anki-airtable - Sync Anki with Airtable!

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This is an Anki plugin that can synchronize an Airtable to Anki when Anki starts up. At the end of the day, Anki is just a flash-card frontend to a database. Why not use Airtable as that database? Airtable is much nicer to use as a database, and makes the data searchable outside of Anki.I use this to organize and memorize things like the trees and flowers of Ontario, cheeses from around the world, macronutrients of various foods, how to make cocktails and learning new words.



Related Projects

Baserow - Online database tool and Airtable alternative

  •    Python

Baserow is an open source online database tool and Airtable alternative. Create your own database without technical experience. It has user friendly no-code tool gives you the powers of a developer without leaving your browser.

Anki-Android - An Anki Port to the Android Platform

  •    Java

An Anki Port to the Android Platform

anki-sync-server - A personal Anki sync server (so you can sync against your own server rather than AnkiWeb)

  •    Python

Anki is a powerful Open Source flashcard application, which helps you quickly and easily memorize facts over the long term utilizing a spaced repetition algorithm. Anki's main form is a desktop application (for Windows, Linux and MacOS) which can sync to a web version (AnkiWeb) and mobile versions for Android and iOS.

anki - Anki for desktop computers

  •    Python

This is the development branch of Anki. For stable builds, please see

hiring-without-whiteboards - ⭐️ Companies that don't have a broken hiring process

  •    Javascript

A listing of companies (or teams) that don't do "whiteboard" interviews. "Whiteboards" is used as a metaphor, and is a symbol for the kinds of CS trivia questions that are associated with bad interview practices. Whiteboards are not bad – CS trivia questions are. Using sites like HackerRank/LeetCode probably fall into a similar category. The companies and teams listed here use interview techniques and questions that resemble day-to-day work – for example pairing on a real world problem, or a paid/unpaid take home exercise. Read (and contribute to) our recommendations for ways to conduct better interviews.



An RPG / Sidescroller engine that makes it easy to make RPG like games to learn languages, city names etc. It will be able to read in anki decks (using libanki) and will serve as graphical, more interesting way to review cards.

interactive-coding-challenges - Interactive Python coding interview challenges (algorithms and data structures)

  •    Python

Overhauled to now include 120 challenges and solutions and added Anki flashcards.Also included are unit tested reference implementations of various data structures and algorithms.


  •    CSharp

subs2srs allows you to create import files for Anki or other Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS) based on your favorite foreign language movies and TV shows to aid in the language learning process. See for more information.


  •    Python

A spaced repetition library for Anki

LCS Flashcards Library


The Leitner system is a widely used method to efficiently use flashcards that was proposed by the German science journalist Sebastian Leitner in the 1970s. LCS Flashcards Library is a class library written in C# that implements such a system.

Words Flashcards Generator for GRE prep.

  •    Perl

Flashcards are a nice way to prepare for competetive exams like GRE, SAT etc. This program generates Postscript files which you can cut into pieces and get Flashcards.

Flashcards - Sample App for SQLAzure, MVC3, Razor, Jquery, and Entity Framework


This is a simple flashcard application. It shows a card and allows you to test yourself against the answers. You can also add a new flashcard, or edit existing flashcards. I wrote it to help myself learn these technologies and thought you'd like to see a simple example, too.

flashcards (granule)

  •    C++

GRANULE is a flashcards program based on Leitner cardfile methodology for learning new words. It features long-term memory training capabilities with scheduling, integrated pictures, sound, and full-screen mode.

Algernon - Pure Go web server with built-in Lua, Markdown, HyperApp and Pongo2 support

  •    Go

Web server with built-in support for HTTP/2, Lua, Markdown, Pongo2, HyperApp, Amber, Sass(SCSS), GCSS, JSX, BoltDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, MariaDB/MySQL, rate limiting, graceful shutdown, plugins, users and permissions. Uses no external libraries, only pure Go.

Psp Kanji

  •    C++

Kanji learning software for the Psp. Create Kanji/Hirigana/Katakana lists and practice remembering their pronunciation/translation through flashcards quizs. Aims to be estheticly pleasing and can be used as a Kanji dictionary.


  •    C++

Klep is a program that aids in the memorization of information using virtual flashcards. This program installs files in /usr/share/mime which can cause problems with package managers; they can be deleted. Use of this program not recommended


  •    CSharp

Rincevent is a software that allows you to learn in a non-monotonous manner, all day long, wherever you are.

Memorize words FlashCard system

  •    Java

A fully automated multimedia Leitner flashcard program for learning english. It automatically retrieves meaning,word usages and the pronunciation of a flashcard word in audio from internet.It also put related Google pictures into flashcards and more.

Twinkle Flashcards

  •    Java

Flashcard program for Palm Pilot handhelds. Java PC desktop program to edit flash cards and import SuperMemo databases included. Many font types supported including Japanese. Image support also present. Visit home page for sample cards.


  •    Java

Suiteki is a set of Java J2ME japanese related tools for your mobile phone; word dictionary, kanji dictionary, word lists, flashcards and even a manga viewer! Kana/kanji input/display for non japanese phones! (please see