sourceafis-java - Fingerprint recognition engine for Java that takes a pair of human fingerprint images and returns their similarity score

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Fingerprint recognition engine that takes a pair of human fingerprint images and returns their match score. Supports efficient 1:N search.




Related Projects

BiometricAuthentication - Use Apple FaceID or TouchID authentication in your app using BiometricAuthentication

  •    Swift

Use Apple FaceID or TouchID authentication in your app using BiometricAuthentication. It's very simple and easy to use that handles Touch ID and Face ID authentication based on the device. Note: - Face ID authentication requires user's persmission to be add in info.plist.

RxFingerprint - Android Fingerprint authentication and encryption with RxJava

  •    Java

Learn more about the Android Fingerprint APIs at This library has a minSdkVersion of 15, but will only really work on API level 23. Below that it will provide no functionality due to the missing APIs.

FingerprintManager - A small library to handle Android fingerprint API.

  •    Kotlin

A small library to handle Android fingerprint APIs. This library offers an easy way to handle authorisation and encryption tasks using Android Fingerprint APIs. It's based on Android fingerprint dialog sample made by Google:

reprint - A unified fingerprint library for android.

  •    Java

A simple, unified fingerprint authentication library for Android with RxJava extensions. See the sample app for a complete example.

Android-Goldfinger - Android library to simplify Fingerprint authentication implementation.

  •    Java

You can see all Goldfinger methods here. The CryptoObject is locked when created and it is unlocked when the user successfully authenticates. Once it is unlocked, you can use it to cipher data.

Level 3 Fingerprint Image Toolkit

  •    Java

L3TK is a Java-based software toolkit for analysis of Level 3 fingerprint features in high resolution fingerprint images. Level 3 fingerprint features are the sweat pores, ridge contours, and edgeoscopic points along the contours.

Fingerprint Verification System

  •    C

Fingerprint Verification System; an easy to use library that allows programmers to integrate fingerprint technology into their software without specific know-how. Fast, easy to use, and small; great for embedded systems.

Fingerprint Verification System


Project FreeFinger aims to design and implement a set of free and open-source kernel algorithms for automated fingerprint verification and develop a demo fingerprint verification software with nice graphics interface.

Free FingerPrint Imaging Software

  •    C

Fingerprint Imaging Software -- fingerprint pattern classification, minutae detection, Wavelet Scalar Quantization(wsq) compression, ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000 reference implementation, baseline and lossless jpeg, image utilities, math and MLP neural net libs

whorlwind - Makes fingerprint encryption a breeze.

  •    Java

A reactive wrapper around Android's fingerprint API that handles encrypting/decrypting sensitive data using a fingerprint.You control where Whorlwind saves your encrypted data by providing a Storage. Whorlwind ships with a SharedPreferencesStorage if you want to store your data to shared preferences.

vk-android-sdk - Android library for working with VK API, authorization through VK app, using VK functions

  •    Java

To use VK SDK primarily you need to create a new VK application here by choosing the Standalone application type. Choose a title and confirm the action via SMS and you will be redirected to the application settings page. You will require your Application ID (referenced as API_ID in the documentation). Fill in the "Batch name for Android", "Main Activity for Android" and "Certificate fingerprint for Android". To receive your certificate's fingerprint you can use one of the following methods.

swirl - Android's animated fingerprint icon provided in a simple, standalone library.

  •    Java

Android's animated fingerprint icon provided in a simple, standalone library. Since Swirl uses animated vector drawables, default colors cannot be provided and must be specified in your theme.

eFinger - A FingerPrint Matching System

  •    C++

languages - c++, VC++, Matlab. Platform - Win32 Software Description - Fingerprint Identification and Verification. Major Obstacles - Enhancing the prints and making the detection rotation invariant. Major Features - Fast synthesis of fingerprints an

neatdns - anti-pollution DNS server

  •    Shell

P.S. you should install docker first. ATTENTION: It would show a different fingerprint, please replace the fingerprint below with your own one.

Scanners-Box - The toolbox of open source scanners - 安全行业从业者自研开源扫描器合辑


Scanners Box is a collection of open source scanners which are from the github platform, including subdomain enumeration, database vulnerability scanners, weak passwords or information leak scanners, port scanners, fingerprint scanners, and other large scale scanners, modular scanner etc. For other Well-known scanning tools, such as: awvs,nmap,w3af will not be included in the scope of collection. The purpose of this collection is to provide various types of opensource security scanning tool that can help Internet companies to be more safer.


  •    Go

Simple TCP reverse shell written in Go. It uses TLS to secure the communications, and provide a certificate public key fingerprint pinning feature, preventing from traffic interception.


  •    Java

This library is a Java port from the libFooID audio fingerprinting library created by Gian-Carlo Pascutto. The fingerprint captures how the audio is perceived by an audience so it can e.g. be used in a database to retrieve metatags of a track.


  •    Java

This sample demonstrates how you can use registered fingerprints in your app to authenticate the user before proceeding some actions such as purchasing an item. First you need to create a symmetric key in the Android Key Store using KeyGenerator which can be only be used after the user has authenticated with fingerprint and pass a KeyGenParameterSpec.

LolliPin - A Material design Android pincode library. Supports Fingerprint.

  •    Java

The password itself is not saved, only its hash using the SHA-1 algorithm. This hash is then saved on the SharedPreferences, allowing to verify that the user entered the right PinCode, without giving the possibility to retrieve it.