Cargo - Rust Language Package Manager

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Cargo is a Rust Language Package Manager.



Related Projects

rpc-perf - A tool for benchmarking RPC services

rpc-perf was created to help measure the performance of caching systems. We've found this tool to be useful for validating performance of cache backends, effects of kernel version and system tuning, as well as testing new hardware platforms and network changes.rpc-perf is built through the cargo command which ships with rust. If you don't have rust installed, you can use rustup to manage your rust installation. Otherwise, follow the instructions on [][rust-lang] to get rust and cargo installed. rpc-perf targets stable rust.

rubigo - Golang vendor utility and package manager

Rubigo is a dependency tool and package manager for Golang, written in Rust. Rubigo uses vendor directory (starting from Go 1.5) to install packages, however it is possible to add packages globally (in GOPATH/src directory) or make a local package in vendor directory. Rubigo respects to manual changes in vendor directory and does not delete custom packages. Currently, Rubigo only supports git repositories. This source code is licensed under MIT license that can be found in the LICENSE file.Rubigo creates two JSON (manifest) files (rubigo.json and rubigo.lock) inside the directory of Golang project. The rubigo.json contains the information of the project and packages which should be installed and maintained, and rubigo.lock contains the information of packages which have already been installed in vendor directory or globally in GOPATH/src. You could edit both files manually or using Rubigo sub-commands, then you can apply them to project's dependencies. Also, it is feasible to start Rubigo in an existing project.

Glide - Package Management for Golang

Are you used to tools such as Cargo, npm, Composer, Nuget, Pip, Maven, Bundler, or other modern package managers? If so, Glide is the comparable Go tool. Manage your vendor and vendored packages with ease. Glide is a tool for managing the vendor directory within a Go package. This feature, first introduced in Go 1.5, allows each package to have a vendor directory containing dependent packages for the project. These vendor packages can be installed by a tool (e.g. glide), similar to go get or they can be vendored and distributed with the package.

rust-package - Package files in your executables with the Rust language

Package files in your executables with the Rust language

oxide - The package manager for Redox OS

The package manager for Redox OS

zaldinar - Easily modable rust IRC bot

ZALDINAR_PATH="/home/daboross/Projects/Rust/zaldinar/"cd "${ZALDINAR_PATH}/plugin-generator" &&cargo run --release &&cd "${ZALDINAR_PATH}/zaldinar-runtime" &&if [[ ! -z "$@" ]]; then cargo build "$@"else cargo buildfi```Zaldinar feature highlights===TODO: Make these!

gopm - Go Package Manager (gopm) is a package manager and build tool for Go.

Gopm (Go Package Manager) is a Go package manage and build tool for Go.News Try out, the online version caching and package download service for Go.

rust-packaging - Packaging for Rust + Cargo in multiple formats

This is the project that packages Rust in various formats. Currently its job is to combine the outputs of the Rust build with that of the Cargo build, both in rust-installer format, and produce installers in a variety of formats.

rust-installer - The Bourne shell installer used by Rust and Cargo

A generator for the script commonly used to install Rust in Unix environments. It is used By Rust, Cargo, and is intended to be used by a future combined installer of Rust + Cargo.Or, to just generate the script.

teamcity-rust-plugin - TeamCity Rust and Cargo plugin

The TeamCity Rust plugin brings build infrastructure support for the Rust programming language.You can download the plugin and install it as an additional TeamCity plugin.

rust-coreutils - Implementations of tools from the coreutils package in Rust

This repository contains implementations of various tools from the Coreutils package written in the Rust programming language.

cargo-central - maintained cargo repository maintained cargo repository

resources_package - Package files in your executables with the Rust language

Package files in your executables with the Rust language

rust-pkg - Rust package metadata.

Rust package metadata.

RPM - RPM Package Manager

RPM is a powerful and mature command-line driven package management system capable of installing, uninstalling, verifying, querying, and updating Unix software packages. Each software package consists of an archive of files along with information about the package like its version, a description, and the like. There is also a library API, permitting advanced developers to manage such transactions from programming languages such as C, Perl or Python.

OPAM - Source-based package manager for OCaml

OPAM is a source-based package manager for OCaml. It supports multiple simultaneous compiler installations, flexible package constraints, and a Git-friendly development workflow.

easymgc - simple package manager reference from portage and maybe arch package manager or ABS

simple package manager reference from portage and maybe arch package manager or ABS

cargo-dot - Generate graphs of a Cargo project's dependencies

cargo dot | dot -Tsvg > Cargo.svg```Examples--------This project's dependencies![cargo-dot dependencies](etc/cargo-dot.png)Servo's dependencies![servo dependencies](etc/servo.png)