Silverlight TruckWars

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TruckWars is a simple SilverLight real-time-strategy game. For each level, you control various trucks (and other vehicles), and use them to push down all the green buttons. Enemy trucks will try to stop you.



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This is a Silverlight 4 interactive Sudoku game, full source included.

SilverPool - game example for SilverLight

A pool game simulator for SilverLight. Demonstrates how to do moving objects and collision calculations in SilverLight.

Gem Blaster

An entertaining game written for Silverlight 1.1 / 2.0. Click sets of adjacent gems that share the same color and see how high you can score.


ThreeDWorld is a 3D game engine based on Microsoft's new Xna support in Silverlight 5. Engine features include an extendable content pipeline, bitmap and font sprites, 3D sprites, DeleD importer and Quake2 MD2 importer.

Silverlight RPG Map Editor

This is a fork from the code for the book by Mike Snow, titled Silverlight Game Programming. The goal of this project is to add functionality and improve upon the initial design Mr. Snow created.

Roids: an asteroids clone for Silverlight and XNA

An example of a simple game cross-compiling for both Silverlight and XNA using SilverSprite.

We Are Bugs (A Silverlight Game)

We Are Bugs is a simple Silverlight game. The code is meant to be a learning tool for others interested in making Silverilght games.

Game Engine (EmlenMud) Revival/Rewrite

This EmlenMud revival project is an attempt to bring old MUD game code into the 21st century, using new technologies such as C# 3.5, WCF, Silverlight, and LINQ. This game engine is currently made available for learning purposes only.

Popfly Game Engine (for Silverlight Web and Windows Phone 7 Series Applications)

A C# Silverlight project which builds a game engine capable of consuming data files from the games formerly hosted on This is a slight branch of the last production game engine on which removes features dependent on the site like high scores

"World of WoWo" Silverlight Game,MMORPG

World of WoWo is a browser game of MMORPG using Silverlight solution. The game style is based on story line of Wow. Use easy and funny way to guide users getting happiness. This project is made by iChinaGames Co. The HQ is located in Beijing of China.

Balder - 3D engine for Silverlight

3D graphics engine, targetting Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, Xna and OpenGL.


Silverlight-MMORPG-Game-Engine(Open Source)

Texas Hold 'Em (Silverlight 4)

The objective of this project is to create a very exact approximation of a game of Texas Hold' Em as it's played in American casinos.

REngine - game engine in Silverlight

REngine makes it easier for game developers to develop games in Microsoft Silverlight.


Bouncesample is a basic framework for creating Silverlight-based Windows Phone 7 games which meet the mandate that two presses of the Back button exit the user out of the game. It contains a Main Menu, an Options Menu, a "Game", and a Pause Menu.

Bubble Factory - Silverlight Game

I created this cute little game in only 5 intensive nights. Enjoy!

Tidal - Tidal is a playing card game written in Silverlight

Tidal is a playing card game written in Silverlight

WebColumns - Silverlight clone of the famous Columns game by Sega

Silverlight clone of the famous Columns game by Sega

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small Silverlight 3D action game