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Resx-Translator-Bot uses Google Tanslate to automatically translate the .resx-files in your .NET and ASP.NET applications.



Related Projects

Resx Resource Translator

Tool for non-developers to quickly translate resource files (resx) in .NET projects to multiple languages in parallel. Shows a tree view of all resources and all translation strings in parallel, one column per language. Compatible with VS2008 and VS2010.

Resx Editor

Resx Editor is a small translation-oriented file editor for Microsoft RESX 2.0 files. Resx Editor is designed for professional translators (include a word count feature).

RESX Manager

RESX Manager makes it easier for Visual Studio developers to consolidate, synchronize and translate resource files of Visual Studio Solutions and Visual Studio Projects (*.resx, *.wxl). It supports export and import of all resource texts to a single Excel file without requirei...

Localisation Resource Toolkit

The Localisation Resource Toolkit (LRT) provides tools for generating resource files (*.resx) utilising a built-in translation memory and the Google Translate API. The system is designed using Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 / .NET Framework 3.0 Beta 1 in C#.


Developers can build a translations database to enable quick localization of an application. Translations can be re-used in different applications for export as .resx files, Java .properties and XUL/JavaScript bundles. WPF interface, auto-translation and more! Developed in C#.

OmegaT+ CAT Tools

A translation tools suite for Computer-Aided Translation / Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT). A translation processor with translation memory, machine translation and project support, bitext aligner/converter, TMX validator, and others.

Improved ResX Files

An attempt to create classes which parse an improved version of ResX files into .resources As most of us know, ResX files are very limited: * Only basic types are shown as strings (it'd be great to see lists and dicitonaries in non-binary format!) * Binary data (such as image...

trans-develnews-ja - Worktree for japanese translation of Debian Developer News

Worktree for japanese translation of Debian Developer News

translation-memory-tools - A set of tools to build, maintain and use translation memories

A set of tools to build, maintain and use translation memories

Resource Translator

A utility that allows you to quickly translate .NET resource files.

SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard Visualizer

SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard Visualizer is a jQuery-based solution that extends the Developer Dashboard by plotting an interactive diagram with data from the Developer Dashboard, giving you an **instant** insight into where the bottlenecks are in your code.

Apertium - A Language Independent Machine Translation Engine

Apertium is a machine translation platform, initially aimed at related-language pairs but expanded to deal with more divergent language pairs (such as English-Catalan). The platform provides a language-independent machine translation engine, tools to manage the linguistic data necessary to build a machine translation system for a given language pair and linguistic data for a growing number of language pairs.

ResXDiff - .resx file comparison utilities

Two command line utilities: resxdiff - Compares two .resx files and shows the differences. resxsorted - Creates a sorted, tab delimited text file from a .resx file

ResX Resource Manager

Manage localization of all ResX-Based resources in one central place.

resx-2-javascript - Get access to your resx translations in javascript

Get access to your resx translations in javascript

RESX-Translator - Automatic translator for RESX files

Automatic translator for RESX files

SPResourceTranslator (SharePoint Resources File Translator)

This tool enables you to translate your sharepoint resource files automatically to a another language. A new translated resx resource files will be created based next to the orgininal selected resource file. Kind regards Tom Van Gaever

AT Tools: Accessibility and translation tools for Orchard

The AT Tools module is a collection of accessibility and translation tools for Orchard, which primary goal is to help people who can't read or write well to get more out of the information on World Wide Web.

Developer Resources console dev tools

The Developer Resources Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo development tools and libraries In 1992 I (Kevin Seghetti) and some friends had a company (Developer Resources) which provided development tools for the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo console

git-solarized-chrome-devtools - Solarized light for your chrome dev tools.

1. `git clone` to some location1. Open chrome, and navigate to `chrome://flags/`1. Search for 'Enable Developer Tools experiments', and click 'Enable'1. Restart chrome1. Go to developer settings (CMD+ALT+I on Mac)1. Click the settings icon (a small cog)1. Click 'experiments', and then enable 'Allow Custom UI Themes'1. Navigate to `chrome://extensions/`1. Click 'Developer Mode' at the top right1. Click 'Load unpackaged extensions' and sele