JKScreenRecorder - JKScreenRecorder(屏幕录制),use RPScreenRecorder of ReplayKit

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LBXScan - A barcode and qr code scanner (二维码、扫码、扫一扫、ZXing、ZBar、iOS系统AVFoundation扫码封装,扫码界面效果封装)

  •    Objective-C

A barcode and qr code scanner (二维码、扫码、扫一扫、ZXing、ZBar、iOS系统AVFoundation扫码封装,扫码界面效果封装)

SlowMotionVideoRecorder - 120 fps SLO-MO video recorder using AVFoundation

  •    Objective-C

An iOS sample app for recording 240 fps slow-motion videos using AVFoundation. Including a wrapper class which makes the implementation much easier. Available on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus etc. This repository includes a wrapper class "TTMCaptureManager" which makes implementing 240fps video recorder app much easier.

FastttCamera - Fasttt and easy camera framework for iOS with customizable filters

  •    Objective-C

FastttCamera is a wrapper around AVFoundation that allows you to build your own powerful custom camera app without all the headaches of using AVFoundation directly. FastttCamera powers the camera in the new Do Camera app for iOS from IFTTT.

Cabbage - A video composition framework build on top of AVFoundation

  •    Swift

A high-level video composition framework build on top of AVFoundation. It's simple to use and easy to extend. Use it and make life easier if you are implementing video composition feature. Below is the simplest example. Create a resource from AVAsset, set the video frame's scale mode to aspect fill, then insert trackItem to timeline, after all use CompositionGenerator to build AVAssetExportSession/AVAssetImageGenerator/AVPlayerItem.

NextLevel - ⬆️ Rad Media Capture in Swift

  •    Swift

NextLevel is a Swift camera system designed for easy integration, customized media capture, and image streaming in iOS. Integration can optionally leverage AVFoundation or ARKit. Alternatively, drop the NextLevel source files or project file into your Xcode project.

SwiftyCam - A Snapchat Inspired iOS Camera Framework written in Swift

  •    Swift

SwiftyCam is a a simple, Snapchat-style iOS Camera framework for easy photo and video capture. SwiftyCam allows users to capture both photos and videos from the same session with very little configuration. Configuring a Camera View Controller in AVFoundation can be tedious and time consuming. SwiftyCam is a drop in View Controller which gives complete control of the AVSession.

TGCameraViewController - Custom camera with AVFoundation

  •    Objective-C

Custom camera with AVFoundation. Beautiful, light and easy to integrate with iOS projects. Compatible with Objective-C and Swift. Requirements: iOS 8 or higher.

DBCamera - DBCamera is a simple custom camera with AVFoundation

  •    Objective-C

DBCamera is a simple custom camera with AVFoundation. The recommended approach for installating DBCamera is via the CocoaPods package manager, as it provides flexible dependency management and dead simple installation.

QRCodeReader.swift - Simple QRCode reader in Swift

  •    Swift

QRCodeReader.swift is a simple code reader (initially only QRCode) for iOS in Swift. It is based on the AVFoundation framework from Apple in order to replace ZXing or ZBar for iOS 8.0 and over. It can decodes these format types. It provides a default view controller to display the camera view with the scan area overlay and it also provides a button to switch between the front and the back cameras.

QRCodeReaderViewController - Simple QRCode reader for iOS 7 and over

  •    Objective-C

The QRCodeReaderViewController was initially a simple QRCode reader but it now lets you the possibility to specify the format type you want to decode. It is based on the AVFoundation framework from Apple in order to replace ZXing or ZBar for iOS 7 and over. It provides a default view controller to display the camera view with the scan area overlay and it also provides a button to switch between the front and the back cameras.

CTVideoPlayerView - A video player view for iOS based on AVFoundation, better than PBJVideoPlayer, which can let you to play multiple video at the same time, and provide download, customized operation buttons, customized cover of video

  •    Objective-C

according to issue #43 , "The server needs to send byte-range headers for the library and iOS 10+ to work with streaming protocols.", so if you encounter the same issue, you can consider download the video then play, or add byte-range headers in your server response header. CTVideoView can play any AVAsset directly, but the videoUrlType and actualVideoUrlType will be set to CTVideoViewVideoUrlTypeAsset.

ALCameraViewController - A camera view controller with custom image picker and image cropping.

  •    Swift

A camera view controller with custom image picker and image cropping. Note: This library makes use of the AVFoundation camera API's which are unavailable on the iOS simulator. You'll need a real device to run it.

cam - A “keep it simple” approach to handling photo and video capture with AVFoundation.

  •    Objective-C

The easiest way to get going with DIYCam is to take a look at the included example application. The XCode project file can be found at Example > cam.xcodeproj. Default configuration settings can be modified within DIYCamDefaults.h where options for asset library use, orientation, device settings, and quality can be modified.

aperture - Record the screen on macOS

  •    Swift

Requires macOS 10.12 or later. Get a list of screens. The first screen is the primary screen.

IQMediaPickerController - Audio Image Video Picker Controller

  •    Objective-C

IQMediaPickerController allows user to capture Videos, Images and Audio using AVFoundation framework. It also allows user to pick Videos, Images and Audio from the iPhone photo and media library. IQMediaPickerController contains 3 library IQMediaCaptureController, IQAssetsPickerController & IQAudioPickerController. All libraries are separate from the others, so if you want to integrate any one of them, you can copy only required library without copying others. IQMediaCaptureController is used to capture multiple images, videos and audio.

BMScan - 👍 BMScan,Scan,AVFoundation,ZXing,QRCode,BarCode,Code,ZBar

  •    Objective-C

CocoaPods is the recommended way to add BMScan to your project. Add a pod entry for BMScan to your Podfile.

PBJVision - 📸 iOS Media Capture – features touch-to-record video, slow motion, and photography

  •    Objective-C

PBJVision is a camera library for iOS that enables easy integration of special capture features and camera interface customizations in your iOS app. Next Level is the Swift counterpart. Capture is also possible without having to use the touch-to-record gesture interaction as the sample project provides.

Player - ▶️ video player in Swift, simple way to play and stream media on iOS/tvOS

  •    Swift

Player is a simple iOS video player library written in Swift. Player is available for installation using the Cocoa dependency manager CocoaPods. Alternatively, you can simply copy the Player.swift file into your Xcode project.

MTBBarcodeScanner - A lightweight, easy-to-use barcode scanning library for iOS 8+

  •    Objective-C

A lightweight, easy-to-use barcode scanning library for iOS 8+. This library is built on top of Apple's excellent AVFoundation framework, and will continue to receive updates as Apple releases them. See demo project for examples of capturing one code, multiple codes, or highlighting codes as valid or invalid in the live preview.

Cool-iOS-Camera - A fully customisable and modern camera implementation for iOS made with AVFoundation

  •    Objective-C

Using CustomizableCamera in your app is very fast and simple. After importing the "CameraSessionView.h" into the view controller, adopt its <CACameraSessionDelegate> delegate.

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