SharePoint Display Tweets Webpart

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The SharePoint Display Tweets web parts makes it easy to follow Twitter activity on your SharePoint site without violating Twitter activity thresholds. It's built in C# and takes advantage of jQuery UI concepts as well as WCF services.



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Tools and WebParts for SharePoint 2007 and 2010

Here you will found projects, tools and webparts for SharePoint 2007 and 2010 and I hope can resolve your requirements. Some projects are beta versions or prototypes to test things in SharePoint, be carefull how to use these in your production enviroment.

SharePoint User Search WebParts

This project contains SharePoint webparts which provide advanced search configuration and experience for SharePoint 2007. It will be upgrade in few times in SharePoint 2010.

Easy SharePoint WebPart Type ID Generator

During a database attach migration from Sharepoint 2007 to 2010 a report can be obtained by running Test-SPContentDatabase command. Missing webparts are just indicated as GUIDs without any association with installed webparts. This tool allows you to match webparts with this IDs.

SharePoint Stock Quote Web Part

This is a web part for WSS v3, MOSS 2007, SPF 2010, or SharePoint Server 2010 that displays a stock quote for a single stock. Under the hood, this is a Data View Web Part and a call to a web service at WebServiceX.Net.

SharePoint 2010 - Community Projects

Selection of useful webparts & Solutions specifically for SharePoint 2010.

HTML5 for SharePoint 2010

HTML5 for SharePoint 2010 is a package of controls and webparts that allows using HTML5 controls in SharePoint.

JQuery Tabs WebPart for SharePoint

JQuery Tabs WebPart for SharePoint makes it simple for end-users to present Webparts in tabs. It is based on the powerful JQuery-UI tabs component and developed in C#. At the moment it is WSS3.0/SharePoint 2007 only and a SharePoint 2010 sandboxed solution is in the works.

Sharepoint WebPartator

Generator of WebParts based on classic usercontrols. Allows web developers to easily create WebParts by compiling web projects. WebPartator uses AOP to weave at post-build time WebParts that are wrappers of the user controls you have created in your web project. Than...

SharePoint PlayGround

Usefull controls, webparts and tools to use with SharePoint. For example : Search Tag Cloud, Netvibes WebPart, Concepts Extractor for Fast, Weather WebPart, WebClipping...

Custom WebPart with WebPart Page

CustomWWP will make your work easier for creating webparts with webpart pages in sharepoint 2010. It will provide you automation in your work.

Sharepoint 2010 Features

Some features for Sharepoint 2010, like a custom forum list and video player webparts

Tab Web Part

This solution is used to present the WebParts in a tab like user interface. It is tested on a SharePoint 2010 sandboxed solution. With this solution, all the WebParts added in a particular zone will appear in a tab kind of interface in the design mode. The javascript tran...

NewsGator Social Connectors for SharePoint 2010

This project adds social connectors to NewsGator Social Sites® for SharePoint 2010. It allows you to send your activity feeds outside of your organisation (to Twitter and LinkedIn) simply by adding tags in the message.

Shweet: SharePoint 2010 Team Messaging built with Pex

Shweet is a simple SharePoint Foundation 2010 application that allows teams to do messaging and subscriptions in the style similar to twitter. Developed as an example application built for SharePoint using Pex and Moles for unit testing and Code Contracts.

SharePoint Archive Tweets

Using REST, JSON and OAuth, SharePoint Archive Tweets (SPAT) was born. SPAT is a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 timer application that downloads Twitter timelines.

SharePoint Labs

SPLabs is a set of labs, either VB.NET or C#, focused on SharePoint technologies. Each lab is in itself a tutorial to learn a specific area of SharePoint.

SO Sharepoint Stuff

Different Webparts and Utitlites for SharePoint Server 2010

Web Part Collector

WebPart collector will help you identify any webpart or all webparts that are located inside your site collection

SharePoint 2010 Developer Extension

The project is now with two intentions in mind. First one is to allow users to copy files from SharePoint project to 14 hive by right clicking on the SharePoint folder (say Layouts). Second one is to allow user to add WCF service in SharePoint with easy-to-use UI.