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This is a class library with a web example project that displays information about a shoutcast server. It can display information for all properties that are included in the shoucast xml file such as Song Title, Server Url, Song History, Current Listeners etc...



Related Projects

Shoutcast MediaStreamSource

Shoutcast MediaStreamSource is a MediaStreamSource implementation of the Shoutcast protocol for Silverlight. This MediaStreamSource allows both Silverlight 4+ OOB and Windows Phone 7 applications to consume a Shoutcast stream using a MediaElement. Currently, Mp3 and AAC+ S...

jscast - Node-based Shoutcast-compatible MP3 streaming server

Node-based Shoutcast-compatible MP3 streaming server


SHOUTcast Recorder is able to record and store SHOUTcast stream automatically into separate mp3 files.


IceGenerator is a direct stream generator for Icecast/Shoutcast servers. Streams MP3 to an Icecast/Shoutcast server without resampling it, saving CPU. Features directories search, MySQL/PGSQL support, ID3, M3U/PLS, META dynamic info and telnet interf


Streamcast takes an MP3 file from a playlist on a computer and streams it to a Shoutcast or Icecast server. It will also send along the MP3 metadata to the server. Streamcast is written in perl, and comes with a perl CGI script for use over the web. It


Java library to better support http-based streaming MP3 clients by working around shortcomings of Java Media Framework (JMF) reference implementation. Streams MP3 media and metadata from icecast, shoutcast, and nanocaster (Live365) servers.

Internet DJ Console

A GTK+ Shoutcast/Icecast client with two main media players, a jingles player, crossfader, ogg and mp3 streaming, stream automation timers, aux input, Voice and VoIP integration. File formats: mp3, ogg, flac, wma, wav, m4a, m3u, pls, and others.


Search, download, play mp3 and internet radios.


Getting new content onto your computer, iPod, or other MP3-compatible player has never been easier. BlockParty is designed to make recording SHOUTcast-compatible music from the internet quick and easy.

Open PLS in WMP

Open PLS in WMP allows you to listen to PLS (MP3 Playlist, a.k.a. Shoutcast streams) in Windows Media Player. It's a simple translator that opens PLS files, finds the stream information, and passes it to Window Media Player.


ShoutcastRunner is a quick and simple Windows service that runs the SHOUTcast DNAS 1.x mp3 server and provides some extra features.


A web-server wich is also a (i think...) shoutcast-server.That's all folks. It can be used to listen to yours mp3 files around the net...

tRio - java-based s/w for Rio Receiver

quot;Java-basedquot; replacement software for Sonic Blue Rio Receivers (and the likes). Does mp3, ogg-vorbis, flac and shoutcast and can sync playback between a group of Receivers. Also has a simple Clock.

Simply Player (SPlayer)

SPlayer (from Simply Player) is an Eclipse 3.x and up plug-in built to provide audio playback of MP3 files. The player supports both local and remote playback (over HHTP) as well as Shoutcast (PLS) playlists.

Zinf: Zinf is not FreeA*p!

Zinf is the continuation of FreeA*p and has all the same features as FreeA*mp: MP3, Vorbis, WAV and audio CD playback, streaming (SHOUTcast, Icecast, RTP) support, a powerful musicbrowser/playlist editor, a themed interface and a RMP download manager.

GINI media stream server

GINI is a lightweight, mostly Icecast/Shoutcast compatible streaming server for broadcasting Ogg Vorbis, MP3, RIFF AVI, ASF/WMV, QuickTime and RealMedia format files.


Getcontrol is a nice GNOME2 multimedia frontend. It aims to play DivX, DVD, MP3, OGGs, Shoutcast stream. But also provide digital photos viewing, visio conferencing, etc... All of this connected with your remote control and running on your TV OUT


Live Mp3/Ogg Flash Player for Icecast and Shoutcast. It has some interesting and necessary features like reconnect on network errors to make sure users never get silence and cache management to avoid memory memory consumption. Works with Flash 10 and 11.

Muses Radio Player

Live MP3/OGG/AAC Flash Player for Icecast and Shoutcast. It has some interesting and necessary features like reconnect on network errors to make sure users never get silence and cache management to avoid memory memory consumption. Works with Flash 10.1 and newer.


*Musicy has been discontinued due to a recent change to the Shoutcast API. *This software will probably no longer work. Musicy finds, plays and downloads internet radio stations to mp3 files, then manages all of your new music.