p2.js - JavaScript 2D physics library

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2D rigid body physics engine written in JavaScript. Includes collision detection, contacts, friction, restitution, motors, springs, advanced constraints and various shape types. These demos use the p2 Demo framework, which provides rendering and interactivity. Use mouse/touch to throw or create objects. Use the right menu (or console!) to tweak parameters. Or just check the source to see how to programmatically build the current scene using p2.



poly-decomp : 0.2.1



Related Projects

planck.js - 2D JavaScript Physics Engine

  •    Javascript

Check out Car example on JS Bin to try it in practice. Also see example directory for more testbed usage examples. To receive updates about changes and progress follow @piqnt on twitter.

matter-js - a 2D rigid body physics engine for the web ▲● ■

  •    Javascript

You can also install using the package managers Bower and NPM. Visit the Getting started wiki page for a minimal usage example which should work in both browsers and Node.js. Also see the Running and Rendering wiki pages, which show how to use your own game and rendering loops.

Farseer Physics Engine

  •    Silverlight

The Farseer Physics Engine is an easy to use 2D physics engine that focuses on simplicity, useful features and enabling the creation of fun and dynamic games.

VelcroPhysics - High performance 2D collision detection system with realistic physics responses.

  •    CSharp

It has been years since this code was last touched, and technology has moved a lot since. The code is currently under construction and subject to change. If you need a physics engine right now, please use the previous release. Velcro Physics is a high performance 2D collision detection system with realistic physics responses.

GDevelop - :video_game: GDevelop is an open source HTML5 and native game creator requiring no coding skills

  •    C++

GDevelop is a full featured, open source game development software, allowing to create HTML5 and native games without any knowledge in a specific programming language. All the game logic is made thanks to an intuitive and powerful event based system. A pre-generated documentation of the Core library, C++ and JS game engines is available here.

cannon.js - A lightweight 3D physics engine written in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

Inspired by three.js and ammo.js, and driven by the fact that the web lacks a physics engine, here comes cannon.js. The rigid body physics engine includes simple collision detection, various body shapes, contacts, friction and constraints. The sample code below creates a sphere on a plane, steps the simulation, and prints the sphere simulation to the console. Note that Cannon.js uses SI units (metre, kilogram, second, etc.).



A University project created in XNA integrating farseer physics engine. Contains some bugs and the code is not of the cleanest. Comments and critics welcome!

cyclone-physics - The Physics engine that accompanies the book "Game Physics Engine Design"

  •    C++

The Physics engine that accompanies the book "Game Physics Engine Design"

liquidfun - 2D physics engine for games

  •    C++

LiquidFun is a 2D physics engine for games. Go to our landing page to browse our documentation and see some examples.LiquidFun is an extension of Box2D. It adds a particle based fluid and soft body simulation to the rigid body functionality of Box2D. LiquidFun can be built for many different systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, Linux, and JavaScript. Please see Box2D/Documentation/Building/ for details.

Box2D - Box2D is a 2D physics engine for games

  •    C

Box2D is a 2D physics engine for games. For help with Box2D, please visit http://www.box2d.org. There is a forum there where you may post your questions.

BansheeEngine - Modern C++14 game engine with Vulkan support, fully featured editor and C# scripting

  •    CSharp

Banshee is a high-quality and modern game development toolkit. It provides a high-performance, multi-threaded game engine written in C++14. The engine includes math and utility libraries, Vulkan, DirectX 11 and OpenGL support, handles common tasks such as input, GUI, physics, audio, animation and scripting, and supports many popular resource formats (e.g. FBX, PNG, PSD, TTF, OGG, WAV).

Physics 2D

  •    CSharp

Physics 2D is 2 Dimensional Rigid Body Physics Engine written entirely in C#. (Has Moved to Google Code! http://physics2d.googlecode.com )

Foundational Physics


Foundational Physics is a 2D physics engine written in Java for entertainment and educational purposes. With a robust groundwork, its aim is to provide an easy interface for programmers to easily manipulate a Newtonian physics environment.



This is P2! :-D

Farseer Physics Engine Simple Samples

  •    DotNet

As you might know, the original Farseer Physics Engine samples can be alittle hard to understand at first sight. Therefore I have created a small collection of "Simple Samples" / tutorials which shows you how to do different things with the engine, as simples as possible.

DEngine - C# XNA 2D Game Engine


A 2D game engine written in C# and XNA. Features animated sprite capability and physics simulation by FarseerPhysics. Includes a level editor, a GUI controls library and a sample RTS game, Factions. Contains A* pathfinding for unit movement and an ants system for AI navigation.

XGate2D - XNA 2D Game Engine


XGate2D is 2D game engine built using XNA Framework. XGate2D currently has 8 features: input handler, animation, Graphical User Interface (GUI), collision detection, physics, particle system, tiling engine, and audio engine.

KLib Engine (XNA)


KLib Engine is a 2D Game engine for the Microsoft XNA Framework. The Goals of KLib Engine are to make many useful features and tools including a physics engine, scene graph, particle engine, post-processing effects, input management and more! Currently KLib Engine consists o...