runelite - Open source Old School RuneScape client

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Open source RuneScape client




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RuneScape 2 Chronos - Emulation done right.


RuneScape 2 Chronos is a RuneScape 2 Emulator framework. It is completely open-source and is programmed in a way in which should be simpler for it's clients to understand.

Jolt Environment


Jolt Environment is a powerful RuneScape emulator. Assembled in the programming language C#, it is powered by MySQL database storage and Ion database storage.



A lite weight RuneScape emulator written in C++.

Visual Studio DSite


This Project Site Will Have tons of Visual Basic 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 source Code. All Created By Daniel Lopez. I will be posted one every week or so. Please Rate when ever you download a program that I created please rate it.

WikiBot Library


A Visual Basic .Net class library aimed at developers of bots for Wikia project sites. Targetted primarily at the RuneScape Wikia Site at, and kept compatible with changes to that site.


  •    Java

Revolution is an extremely stable Java based Runescape private server, completely invunerable to crashers and flooders.



RSBot Open Source Project (With Antiban). RSBot is a bot for RuneScape. Go to the help section in the forum for information on how to setup RSBot. If the download doesn't work download it here:


  •    CSharp

Arcade, oldschool multiplayer and bloodshed. That's what the game Bloodmasters is about. Play with friends on your LAN or online and experience this oldschool top-down shooter.

Insolit Dust - Oldschool Demo Effects

  •    C++

Oldschool Productions And Demo Effects in C++ for Linux, Windows, Aros and Haiku.

Damnation of the Gods

  •    Lua

Oldschool RPG - (Dungeon Master-clone) coded in c++ using the SDL library (targeting OpenGL) with scripting functionality from the library LUA making it portable to a wide range of platforms.

FX Toolbox for xmms

  •    C

Effect plugin for xmms, with surround, echo and reverse stereo. Surround is great for listening oldschool multichannel music formats with headphones.