scheduled-tweets-app - A Laravel app to schedule tweets

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This repo contains a Laravel app that allows to schedule tweets. Generally we won't accept any PR requests to this repo. If you have discovered a bug or have an idea to improve the code, contact us first before you start coding.


axios : ^0.18
babel-plugin-syntax-dynamic-import : ^6.18.0
caniuse-lite : ^1.0.30000697
eslint : ^4.19.1
eslint-config-prettier : ^2.9.0
eslint-plugin-vue : ^4.4.0
form-backend-validation : ^2.3.3
laravel-echo : ^1.4.0
laravel-mix : ^2.1.0
laravel-mix-purgecss : ^2.0.0
lodash : ^4.17.10
moment : ^2.22.2
portal-vue : ^1.3.0
postcss-cssnext : ^3.0.2
postcss-easy-import : ^3.0.0
prettier : ^1.10.2
pusher-js : ^4.2.2
tailwindcss : ^0.5.0
vue : ^2.5.7
vuex : ^3.0.1



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twitter-sentiment-analysis - Sentiment analysis on tweets using Naive Bayes, SVM, CNN, LSTM, etc.

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We use and compare various different methods for sentiment analysis on tweets (a binary classification problem). The training dataset is expected to be a csv file of type tweet_id,sentiment,tweet where the tweet_id is a unique integer identifying the tweet, sentiment is either 1 (positive) or 0 (negative), and tweet is the tweet enclosed in "". Similarly, the test dataset is a csv file of type tweet_id,tweet. Please note that csv headers are not expected and should be removed from the training and test datasets. There are some general library requirements for the project and some which are specific to individual methods. The general requirements are as follows.


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seaofclouds / tweet has always been one of my preferred methods of client-side twitter integration. With the advent of Twitter's 1.1 API and the deprecation of 1.0, client side timeline fetching and parsing is no longer feasable due to the authentication restrictions imposed by OAuth. This exists to serve as a layer in between, serving the JSON directly to Tweet.js and caching it in a flat .json file to compensate for the v1.1 API's access limitations on sites which require more than ~12 loads of a user's timeline per minute. This mod works as an intermediary between seaofclouds / tweet and the twitter JSON api which it uses to fetch tweets. It handles the server-side authentication process and (optionally) caches the JSON file locally to avoid being throttled, which it then passes off to seaofclouds / tweet as normal. Simple yet effective.

twitter-2-weibo - An app runs in a stand java J2EE server that syncs tweets from Twitter to Weibo

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An app runs in a stand java J2EE server that syncs tweets from Twitter to Weibo

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Schedule background jobs that run your JavaScript when your app is in the background or if you feel brave even in foreground. The jobs will run even if the app has been closed and, by default, also persists over restarts.

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KJabata is a KDE scheduled player/recorder for ogg/mp3 sound files. It's based on Gerd Knorr's KRecord, which code has been modified to manage scheduled and compressed sound files instead of interactive wav files.

Opalis Scheduled Tasks Integration Pack


A Opalis integration pack for manipulating scheduled tasks on windows systems.

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ShedLock does one and only one thing. It makes sure your scheduled tasks are executed at most once at the same time. If a task is being executed on one node, it acquires a lock which prevents execution of the same task from another node (or thread). Please note, that if one task is already being executed on one node, execution on other nodes does not wait, it is simply skipped. Currently, Spring scheduled tasks coordinated through Mongo, JDBC database, Redis, Hazelcast or ZooKeeper are supported. More scheduling and coordination mechanisms and expected in the future.

Stocktalk - Data collection toolkit for social media analytics

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Stocktalk is a visualization tool that tracks tweet volume and sentiment on Twitter, given a series of queries. It does this by opening a local websocket with Twitter and pulling tweets that contain user-specified keywords. For example, I can tell Stocktalk to grab all tweets that mention Ethereum and periodically tally volume and measure average sentiment every 15 minutes.

Tweet filter


Tweet filter is going to be an opensource C#/.NET 3.5 twitter client designed to allow people to apply filters over tweets in order to block unwanted trending topics, individual tweets and retweets based on context without blocking individuals.

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SENTINL 6 extends Siren Investigate and Kibana with Alerting and Reporting functionality to monitor, notify and report on data series changes using standard queries, programmable validators and a variety of configurable actions - Think of it as a free an independent "Watcher" which also has scheduled "Reporting" capabilities (PNG/PDFs snapshots).

iOS-11.1.2-15B202-Jailbreak - iOS 11.1.2 (15B202) Jailbreak

  •    C

Load and run the XCode project or sideload the IPA using Cydia Impactor. For more complete / visual instructions see the iOS_jailbreak_writeup.pdf "How to jailbreak your phone" section. Note: It is recommended to sideload the app, and leave it running (code signing problems will arise if the app is closed). If you run the jailbreak from XCode, don't disconnect the cable, as it will also cause code signing problems. A fix for this is scheduled for .4.

TweeVo: Tweet What Your TiVo Is Recording


TweeVo is a simple background application that polls selected TiVo boxes in your home and tweets what they are recording to a specified Twitter account. The tweet includes a link to, which gives viewers of your Twitter stream more information on the show.

BirdWatch - Tweet stream analysis and visualization with real-time updates.

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BirdWatch is a reactive web application for visualizing a stream of live tweets. It started out as a playground for trying out different ways of solving the same problem. There is a server-side application which subscribes to the Twitter Streaming API and then allows a client-side single-page application to perform a live search, meaning that a search on historical tweets up until now will be performed and then updated as new tweets matching the same search are retrieved. Installation instructions live with the respective implementations.

laravel-decomposer - A Laravel package to decompose your installed packages, their dependencies, your app & server environment

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Laravel Decomposer decomposes and lists all the installed packages and their dependencies along with the Laravel & the Server environment details your app is running in. Decomposer also generates a markdown report from those details that can be used for troubleshooting purposes, also it allows you to generate the same report as an array and also as JSON anywhere in your code. Laravel Package & app devs you can also add your own personal extra stats specific for your package or your app. All these just on the hit of a single route as shown below in the gif. Kind Attention : You can have a look at the Roadmap. If you have any suggestions for code improvements, new optional or core features or enhancements, create an issue so you,us or any open source believer can start working on it.

TweetLanes - Tweet Lanes for Android

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Tweet Lanes is a fully functional Twitter client, targeted at Android devices running API 14 and above. To build and use the app, you'll need to create your own Twitter application (and application, if you have a developer account).