Business & System Analysis Templates and Best Practices for Russian

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RapidMiner -- Data Mining, ETL, OLAP, BI

No 1 in Business Analytics: Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, ETL, Reporting, Dashboards in One Tool. 1000+ methods: data mining, business intelligence, ETL, data mining, data analysis + Weka + R, forecasting, visualization, business intelligence

Build-Mobile-App-with-Chat - The tutorial uses several Azure services to power a real-time chat infrastructure that is readymade for analytics

Real-time chat is engrained into our expectations of everyday business communication. Applying sentiment analysis to the chat messages as the flow between users can help unlock actionable insights that would otherwise be require a human monitoring all chat conversations.The Sentiment Analysis for Real-Time Chat Tutorial demonstrates the application of Microsoft Cognitive Services sentiment analysis as chat messages flow between web-based clients, enabling immediate visualization of sentiment in the chat clients and in Power BI dashboards that update in real time.

expan - A Python library for statistical analysis of randomised control trials (A/B tests)

A/B tests (a.k.a. Randomized Controlled Trials or Experiments) have been widely applied in different industries to optimize business processes and user experience. ExpAn (Experiment Analysis) is a Python library developed for the statistical analysis of such experiments and to standardise the data structures used.The data structures and functionality of ExpAn are generic such that they can be used by both data scientists optimizing a user interface and biologists running wet-lab experiments. The library is also standalone and can be imported and used from within other projects and from the command line.

Microsoft Solution Framework for Business Intelligence in Media

A sample application showcasing the use of the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform in a media (broadcast) scenario. Includes four dashboards with balanced scorecards, strategy maps, drill-down analysis, root-cause analysis, and several media-specific reports.

bba - Better Business Analysis

Better Business Analysis

Tick-Talk - PennApps Fall 2011 Project - Semantic Analysis of Local Business Reviews

PennApps Fall 2011 Project - Semantic Analysis of Local Business Reviews

hbr - Harvard Business Review analysis/visualization (Kaggle competition)

Harvard Business Review analysis/visualization (Kaggle competition)


Calculate Your Impact on Climate Change Measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions data in alignment with Executive Order 13514 Guidance. Through an intuitive user interface, federal agencies can use a bottom-up approach to capture and analyze GHG data at the site level where funding and management decisions occur. Download a two-page PDF here. Data Prepopulation Import up to 90% of a typical agency's Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions data from e

Microsoft SQL Server Community Samples: Analysis Services

This project contains SQL Server Analysis Services samples contributed by Microsoft outside of the regular release cycle, MVPs, and other members of the community.

Jensor Java Profiler

Jensor is a light-weight, low-overhead Java Profiler built using Java BCI. Jensor provides innovative analysis modules like JVM Replay, Pattern Analysis and Tagging Engine for technical as well as business analysis based on the same underlying data.

Ephyra - Question Answering System

Ephyra is a modular and extensible framework for open domain question answering (QA). The system retrieves accurate answers to natural language questions from the Web and other sources. The goal is to give researchers the opportunity to develop new QA techniques without worrying about the end-to-end system.

Bro - Network Security Monitor

Bro is a powerful network analysis framework that is much different from the typical intrusion detection system you may know. Bro provides a comprehensive platform for more general network traffic analysis as well.

GoldenOrb - Scalable Graph Analysis

GoldenOrb is a cloud-based project for massive-scale graph analysis, built upon Apache Hadoop and modeled after Google's Pregel architecture. It provides solutions to complex data problems, remove limits to innovation and contribute to the emerging ecosystem that spans all aspects of big data analysis. It enables users to run analytics on entire data sets instead of samples.

Azure-SQL-DB-auditing-OMS-integration - A sync application that utilizes OMS public APIs to push SQL audit logs into OMS for advanced log consumption and analysis capabilities

This is a sync application that runs in Azure and utilizes OMS public APIs to push SQL audit logs into OMS.It allows using OMS Log Analytics to explore and analyze your database activity, and gain insight into discrepancies and anomalies that could indicate potential business concerns or suspected security violations.

Requirement Heap

Requirement Heap is a web based requirement management /business analysis application. It allows to enter requirement in rich text, supports versioning and the management of requirements. It also handles use cases, interviews and test cases. It allows multiple projects. Stakeholders and glossaries can be handled per project or globally.

Webalizer - fast web server log file analysis

The Webalizer is a fast web server log file analysis program. It produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser. It handles standard Common logfile format (CLF) server logs, several variations of the NCSA Combined logfile format, wu-ftpd/proftpd xferlog (FTP) format logs, Squid proxy server native format, and W3C Extended log formats.


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SQL Server Metadata Toolkit 2008

SQL Server Metadata Toolkit MSDN's SQL 2005 tool kit updated to 2008 for managing metadata in SQL Server Integration Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services using built-in features including data lineage, business and technical metadata and impact analysis.


Nagios Impact Analysis - A quick business few into the world of your Nagios installation!