delphi-wmi-class-generator - Creates Object Pascal classes to access the WMI

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The Delphi Wmi Class Generator is a application which creates full documented Object Pascal classes to access the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). Create full documented classes compatible with the help insight feature, available since Delphi 2005.



Related Projects

LocalAdmins WMI Provider

  •    DotNet

WMI Provider to report all members of the local Administrators group in the WMI Class root\cimv2\Win32_LocalAdmins


  •    C++

This repository contains various documentation and code projects that describe the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) technology. The research was first introduced at Defcon 23 in 2015, and the associated slides are available here: DEFCON_23-WMI-Attacks-Defense-Forensics.pdf. python-cim is a pure Python parser for the WMI repository database. It supports read access to WMI structures via a flexible API. You can use the provided "sample" scripts to dump persistence locations, identify commonly executed software, timeline activity, and recover deleted data.

Windows Services Dependency Viewer


Windows Services Dependency Viewer is a simple tool that provides the following information: * Windows service dependent and antecedent services * Services grouped by process * Service details (from Win32_Service WMI class) * Service process details (from Win32_Process WMI class

PowerShell WMI Extensions (Beta)


Expose WMI classes as rich PowerShell commands with detailed documentation and manage local and remote systems using WMI via the wmix module for PowerShell.

CLeWMI - Command Line WMI query tool

  •    Perl

CLeWMI (pronounced quot;clue mequot;) is a Command Line WMI query tool. It's written in perl, for Windows. It allows dynamic querying of WMI from a command line. Works on Window NT, 2000, 2003, and XP. Stand alone executable available.

WMI Provider for GAC'ed Assemblies


This provider help the to read GAC information from remote machine using WMI in the background. Once deployed and install the data can be queried using WMI from PowerShell, Automation Scripts like javascript/VB and from 3G languages like .NET.

wmi_exporter - Prometheus exporter for Windows machines using WMI

  •    Go

Prometheus exporter for Windows machines, using the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). See the linked documentation on each collector for more information on reported metrics, configuration settings and usage examples.

WMI Advanced Query


Make WMI Query with csv and alternate credential support. Export Result and make same query to csv host list. Developed in C#

WQL Query Runner

  •    CSharp

WQL Query Runner is (or would be) a tool for WMI SQL query testing. There are different types of WQL queries. My plan is to support creating all of them, and the first type for which I decided to add support are WQL event queries.



WF4 ?????? WMI ??????????????? Activities library related WMI, available in WF4


  •    Java

Util to show battery status and cpu speed on laptop. Uses jWMI's for interfacing with Windows' WMI.


  •    CSharp

Very simple and portable interface to view/scan the information on your server farm (or any machines) at a glance Includes name, OS, owners, programs, databases and websites/ports present - plus a GUI for WMI queries. Built with Asp.Net MVC 2, C# and XML.

Linq To WMI


Linq to WMI is a project which was originally created by Emile Bosch ( However, the project was created under an earlier version of the .NET 3.5 framework in 2005. It was later updated by Eden Ridgway ( This Cod...


  •    DotNet

A small tool for reading a lot of useful information from the WMI. Like HDD Model, HDD Serial number, CPU information, Motherboard info, Graphics card info, and some Windows infomation like, Version, Build, Install date, serial number and product key.

BitLocker Wrapper Library


The BDE Wrapper library allows .NET Developers to quickly use the WMI BitLocker provider without having to learn the complex methods and operation of the WMI classes.


  •    CSharp

PowerState is .NET application for sending Wake-On-LAN (WOL) requests to computers. It can also shutdown, log off and reboot computers using the WMI.


  •    WPF

PoshEventUI is a means to allow a user to create permanent Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) events easily.

PowerEvents for Windows PowerShell


A Microsoft Windows PowerShell module to assist with managing permanent WMI event consumer registrations. You can use this module to register for, and respond to, system-level events available to WMI.


  •    Perl

WMI proxy webservice (C#) and Nagios check plugin (perl)

SessionGopher - SessionGopher is a PowerShell tool that uses WMI to extract saved session information for remote access tools such as WinSCP, PuTTY, SuperPuTTY, FileZilla, and Microsoft Remote Desktop

  •    PowerShell

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. SessionGopher is a PowerShell tool that finds and decrypts saved session information for remote access tools. It has WMI functionality built in so it can be run remotely. Its best use case is to identify systems that may connect to Unix systems, jump boxes, or point-of-sale terminals.

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