Script Engine by C# and regular expression

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The script engine is a lightweigth and simple one, which is implemented by pure C# and regular expression. It's samll and with good performance and external data and functions can be embedded in at run time. The grammer is decided and designed by yourself!



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RegEx-Day-2012 - Regular Expression Day 2012 game to match regular expressions.

Regular Expression Day 2012 game to match regular expressions.

Regular Expression Editor (RegExpEditor)

Regular Expressions (aka regex, regexp) made easy. This simple tool manipulates text with regular expressions. Highlighting of regular expression results. See the real power of regex! Use Scala to do manipulate your search results even more.

regex - An implementation of regular expressions for Rust

A Rust library for parsing, compiling, and executing regular expressions. Its syntax is similar to Perl-style regular expressions, but lacks a few features like look around and backreferences. In exchange, all searches execute in linear time with respect to the size of the regular expression and search text. Much of the syntax and implementation is inspired by RE2.Module documentation with examples. The module documentation also include a comprehensive description of the syntax supported.

haxe-pcre - Partial implementation of Perl Compatible Regular Expressions engine in pure Haxe

Why?=========[LuaXe]( and [Native]( require some regular expression engine, and I dont want them to depend of any third-party lib.Neko and HXCPP uses PCRE, and I like PCRE. Shine PCRE!How?=========Just random implementation that mimics EReg API and can provide consistent behaviour on any platform.MIT License=========

Regular Expression Tool

Regular Expression Tool can help you to check whether a regular expression matches a piece of text. Developed in C# 3.0.

redgrep - ♥ Janusz Brzozowski

redgrep is a grep based on regular expression derivatives. That is, it uses regular expression derivatives to construct the DFA. It then uses LLVM to JIT the DFA.Since regular expression derivatives permit the three basic Boolean operations of disjunction (|), conjunction (&) and complement (!), redgrep enables you to write very powerful regular expressions very easily and guarantees to match them in linear time.

re2j - linear time regular expression matching in Java

RE2 is a regular expression engine that runs in time linear in the size of the input. RE2/J is a port of RE2 to pure Java.Java's standard regular expression package, java.util.regex, and many other widely used regular expression packages such as PCRE, Perl and Python use a backtracking implementation strategy: when a pattern presents two alternatives such as a|b, the engine will try to match subpattern a first, and if that yields no match, it will reset the input stream and try to match b instead.

ragax - A Talk on Ragalur Expressions

Using Ragas, scales from Indian Classical Music, you will get to know the Brzozowski Derivative. The Brzozowski Derivative is a more intuitive way to match strings using Regular Expressions, than the standard Thompson's construction algorithm. Functional concepts such as Laziness, Memoization and Least Fixed Point can enhance the capabilities of Derivatives to even validate Recursive Regular Expressions (Context Free Grammars). Finally we'll see what I use derivatives for.The slides are located in the latex folder.


perl script for verifying ip ranges matchs in a regular expression, Useful for apache regular expressions dealing with ip ranges.

RE: a regexp library for OCaml

RE is a fast regular expression library for OCaml. It accepts several syntax (and semantics) for regular expressions: Perl-style, Emacs-style and Posix extended regular expressions.

SQLRX - SQL Regular Expressions Library

SQLRX is a collection of CLR functions that give you the ability to use common regular expression methods in your T-SQL code. Regular Expressions Library for SQL Server via the CLR. Note: I was hoping to publish this May 1st, I will try to get the files up this week.

Reggie - Regular Expression Generator/Tester

Reggie's goal is to be a simple developer tool for writing and testing Regular Expressions. It is inspired by the venerable Regulator tool and will be created in WPF using the MVVM pattern with the Caliburn Micro framework.

School-of-Regular-Expression - Where you can learn, practice and inquire regular expressions.

Where you can learn, practice and inquire regular expressions.


RegWizard is a tool for parsing and verifying regular expressions. This regular expression tool also adds a few visual interactions that provide a better ease into creating regular expressions.

Inline Regular Expression (Regex) Builder

Allows users to create regular expressions using C# syntax, rather than the standard cryptic string.


RegExplorer is a visual regular expression explorer, it allows for writing regular expressions and visually see the matches, thus making regular expression much easier to write and maintain.

puppetlabs-policy_engine - Policy Engine module

Tests can be written in any language the system they run on supports. The codethat performs the test can range from a single shell command to a script file.The user can specify an interpreter to use to run the code (defaults to/bin/sh).To validate a test passes or fails, an expectation can be specified. An expectation can be the following:* Stdout output. The output can be parsed as a string, JSON, or YAML. Strings can be matched completely or against a regular expression. An array can be speci

Silverlight Regex Tester

This Regular Expression tester allows .Net developers a very simple way to test regular expressions against a sample text. This regex checker validates the expression syntax and provides results by leveraging the .Net Framework's native System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex cl...

re2 - Regular expression engine in C++

RE2 is a fast, safe, thread-friendly alternative to backtracking regular expression engines like those used in PCRE, Perl, and Python. It is a C++ library.

regex-engine - Learning exploration into writing a regular expression engine in ruby.

Learning exploration into writing a regular expression engine in ruby.