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SocketIO4Net.Client is a .NET C# websocket client for Socket.IO. It is also available as a NuGet package: Install-Package SocketIO4Net.Client (w/o examples)



Related Projects

node-socketio4net - Demo server for socketio4net.client code

Demo server for socketio4net.client code

oauth2-essentials - An OAuth2 client implementation based on http-client-essentials.

An OAuth2 client implementation based on http-client-essentials-suite.OAuth2 is an authentication frameworks that's standardized in RFC 6749. There are a couple of Java implementations for OAuth2 clients available, but most of them either depend on a specific platform (e.g. Android), pull in large dependencies (usually a specific HTTP client implementation) or are incomplete. This library aims to provide a complete, platform independent Java implementation of RFC 6749 that can be used with any HTTP client implementation. The later is achieved by using the http-client-essentials abstraction framework for HTTP clients.

elasticsearch-groovy - Elasticsearch Groovy client

The Elasticsearch Groovy client project helps you to use Elasticsearch in Groovy projects. This Groovy client inherently supports 100% of the Elasticsearch API for the supported version by using Groovy extension modules with the Java client. Literally anything possible in the same version of the Java client is possible with the Groovy client, plus some Groovy-friendly extensions.You can use the Java client code from any Java client example that you find online with the benefit of the Groovy extensions.

oauth2 - An OAuth2 client library for Dart.

A client library for authenticating with a remote service via OAuth2 on behalf of a user, and making authorized HTTP requests with the user's OAuth2 credentials.OAuth2 allows a client (the program using this library) to access and manipulate a resource that's owned by a resource owner (the end user) and lives on a remote server. The client directs the resource owner to an authorization server (usually but not always the same as the server that hosts the resource), where the resource owner tells the authorization server to give the client an access token. This token serves as proof that the client has permission to access resources on behalf of the resource owner.

sipht - A PHP client for the Sift Science REST API

Interactions with the API occur via `Sift\Client`. You instantiate a client bypassing your API key to its constructor:```php$client = new Sift\Client('my-api-key');```The following errors may be thrown by any client request: * `Sift\Exception\BadRequestException`: HTTP 40x; the request was rejected by the API * `Sift\Exception\ServerErrorException`: HTTP 50x; the API endpoint suffered some internal problem * `Sift\Exception\HttpException`: any other exception generated in the course of

Hastymail - IMAP/SMTP client in PHP

Hastymail is a fast, secure, rfc-compliant, cross-platform IMAP/SMTP client application written in PHP providing a clean web interface for sending and reading E-mail. It is compatible with PDAs, phones, text browsers, and all mainstream browsers. The ability to use a database for storing user settings, contacts, and plugin data, with support for both Postgresql and Mysql.

Roundcube Webmail - Browser-based multilingual IMAP client

Roundcube Webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. It provides full functionality you expect from an email client, including MIME support, address book, folder management, message searching and spell checking.

resty - Simple HTTP and REST client for Go inspired by Ruby rest-client

Simple HTTP and REST client for Go inspired by Ruby rest-client. Features section describes in detail about resty capabilities.v0.13 released and tagged on Jun 22, 2017.

encrypted-bigquery-client - An experimental version of the BQ client which adds client-side encryption

The encrypted BigQuery client is an experimental extension of the BigQuery client. It offers client-side encryption for a subset of query types. Currently it is implemented in Python.Sample data and query examples is available in our tutorial.

google-oauth-java-client - Google OAuth Client Library for Java

Written by Google, the Google OAuth Client Library for Java is a powerful and easy-to-use Java library for the OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0 authorization standards. The Google OAuth Client Library for Java is designed to work with any OAuth service on the web, not just with Google APIs. It is built on the Google HTTP Client Library for Java.For access to Google APIs, see the Google APIs Client Library for Java.

Smith Async .NET Memcached Client

Async .NET Memcached Client is a fully asynchronous implementation of a memcached client. The advantage of a fully asynchronous client is that you do not have threads wasted in waiting for i/o operations. The client is developed in c# 4.0. (Subject to change to 3.5 possible) C# .NET client .NET client abstracts interaction with free service ( providing weather conditions data. .NET client enables retrieving weather conditions for today or weather forecast for up to 4 days in advance.

g5-client-app-creator - Creates and deploys a code base to client hub and client hub deployer

Creates and deploys a code base to client hub and client hub deployer

volt - A ruby web framework where your ruby runs on both server and client

Volt is a Ruby web framework where your ruby code runs on both the server and the client (via [opal]( The DOM automatically update as the user interacts with the page. Page state can be stored in the URL. If the user hits a URL directly, the HTML will first be rendered on the server for faster load times and easier indexing by search engines.Instead of syncing data between the client and server via HTTP, Volt uses a persistent connection between the client and ser

Sylpheed - Lightweight and user-friendly e-mail client

Sylpheed is a simple, lightweight but featureful, and easy-to-use e-mail client. It provides intuitive user-interface, Powerful filtering and search, Junk mail control, Security features (GnuPG, SSL/TLSv1). Sylpheed supports not only the major protocols such as POP3, IMAP4rev1 and SMTP, but also NNTP (NetNews). IPv6, which is the next-generation Internet protocol, is also supported by default.

http.async.client - Asynchronous HTTP Client for Clojure

http.async.client is the Asynchronous HTTP Client for Clojure. It is promise-based and uses the Asynchronous Http Client for Java for the heavy lifting.

p5-pgxn-client - PGXN::Client pgxn-client in Perl

PGXN::Client pgxn-client in Perl

p5-openshift-client - Openshift::Client : Client tools for Openshift in Perl

Openshift::Client : Client tools for Openshift in Perl

p5-dotcloud-client - dotCloud::Client : Client tools for dotCloud in Perl

dotCloud::Client : Client tools for dotCloud in Perl

pastefire-client - A Windows client using AutoHotkey as a backend, and a simple linux client

A Windows client using AutoHotkey as a backend, and a simple linux client