scribd-downloader - A scribd-downloader that actually works (although not the way you'd expect it to)

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(A better online service I found, created by Erik Fong). Downloading books from Scribd for free maybe prohibited. This tool is meant for educational purposes only. Please support the authors by buying their titles.



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Scribd Helper for WebMatrix


The Scribd Helper for WebMatrix allows you to easily add Scribd documents to your site. When the helper is in place, it interacts with the Scribd API and with Scribd Reader to easily list your documents, enabling users to view them without having to leave your site.

Scribd for Microsoft Office


Integrated Scribd for Microsoft Office 2007. Currently there is support for Microsoft Word 2007.

node-ytdl - Command line youtube video downloader.

  •    Javascript

A youtube downloader written in Javascript. To be used with the command line. If you're looking to use it in your node program, check out ytdl-core. Downloader

  •    DotNet Downloader is een programma waarmee je in één keer een compleet album van op kunt slaan.

Bing4Free - wallpaper downloader + changer


Yet another wallpaper downloader. You can schedule the application to download wallpaper from daily or even hourly. The application also act as wallpaper changer which help you to change you windows desktop wallpaper.

SharePoint Solution Downloader


The SharePoint Solution Downloader allows SharePoint administrators to download deployed solutions from a SharePoint farm. Using the SharePoint Solution Downloader, you'll no longer need to worry about losing a SharePoint Solution Package (WSP).

MindFreaks Downloader

  •    VBNET

Mindfreaks Downloader is A Simple Downloader With The Support For Mainly All File Types And Nearly All Sites. It Has A New Feature Which Others Don't That is Email Notifications And Direct Play Support For Mp3's

Free Music Downloader


The most lightweight mp3 downloader compatible with Windows. Download millions free music mp3 files. Free MP3 Music Downloader for Windows by BoozedProgrammer

node-ytdl-core - Youtube downloader in javascript.

  •    HTML

Yet another youtube downloading module. Written with only Javascript and a node-friendly streaming interface. For a CLI version of this, check out ytdl and pully.

apk-downloader - APK Downloader Chrome Extension

  •    Javascript

This original version of this Chromium extension can be found on Improvements have been made by Bexton. This version is based on as found on This project was started because the 1.3.4 version became broken with Chromium 23 and because I (Lekensteyn) prefer a public git repository to work on code instead of some obscure zip package from a random forum.

Lulu - [Unmaintained] A simple and clean video/music/image downloader 👾

  •    Python

Sorry for this. Lulu is a friendly you-get fork (⏬ Dumb downloader that scrapes the web).

annie - 👾 Fast, simple and clean video downloader

  •    Go

👾 Annie is a fast, simple and clean video downloader built with Go. The following dependencies are required and must be installed separately.

spotify-downloader - Download Spotify playlists with albumart and meta-tags

  •    Python

Downloads songs from YouTube in an MP3 format by using Spotify's HTTP link. Can also download a song by entering its artist and song name (in case if you don't have the Spotify's HTTP link for some song).

Photon - A lightweight multi-threaded downloader based on aria2.

  •    Javascript

Photon is a lightweight multi-threaded downloader based on aria2. It supports HTTP/HTTPS, Magnet links, BitTorrent and Metalink. Photon is cross platform. It has macOS and Windows releases now and will have Linux release soon.

udemy-downloader-gui - A desktop application for downloading Udemy Courses

  •    Javascript

A cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) desktop application for downloading Udemy Courses. Since Udeler v1.6.0, there is support for login through Udeler Authenticator (A chrome extension for easily authenticating a Udemy account with Udeler).


  •    DotNet

A C# client library written against the API.

Video Downloader


Video Downloader makes it easier for developers to generate download links for videos from You-Tube as well as getting information on the video itself. You'll no longer have to search through HTML source code on the You-Tube Website.

SDWebImage - Asynchronous image downloader with cache support with an UIImageView category

  •    Objective-C

Asynchronous image downloader with cache support with an UIImageView category

MyAppSales - Mobile ITC Reports Downloader and Dashboard

  •    Objective-C

Mobile ITC Reports Downloader and Dashboard

pydown downloader

  •    Python

PyDown Multiplatform multipart http and ftp downloader application