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SmartMap (C# cross-platform) is a procedural style map creation utility mainly for the Axiom 3D rendering engine. Included is a GDI+ 2D world editor with graphical features and soon your choice of renderer and scene manager to create your preferred world perspective.



Related Projects

Axiom 3D Rendering Engine

The Axiom 3D Engine is an open-source, cross-platform 3D graphics rendering engine for .NET and Mono.


Cluedo, the murder mystery game in Java. Includes several maps (and mapping tools), AI players, configurable cards, sounds and multiple languages. In the pipe-line: networking support, improved graphics, and advanced artificial intelligence.


Chessmokey is a chess game with a chessboard in which two players can play. It has no built AI (Artificial Intelligence). It was developed using C++ and OpenGL by students of Computer Engineering at USP - Satilde;o Carlos in the Computer Graphics discipline.

gdx-ai - Artificial Intelligence framework for games based on libGDX or not

An artificial intelligence framework, entirely written in Java, for game development with libGDX.The gdxAI project is a libGDX extension living under the libGDX umbrella. However it does not force you to use that specific framework if you do not wish to do so. The libGDX jar remains an essential requirement, mostly due to the use of libGDX collections which are optimized for mobile platforms by limiting garbage creation and supporting primitive types directly, so avoiding boxing and unboxing.

Java-Swing-Pacman-with-AI - My Pacman game created for Artificial Intelligence subject

My Pacman game created for Artificial Intelligence subject

ai-clue - An implementation of the board game "Clue" written for CS 364 (Artificial Intelligence)

An implementation of the board game "Clue" written for CS 364 (Artificial Intelligence)

Flappy-Bird-Servo-Automation - Flappy Bird Automation using RL and Servo

Games have been a part of human entertainment since the wild age. People use games for refreshment and socialization. Thus, as a step towards becoming human like, ability to play any kind of games by robots is an essentiality. Thus, to enable machines to play games through software intelligence, we aimed to create an architecture which would help us implement artificial intelligence on hardware components.These hardware components will imitate real humans and take information that real humans will get for making a decision. Using this information, intelligence will perform some calculations to make optimal decisions.

OpenCog - Framework to build Artificial Intelligence Programs

The OpenCog Framework is a platform to build and share artificial intelligence programs. It includes components for procedural and declarative knowledge representation (AtomSpace), task scheduling (CogServer), AI algorithm containers (MindAgents), connectors to instant messaging and virtual world systems, and other components. MindAgents and other add-ons explore a wide variety of AI techniques including evolutionary program learning (MOSES), natural language processing, and others.

AI-Snake-Game - Artificial Intelligence snake searching for food

Artificial Intelligence snake searching for food


A game made by two of my friends and myself with different themes and graphics for a connect five game with different difficulties of AI

stir-ai - STIR AI - Spatial Temporal Imaginative Rational Artificial Intelligence

STIR AI - Spatial Temporal Imaginative Rational Artificial Intelligence


My Planet Wars game bot for the artificial intelligence contest sponsored by Google


A minimax based AI player for the board game Othello. Created with Ashoat Tevosyan for CSE 473 Artificial Intelligence Spring 2011.


This project is going to be a universal scene editor for Axiom 3D game engine. It is in pure C# and will be kept portable to MONO for compatibility with linux and OSx.


AI program that uses word associations, a directed weighted graph, and machine learning

cortana-intelligence-interactive-voice-response-bot - This repository contains instructions and the necessary code to deploy a call-center automation solution using Cortana Intelligence Suite and Cognitive Services

Customer interaction is essential to a business of any size, and response-automation is a key component to scaling up communication volume. In fact, 61% of consumers prefer to communicate via speech, and most of them prefer self-service. Because customer satisfaction is a priority for all businesses, self-service is a critical facet of any customer-facing communications strategy.This solution creates an intelligent interactive voice response (IVR) application that processes customer order requests for bicycles and bicycle accessories. Businesses with no existing IVR solution can easily get started automating requests, or where existing human-operated systems exist, this solution can be extended to incorporate existing functionality and workflows.

OpenSceneGraph - 3D graphics toolkit

The OpenSceneGraph is an open source high performance 3D graphics toolkit, used by application developers in fields such as visual simulation, games, virtual reality, scientific visualization and modelling. It is based around the concept of a SceneGraph, providing an object-oriented framework on top of OpenGL. This frees the developer from implementing and optimizing low-level graphics calls and provides many additional utilities for rapid development of graphics applications.


A New HTML5 Web Game which implemented by JavaScript and combined with AI(Artificial Intelligence) algorithms including 1. Collision detection and response 2. A Star Pathfinding 3. NPC Collaborative cluster


An F# game like project that has two AI's fighting. Programmed in a mostly functional manner but with mutability where necessary/ Basic with pathing, simple animations and projectiles, pathing, planning and rendering. The main draw is the application of Machine Learning by the game bots and the use of an intelligence stat to affect learning.

Artifitial Intelligence Framework

An Artifitial Intelligence Framework constructed to help the AI developers to accelerate their projects with an extensible and personalizable made from the scratch project. Some time ago I was using commertial programs to construct neuronal networks, and of course I was a stu...