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This helps to check the SLAT capability of a machine, so that it can run hyper-v client or not.



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Windows Phone 7 Emulator Skin Switcher

The Windows Phone 7 emulator skin switcher is an application that gives you multiple skins to use on your Windows Phone 7 emulator. Start the application, select one of the 25 available skins and you're done!

WP7 App Launcher

WP7 App Launcher allows you to launch Windows Phone 7 applications directly in Emulator or device without the need to open Visual Studio. Directly launching .xap file on Emulator is specially usable for application demos or to automate application launc from a .bat file.

Proximity Tapper

Proximity Tapper is a developer tool for working with NFC on both Windows Phone and Windows, and allows you to build NFC apps in the Windows Phone emulator.

Windows Phone 7 Accelerometer Simulator Kit

The Windows Phone 7 Accelerometer Simulator Kit helps developers test their Windows Phone 7 applications that use the accelerometer in the emulator. So if you don't have a Windows Phone or don't wan't to be constantly deploying your app to one, this is perfect for you!

WP7 Catto Free App - Windows Phone 7 .NET Silverlight Sample App

WP7 Catto Free App - Windows Phone 7 .NET Silverlight Sample App This is a WP7 app that is a free sample of examples. Currently the app is running in the emulator and supports a few nice features of the phone such as orientation, input scope, control of the back button.

WPE-Skinner - Windows Phone Emulator Skin Picker.

Windows Phone Emulator Skin Picker.

WP8 Emulator Skin Switcher

Change the look of your Windows Phone 8 emulator by using the WP8 Emulator Skin Switcher to make it look like a Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X or Samsung Ativ S.

Picasa Viewer for Windows Phone 7

This is a simple reader for Picasa that allows the user to browser all his Picasa Album and download single photos. This is the first release, tested only in the Windows Phone the next week, new features will be released.

Windows Mobile Widget Emulator

With Windows Mobile Widget Emulator you can preview your widgets for Windows Mobile 6.5 in your browser, and use the same API:s as if it was a real Windows Mobile phone. It´s web based and should be used in IE (Windows Mobile uses IE 6).

Isolated Storage Explorer for Mango

Add-In for Visual Studio 2010 to import, export or modify data from the isolated storage of the phone or the emulator Windows Phone


bvh animation editor for creating Second Life animations. (not compatible with Windows Vista or Windows NT)


A Java-based Commodore 64 emulator for mobile devices and PCs. If you want to see the old C64 become alive on your mobile phone or PC then try this emulator. For more information see the Wiki pages

Java GB

A Java-based Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator for mobile devices and PCs. If you want to play Gameboy games on your mobile phone you should try this emulator. For more information see the Wiki


NES EMU 7 is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7 Continuous Integration Testing Framework

WP7 CI is a port of the Silverlight Toolkit Test Framework with added CI support, allowing tests to be run in the emulator from the command line

wit-windowsphone-sdk - Windows Phone SDK for Wit

Open the project and build the solution. Buld the project to compile the ARM dlls. If you plan to use the emulator you would also need to build x86 dlls.


Batch scripts that provides a simple way to take snapshots of the isolated storage on the Emulator or Device for Windows Phone

[GW]ammu - Talk to any phone

Gammu and Wammu provides support to talk to any phone using standard API provided by libGammu. The most popular and widely used in various phones which includes Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Alcatel. It provides support to send and receive SMS and MMS, Calendar, Contacts, backup SMS etc.

phone-info - An example application for retrieving both static and dynamic properties of a Windows Phone device

Phone Info is an example application for retrieving both static and dynamic properties of a Windows Phone device. The methods implemented in DeviceProperties class and utilised in this app can be used for adapting your application to wider range of phone models; If a phone does not support a certain non-vital feature of your application, you can gracefully adapt by hiding that feature dynamically. The same applies to optimising your app for different screen resolutions and display sizes.Screenshots from Windows Phone 8.1 version running on Nokia Lumia 930.