integrates a datepicker with Rails 3 assets pipeline. and run bundle install.

Datepicker-for-Bootstrap - a datepicker in javascript using the Bootstrap design

All the credits must be sent to Stefan who wrote this script (http://www.eyecon.ro/bootstrap-datepicker/). However I found it doesn't work with Bootstrap v2.0.2+ and also it doesn't work with IE8 (at least), so I decided to patch the file... except that Stefan doesn't have a github account for this script, so I've create one. FYI If you want more features or if you have some new requests, please look at this other fork https://github.com/eternicode/bootstrap-datepicker that will be more suitable.

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