Open Source Compiler, Optimizer and Interpreter for a C-Like Language

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Here, you can download an open-source compiler, optimizer and multi-core code generator for a C-like language and modify it in order to meet your requirements.



Related Projects

Visual Studio 2005 Addin for Coco/R

Coco/R is a compiler generator, which takes an attributed grammar of a source language and generates a scanner and a parser for this language. The scanner works as a deterministic finite automaton. The parser uses recursive descent. LL(1) conflicts can be resolved by a multi-s...


YooParse stands for Yet-another Object-Oriented Parser code generator. It is the complement of YooLex, a lexer code generator. The purpose of YooParse is to generate a parser that integrates tightly with the scanner generated by YooLex.


Lingua.NET is a .NET-based parser generator. It uses reflection to generate parsers and scanners using code-based scanner and grammar definitions.

C++ Compiler Compiler (CppCC)

CppCC is an object-oriented scanner and LL(k) parser generator. It aims to replace LEXamp;YACC for those who write C++ applications that involve parsing.

sass - Pure Go sass lexer, parser, and compiler

This project is currently in alpha, and contains no compiler. A scanner and parser are being developed to support a future compiler.To help, check out parser. This project contains tests that iterate through sass-spec running the parser against example inputs. Errors detected by the parser are reported. However, you could also set the Parser mode to Trace and verify proper ast trees are being built from the input. As the parser matures, output can automatically be verified by the example outputs in these directories.

javacc - A parser/scanner generator for Java

A parser/scanner generator for Java

javacc - A parser/scanner generator for java

A parser/scanner generator for java


OILexer is a LL parser generator for C# aimed at simple language parsing for language enthusiasts. Does not use recursive descent or bottom-up parsing methods, but rather, a top-down deterministic model is employed. This is a portion of the Abstraction Project.

js2php - Javascript parser, compiler and interpreter written in PHP

Javascript parser, compiler and interpreter written in PHP

Tandora_old - Tandora scripting language parser, compiler, interpreter

Tandora scripting language parser, compiler, interpreter

php-mustache - Mustache template parser, compiler and interpreter in PHP.

Mustache template parser, compiler and interpreter in PHP.

tinybasic - A tiny BASIC parser, interpreter & compiler

A tiny BASIC parser, interpreter & compiler


CodeCommander is a code generator and makes it easier for developers to construct a source code. You'll no longer have to write your source code twice a week. It's developed in C# .NET V2.0


JFlex is a lexical analyzer generator (also known as scanner generator). It is also a rewrite of the very useful tool JLex which was developed by Elliot Berk at Princeton University. JFlex is designed to work together with the LALR parser generator CUP by Scott Hudson, and the Java modification of Berkeley Yacc BYacc/J by Bob Jamison. It can also be used together with other parser generators like ANTLR or as a standalone tool.

gocc - Parser / Scanner Generator

Gocc is a compiler kit for Go written in Go.Gocc generates lexers and parsers or stand-alone DFAs or parsers from a BNF.

JC Virtual Machine - Converts Java to C

JC Virtual machine converts Java class files to C source code. It could also compiles with GCC and loads them with built-in ELF loader. Additional to that, JC provides a complete Java runtime with optimization to increase performance.

Neko HTML Parser - simple HTML scanner

NekoHTML is a simple HTML scanner and tag balancer that enables application programmers to parse HTML documents and access the information using standard XML interfaces. The parser can scan HTML files and fix up many common mistakes that human (and computer) authors make in writing HTML documents. NekoHTML adds missing parent elements. Automatically closes elements with optional end tags and can handle mismatched inline element tags.


I implemented a web based multi-pass compiler for a simple grammar in JavaScript. This compiler includes a lexer, parser, type checker, syntax tree and code generator.

JUnC - Java Underdeveloped Compiler

It is basically an education Java compiler we are developing - just to gain an insight into the workings of a compiler. It is NOT meant for commercial use!! Its written in Java and uses ANTLR parser generator and the Byte Code Engineering Library extensiv

Incremental Scanner/Parser

ipars is a generator for an incremental scanner and parser, together with a framework for generating an syntax-aware editor using InterViews.