the-travel-shelf - A magazine and index of beautiful global independent bookstores

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On first run, install gatsby cli globally npm install --global gatsby-cli. Run npm install to install dependencies.


bootstrap : ^4.0.0
font-awesome : ^4.7.0
gatsby : ^1.9.202
gatsby-image : ^1.0.42
gatsby-link : ^1.6.37
gatsby-plugin-favicon : ^2.1.1
gatsby-plugin-react-helmet : ^2.0.5
gatsby-plugin-sass : ^1.0.17
gatsby-plugin-sharp : ^1.6.41
gatsby-remark-images : ^1.5.59
gatsby-source-filesystem : ^1.5.24
gatsby-transformer-json : ^1.0.16
gatsby-transformer-remark : ^1.7.33
gatsby-transformer-sharp : ^1.6.22
react : ^16.2.0
react-dom : ^16.2.0
react-helmet : ^5.2.0
react-mailchimp-subscribe : ^1.0.3
reactstrap : ^5.0.0-beta



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open-event-webapp - Open Event Web App Generator http://opev-webgen-dev

  •    Javascript

The web generator application can generate event websites by getting data from event JSON files and binary media files, that are stored in a compressed zip file. You can also access the application through a REST API. Websites that are generated by the "web app generator" can be uploaded to any web location, e.g. on Github pages or any server (e.g. via ftp). The component that is generated from the web app is the event website. Several sample event sites using the sample from the open-event repo were generated, showcased on the main index page and added to this repo as a Github Pages site. You can have a look at showcase page on We also have a custom domain at to which the former link is redirected.

Travel-Mate - A complete travel guide!

  •    Java

A must-have app for those interested in travel. The app provides users with various features from choosing the correct destination to making all the bookings and to easily organizing the trip. The platform basically uses a mash-up technology. The app provides solutions for every possible problem a traveller might face during the course of his or her entire journey. While travelling from one place to another, there are a lot of factors to be considered to make the trip a memorable one. Our platform helps the traveller with anything and everything that he or she might need, from the moment he or she plans the journey till the time he or she is back home happy and content. The platform includes a wide variety of options - from selection of Mode of Transport, to finding out about the destination city, to provision of best music, novels, depending on the mood of the traveller. Travel Mate basically works in 3 phases.

Walkable-App - Walkable-App is an open source application that shows location based points of interest, based on your current location

  •    Javascript

Walkable Restaurants provides you with an easy way to find a bite to eat or refreshing drink anywhere in the US. Either select a type of cuisine, or enter a search phrase, and the Walkable Restaurants app will find destinations that are nearby. Only destinations near your current location will be returned in your search result. If we are able to calculate travel times based upon walking and train schedules, then we will only return destinations within a 20-minute walk. If we are not able to calculate walk time, only destinations within 2.5 miles of your current location will be displayed. All walking/travel time distance calculations are obtained through Travel Time, by Igeolise. This service calcualtes travel time between geographic locations based upon walking, driving, and mass transit systems.

Books Module for PostNuke

  •    PHP

Integrate books recommendations into your PostNuke Site. With rating, comments, suggesting of books. Books may have images, descriptions and affiliate links to online bookstores. Code could be easily modified to handle other media objects (DVDs, CDs, sof

ballista - An interoperability system for the modern web.

  •    Javascript

Ballista is a project to explore inter-website and web/native communication; specifically, communication between one website and another site or native app of the user's choosing. We want the user to be able to share or edit documents in another website or app that the first website has never even heard of, choose documents from another website, or register a website as a native file handler. We're attempting to solve similar problems to the intents system on Android, but also address other use cases like document editing. Essentially, we want to create an interoperability system for the web. Our explainer document dives deeper into the problem space and outlines an API that we think solves this problem. But this is less about proposing an API, and more about starting a conversation, so take a look, and let us know what you think (contact details below).

Smooch - Live web messaging to your website or web app

  •    Javascript

Smooch is the best way to have personal, rich conversations with people on your website or customers on any device. The Smooch Web Messenger will add live web messaging to your website or web app. Customers will be able to talk to you from your website, while you manage conversations using your favorite business systems.

builderbook - Open-source web app. Built with React, Material-UI, Next, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB.

  •    Javascript

Builder Book is an open source web app to publish documentation or books. The app is built with React/Material-UI/Next/Express/Mongoose/MongoDB and includes these third party APIs: Google, Github, AWS SES, Mailchimp, Stripe. We've used this builderbook project to build saas, async, and other real-world web apps.

example-app - Example app showcasing the ngrx platform

  •    TypeScript

Example application utilizing @ngrx libraries, showcasing common patterns and best practices. Take a look at the live app. This app is a book collection manager. Using the Google Books API, the user can search for books and add them to their collection. This application utilizes @ngrx/db to persist the collection across sessions; @ngrx/store to manage the state of the app and to cache requests made to the Google Books API; @angular/router to manage navigation between routes; @ngrx/effects to isolate side effects.

FlutterTravel - Flutter representation of a Travel App Concept.

  •    Dart

Flutter representation of a Travel App Concept i found in Uplabs. It only consists of 2 screens. Star⭐ the repo if you like what you see😉.

Recipe Indexer

  •    Java

This is the program for the cook who has a large number of cook-books but a lousy memory. Instead of retyping each recipe into the system, this app will help index existing recipes for easy location and cross-referencing.


  •    C

Citadel is a collaboration suite (messaging and groupware). It provides support for Email, Calendaring/Scheduling, Address books, Bulletin boards, Mailing List Server, Instant Messaging, Wiki, Multiple domain support.

calibre-web - :books: Web app for browsing, reading and downloading eBooks stored in a Calibre database

  •    Python

Calibre-Web is a web app providing a clean interface for browsing, reading and downloading eBooks using an existing Calibre database. This software is a fork of library and licensed under the GPL v3 License.

EspruinoWebIDE - The Espruino Web IDE - A Chrome Web App for programming Espruino

  •    Javascript

A VT100 Serial Terminal as a Chrome Web App (with both syntax highlighted and graphical editors) - designed for writing code on microcontrollers that use the Espruino JavaScript interpreter. It can also run natively via Node.js and Electron, or a version with limited IO can be used as a website. It implements basic VT100 terminal features (up/down/left/right/etc) - enough for you to write code using the Espruino. You can also use the right-hand pane to write JavaScript code on the PC, and can then click the 'transfer' icon to send that code directly down the Serial Port.

dejavu - The Missing Web UI for Elasticsearch

  •    Javascript

dejavu is the missing Web UI for Elasticsearch. Its goal is to build a modern Web UI (no page reloads, infinite scroll, filtered views, realtime updates) with 100% client side rendering. It is available today as a hosted app, chrome extension and as a docker image.

awesome-progressive-web-apps - :sunrise: A collection of awesome resources for building progressive web apps


A curated collection of Progressive Web Apps resources. Progressive web apps are a new breed of web apps. They combine the benefits of a native app with the low friction nature of the web. Progressive web apps start off as simple websites, but as the user interacts with them, they progressively gain new powers. They transform from a website into something much more like a traditional native app.

phimpme-generator - web service to generate your personal phimpme app

  •    Python

The whole project includes this repo and the Android app. It aims to create a photo sharing app and a generator that can customize it. This repo is the generator part, which is a website where users can customerize their own photo app with their own name and own set of functions. Also you need the Android SDK to run the generator script. You can see details in the wiki of Android app.

Windows 8 App Design Reference Template: Travel Dark Theme


Travel Dark Background template is an emulation of a travel app with placeholders for Vacation destination, group destination and destination detail data.

Windows 8 App Design Reference Template: Travel Picture


Travel picture template is an emulation of a travel app with placeholders for Vacation destination, group destination and tour detail data.

page-transitions-travelapp - Travel App, Native-like Page Transitions

  •    Vue

This demo shows an example of how to acheive native-like page transitions on the web. There's much to be improved here- it's not meant to be a full-fledged web application, just a quick demo to show how this kind of implementation could theoretically work. These concepts can and should be expressed differently in your own application, the sky's the limit here! This is created with Nuxt and Vue. For detailed explanation on how things work, checkout the Nuxt.js docs.