SSIS Event Log Business Intelligence

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The SSIS Event Log Business Intelligence package is a complete BI project focused around SSIS Event Log data. Components include: - 9 SSRS Reports - ETL Data Mart - SSIS packages to load ETL Data Mart - Analysis Services Cube - PerformancePoint Dashboard



Related Projects

SSIS Event Log Source

An SSIS 2005 Data Source component for loading Windows 2003/XP event logs (*.evt) into SQL Server 2005 for analysis

IIS Log reader

IIS Log reader library is reading the IIS log data into intuitive domain model. Useful in ETL/SSIS applications. Intuitive, simple API.

Useful SharePoint Site Workflow Utilities

This project aims to make it easy use SharePoint 2010's Site Workflows as "event handlers" for various back end systems by providing ways to start site workflows on remote farms from SSIS, SQL CLR and any Soap Web Service Client.

SSIS Log Analyzer

This utility helps in analyzing SSIS logs and if possible provide cause and resolutions for issues found in it.

Windows Event Log Manager

Windows Event Log Manager is a tool for creating, editing, and viewing windows event logs.

Event Log Analyzer

Event Log Analyzer is a simple yet powerful tool to analyze event logs in Windows. It has features to group similar events together, give graphical view of distribution of events over time and in similarity. It is developed in C# and WPF and uses MVVM framework.


SOAP service for Windows Event log - eventcreateservice.php (ECS) is a simple SOAP service which uses eventcreatef.exe by Florian Weinert ( Every incoming SOAP message will be passed through to eventcreatef.exe which will write the log message to a Windows 2003/XP event log. With ECS and eventcreatef.exe you can log any event to a an eventlog of central Windows machine without Syslogd running.

SSIS Twitter Suite

The SSIS Twitter Suite contains custom SSIS objects that call the Twitter REST API. All classes are in VB.NET. This project allows you to use Twitter in your SSIS package or as a template to create your own custom objects with different functionality!

PowerShell Script Task for SSIS

To produce a control flow task for SSIS that can be used to run PowerShell scripts within SSIS. It should integrate SSIS and PowerShell so that SSIS specific information (i,e. variables) can be accessed etc from within your script. The initial versionn has the following feat...

SCRUBS: SQL Reporting Services audit, log, management & optimization analysis

SCRUBS your SQL Reporting Services Logs to provide management, auditing & optimization reporting. SSRS provides robust logging in the Execution Log, but no management metrics in the box. You'd have to develop your own DW, SSIS procedures and metrics for reporting. Not anymore!

qiao - Reliable Log Streamer

Qiao (橋, the Chinese character for “bridge”, pronounced as Chiao) is a standalone service that streams event data from a log in real-time and delivers them to one or more destinations. Similar to Unix 'tail -F' command, Qiao keeps following a log file when it rotates. One notable difference of Qiao from other log streamers is that Qiao keeps track of read-cursor position and stores the offset on the disk efficiently. In the event that the agent restarts, Qiao is able to continue processing at the file position where it left off before it terminated even if the file was rotated out. Furthermore, for a space-conscious log producer, Qiao can process logs in a compacted binary format, in addition to regular text format (a single ‘line’ of text followed by line feed (‘\n’)). Qiao also supports Avro format out of box.

BlackBox Event Log Framework

BlackBox Event Log Framework is a easy to understand, use, extend and multiple platform event logging framework.


Object: 1,Send windows's event log to a sql server db. 2,Send event log information to who want to monitor. 3,Browse the event log. Programming language: C#.

event-log - An append only event log with streaming support

An append only event log with streaming support


EventLogWatcher (Elwyn) is a simple monitor that uses WMI Object calls to monitor a configurable event in the Windows event log. When the event watched is found, it will run the configured command

Sentry - Realtime Platform-Agnostic Error Logging and Aggregation platform

Sentry is a realtime event logging and aggregation platform. It specializes in monitoring errors and extracting all the information needed to do a proper post-mortem without any of the hassle of the standard user feedback loop.

ETL Framework

This ETL Framework supports dynamic configurations and centralized logging for SSIS solutions in support of minimizing ETL TCO. It consists of an ETL Framework database, SSRS reports and template SSIS packages.

SSIS - Oracle Destination via ODP.Net (Custom Destination Component)

SSIS 2008 R2 solution (custom destination component) to write to oracle via ODP.Net