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SEMICO Framework is a collection of class objects contain the functions to speed up the way make the program work environment within Microsoft. NET Framework, this Framework can be used in C #, or language that supports. NET, the available functions are frequently used ...



Related Projects


This project is aimed at the Windows Phone 7 developers that need to print from an App they are developing. The project provides a WCF service that runs on any desktop or server, and a print dialog dll that runs on the Windows 7 phone. It is developed in Framework 4.0 Client C#

GraphView - GraphView is a DLL library that enables users to use SQL Server or Azure SQL Database to efficiently manage graphs

GraphView is a DLL library that enables users to use SQL Server or Azure SQL Database to manage graphs. It connects to a SQL database locally or in the cloud, stores graph data in tables and queries graphs through a SQL-extended language. It is not an independent database, but a middleware that accepts graph operations and translates them to T-SQL executed in SQL Server or Azure SQL Database. As such, GraphView can be viewed as a special connector to SQL Server/Azure SQL Database. Developers will experience no differences than the default SQL connector provided by the .NET framework (i.e., SqlConnection), only except that this new connector accepts graph-oriented statements.GraphView is a DLL library through which you manage graph data in SQL Server (version 2008 and onward) and Azure SQL Database (v12 and onward). It provides features a standard graph database is expected to have. In addition, since GraphView relies on SQL databases, it inherits many features in the relational world that are often missing in native graph databases.

HockeyKit - A software update kit for iOS and Android

Hockey is a iOS Ad-Hoc updater framework. It can be used for all apps that target the Apple AppStore and improves the beta testing process dramatically. All beta testers. It consists of two components, a server and a client framework. The server component is required for all scenarios. But it also can work standalone without the client library. It provides a web interface which beta testers can use to install the latest AdHoc provisioning profile and also the latest beta version via Safari right from the device. One server installation is able to handle multiple applications via different bundle identifiers (I highly suggest using different bundle identifiers for Debug, AdHoc Beta and AppStore release builds !!!). By default the client library will check for updates on your server whenever the app is started or will wake up. The user can adjust this in the settings dialog to alternatively only check once a day or manually.This framework was created after reading the blog post at where Jeffrey Sambells wrote about the mechanisms required and being available for us to use.

Ajax Dialog Control Library

An Ajax dialog library and framework based on the AjaxControlToolkit designed to allow you to create robust Ajax dialogs quickly and effeciently with best practices.

Brick - UI Web Components for Modern Web Apps

Brick is a collection of UI components designed for the easy and quick building of web application UIs. Brick components are built using the Web Components standard to allow developers to describe the UI of their app using the HTML syntax they already know.

Advanced Lookup

Yet another custom lookup field. Advanced Lookup uses SharePoint 2010 dialog framework and supports Ajax autocomplete. Pop up dialog page could be any custom web part page containing AdvancedLookupDialogWebPart web part which should be connected to any other web parts on the page

jquery Grid/Dialog framework

An object-oriented Javascript framework that abstracts grid and dialog controls. With this framework, it makes it easy to provide AJAX-based data entry and updates.

GMail Send DLL

This is a DLL usefull to send e-mails using GMail. This DLL also zip the attachments and is easy to use without SMTP configuration. This DLL is developed using Microsoft C# (CS) .Net with .Net Framework 2.0

vial-quick-open - Quick open dialog for vim using vial framework

Quick open dialog for vim using vial framework

FaceRecDlg - MFC dialog framework and gabor based face recognition

MFC dialog framework and gabor based face recognition

jambox - A Modal Dialog Framework Plugin for Jampax

A Modal Dialog Framework Plugin for Jampax

Seaside - Web framework for Smalltalk platforms

Seaside provides a layered set of abstractions over HTTP and HTML that let you build highly interactive web applications quickly, reusably and maintainably. It is based on Smalltalk, a proven and robust language that is implemented by different vendors.

Entity Framework Query Visualizer

This is a visual studio debug visualizer for retrieving the SQL query generated by the Entity Framework at run time. In order to install this visualizer, you need to copy the downloaded DLL file ( EntityFrameworkLinqQueryVisualizer.dll ) to "C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\V...

DBRef - A Database based Dll injection framework

DBRef is a database-based referencing framework for .Net assemblies that is injected as demanded by the CLR. What this means is that you can deploy all your DLLS to the database and have it injected into the application at runtime. This has great potential for application de...


A library for .NET applications to help handle common DOVICO API tasks (Visual Studio 2010, C#, .NET Framework 4.0 - you can download the dll if you wish)


This repository contains sample code about nice implementation on consistent framework to show bootstrapJS modal dialog in knockoutJS. This sample code implements AMD using requireJS library.


A framework agnostic javascript modal dialog library


a audio box whose UI is implemented by python with weak UI framework "koan". The player(dll) is implemented by directX11 dshow. A dll test project name dllcli is also included.


In C++ Qt framework SQlite and ODBC driver is installed by default. but there is no MySql driver. I build this driver compile the source code of Qt. If you want to use mysql in Qt download this repo. Copy this 4 files ( libqsqlmysql4.a, libqsqlmysqld4.a, qsqlmysql4.dll, qsqlmysqld4.dll ) in this location - C:\QtSDK\Desktop\Qt\4.7.4\mingw\plugins\sqldrivers and copy libmysql.dll file in this location C:\windows. Now you can use MySql in Qt.


Win32::GUI is a Win32-platform native graphical user interface toolkit for perl. basically, it's an XS implementation of most of the functions found in user32.dll and gdi32.dll, with an object oriented perl interface and an event-based dialog model.