Simple Config Editor

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A .Net Library to Create and Modify Config Files, Based on XML.



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Etch - System Configuration Management

A tool for system configuration management, i.e. management of the configuration files of the operating system and core applications. Easy for a professional system administrator to start using, yet scalable to large and/or complex environments.


Configuration management module for PostgreSQL applications. Store config parameters for your configurable entities, manage constraints and defaults for them. Automatic configurations check control, determining, whether configuration is correct and ready to be used in real system. ------- The read/write operations are not implemented very optimal, especially when automatic comletness checking is enabled. The system is configurable to be fast,

NadaConfig (An easy and simple centralized configuration system)

NadaConfig is a centralized configuration system that will let client applications retrieve their configuration data from a unique store on a server.

Configuration Manager Client Health Check Tool

There are many pitfalls with maintaining ConfigMgr managed systems so they install the client software and can continuously report to the hierarchy. This project provides a scripted solution that detects many issues and automates their repair.

Scripted Deployment of a System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Secondary Site

In System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, you can no longer deploy a secondary site server using Setup (wizard or scripted). Instead, you must use the Configuration Manager console to create a new secondary site. This is less than ideal if you want to deploy several secon...

PowerShell ConfigMgr eXtensions - PSCMX

PowerShell ConfigMgr eXtensions allows ConfigMgr admins to easily manage their sites from PowerShell console.

C# component for maintenance and deployment of config and xml files

Ytv.MuPL is a .NET component. It provides opportunity read/update config and XML files used for setting of applications written by C# or VB.NET. It includes options using WCF SOAP WEB service or FTP client for downloading and updating remote config and XML files. Using of DB a...

config - Go configuration file management

Go configuration file management

heroku-config-versions - Configuration management for Heroku environment variables

Configuration management for Heroku environment variables

kp-config - Configuration management for the Korora packaging system.

Configuration management for the Korora packaging system.

cs-config - Minimal configuration management interface

Minimal configuration management interface

basbosa-config - A configuration management class that is part of Basbosa framework.

A configuration management class that is part of Basbosa framework.

config - Github Configuration Management

Github Configuration Management

config - Personal configuration management

Personal configuration management

pakada-config - Configuration management for Pakada

Configuration management for Pakada

yaml-config - Configuration management with yaml

Configuration management with yaml

tools4j-config - Java configuration management framework.

Java configuration management framework.