rspec_junit_formatter - RSpec results formatted as JUnit XML that your CI can read

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RSpec 2 & 3 results that Jenkins can read. Probably a few other CI services, too. Inspired by the work of Diego Souza on RSpec Formatters after frustration with CI Reporter.



Related Projects

nyan-cat-formatter - Nyan Cat inspired RSpec formatter!

  •    Ruby

Nyan Cat inspired RSpec formatter!

fivemat - MiniTest/RSpec/Cucumber formatter that gives each test file its own line of dots

  •    Ruby

MiniTest/RSpec/Cucumber formatter that gives each test file its own line of dots

fuubar - The instafailing RSpec progress bar formatter

  •    Ruby

The instafailing RSpec progress bar formatter

fuubar - The instafailing RSpec progress bar formatter

  •    Ruby

Fuubar is an instafailing RSpec formatter that uses a progress bar instead of a string of letters and dots as feedback. .

rspec-rails-examples - RSpec cheatsheet & Rails app: Learn how to expertly test Rails apps from a model codebase

  •    Ruby

A small yet comprehensive reference for developers who want to know how to test Rails apps using RSpec. Here you'll find in-depth examples with detailed documentation explaining how to test with RSpec and related testing gems, which you can then apply to your own projects.

rspec - RSpec meta-gem that depends on the other components

  •    Ruby

rspec is a meta-gem, which depends on the rspec-core, rspec-expectations and rspec-mocks gems. Each of these can be installed separately and loaded in isolation using require. Among other benefits, this allows you to use rspec-expectations, for example, in Test::Unit::TestCase if you happen to prefer that style. Conversely, if you like RSpec's approach to declaring example groups and examples (describe and it) but prefer Test::Unit assertions and mocha, rr or flexmock for mocking, you'll be able to do that without having to install or load the components of RSpec that you're not using.

transpec - The RSpec syntax converter

  •    Ruby

Transpec is a tool for converting your specs to the latest RSpec syntax with static and dynamic code analysis. With Transpec you can upgrade your RSpec 2 specs to RSpec 3 in no time. It supports conversions for almost all of the RSpec 3 changes – not only the expect syntax. Also, you can use it on your RSpec 2 project even if you're not going to upgrade it to RSpec 3 for now.

django-jenkins - Plug and play continuous integration with django and jenkins

  •    Python

This will create reports/ directory with junit xml, Coverage and Pylint reports. If present, it is supposed to be a list/tuple of django apps for Jenkins to run. Tests, reports, and coverage are generated only for the apps from this list.


  •    Java

JUnit-addons is a collection of helper classes for JUnit. This library can be used with both JUnit 3.7 and JUnit 3.8.x

rspec-puppet - RSpec tests for your Puppet manifests

  •    Ruby

Note for ruby 1.8 users: while rspec-puppet itself supports ruby 1.8, you'll need to pin rspec itself to ~> 3.1.0, as later rspec versions do not work on old rubies anymore. When you start out on a new module, create a metadata.json file for your module and then run rspec-puppet-init to create the necessary files to configure rspec-puppet for your module's tests.

Jenkins - Continuous Integration Server

  •    Java

Jenkins is an award-winning application that monitors executions of repeated jobs, such as building a software project or jobs run by cron. It focuses on two things, Building/testing software projects continuously and Monitoring executions of externally-run jobs. Jenkins can distribute build/test loads to multiple computers.

JUnit Remote

  •    Java

JUnit Remote provides test remoting for JUnit 4.x test suites. JUnit Remote is primarily targeted at providing in-container testing for Enterprise Java™ applications.


  •    Java

junit-objects is an advanced object state-testing and profiling framework. junit-objects is different from Junit in that it allows you to assert the state of objects and design rather than the result of method calls.

ANT Junit Task extension with javadocs

  •    Java

Extension to the ANT-Junit Task which combines Javadoc Informations with JUnit Results in a JUnit report which has javadoc infos of the test methods included.

android-junit5 - Testing with JUnit 5 for Android.

  •    Kotlin

A Gradle plugin that allows for the execution of JUnit 5 tests in Android environments using Android Gradle Plugin 3.2.0 or later. This plugin configures the unit test tasks for each build variant of a project to run on the JUnit Platform. Furthermore, it provides additional configuration options for these tests through a DSL attached to android.testOptions.

rspec-fire - Obsolete - use verifying doubles in RSpec 3

  •    Ruby

RSpec fire has been completely subsumed by the verifying doubles feature in RSpec 3, which uses the same API. It's not just a port, the RSpec 3 ones are strictly better. Leaving this here for posterity, but patches will not be accepted and there will be no further releases.

rspec-rails - RSpec extension library for Ruby on Rails

  •    Ruby

Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby on Rails. rspec-rails is an RSpec extension that allows you to drive the development of Ruby on Rails applications with RSpec.

mongoid-rspec - RSpec matchers and macros for Mongoid.

  •    Ruby

The mongoid-rspec library provides a collection of RSpec-compatible matchers that help to test Mongoid documents. This gem is compatible with Mongoid 3, 4, 5 and 6.

rspec-retry - retry randomly failing rspec example

  •    Ruby

RSpec::Retry adds a :retry option for intermittently failing rspec examples. If an example has the :retry option, rspec will retry the example the specified number of times until the example succeeds. You can call ex.run_with_retry(opts) on an individual example.

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