restic - Fast, secure, efficient backup program

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Restic is a program that does backups right and was designed with the following principles in mind:

  • Easy: Doing backups should be a frictionless process, otherwise you might be tempted to skip it. Restic should be easy to configure and use, so that, in the event of a data loss, you can just restore it. Likewise, restoring data should not be complicated.
  • Fast: Backing up your data with restic should only be limited by your network or hard disk bandwidth so that you can backup your files every day. Nobody does backups if it takes too much time. Restoring backups should only transfer data that is needed for the files that are to be restored, so that this process is also fast.
  • Verifiable: Much more important than backup is restore, so restic enables you to easily verify that all data can be restored.
  • Secure: Restic uses cryptography to guarantee confidentiality and integrity of your data. The location the backup data is stored is assumed not to be a trusted environment (e.g. a shared space where others like system administrators are able to access your backups). Restic is built to secure your data against such attackers.
  • Efficient: With the growth of data, additional snapshots should only take the storage of the actual increment. Even more, duplicate data should be de-duplicated before it is actually written to the storage back end to save precious backup space.



Related Projects

caddy - A plugin for the Caddy web server to act as a backend for restic

This plugin makes it easy to run a restic backup server! This plugin uses restic/rest-server to make your backup repositories reachable over HTTPS.Using restic's "rest" backend instead of the "sftp" backend is likely to provide faster transfer speeds because it avoids a lot of SFTP's flow control problems, where transfers slow down more than necessary.

chunker - Implementation of Content Defined Chunking (CDC) in Go

The package chunker implements content-defined-chunking (CDC) based on a rolling Rabin Hash. The library is part of the restic backup program.An introduction to Content Defined Chunking can be found in the restic blog post Foundation - Introducing Content Defined Chunking (CDC).

rest-server - Rest Server is a high performance HTTP server that implements restic's REST backend API

Rest Server is a high performance HTTP server that implements restic's REST backend API. It provides secure and efficient way to backup data remotely, using restic backup client via the rest: URL.Rest Server requires Go 1.7 or higher to build. The only tested compiler is the official Go compiler. Building server with gccgo may work, but is not supported.

others - Exhaustive list of backup solutions for Linux

During my (@fd0) research before starting restic I've tested a lot of different backup programs. However, even after working in this space for a few years, I still stumble across backup solutions I didn't know about.In the future we plan to provide benchmarks using fakedatafs and a table to sort by the tag categories.

stash - 🛅 Backup your Kubernetes Volumes

Please pick a version of Stash that matches your Kubernetes installation.To install Stash, please follow the guide here.

dfs - dedupe filesystem, as a deduplication engine for a cloud storage system gateway.

dedupe filesystem, as a deduplication engine for a cloud storage system gateway.

yahoo-dedupe - Deduplication System for Yahoo! Shopping Data

Deduplication System for Yahoo! Shopping Data

duke-dedupe - Fast deduplication gem based on the Duke engine

Fast deduplication gem based on the Duke engine

duplicate-kriller - A fast file deduplicator

Replaces files that have identical content with hardlinks, so that file data of all copies is stored only once, saving disk space. Useful for reducing sizes of multiple backups, messy collections of photos and music, countless copies of node_modules, and anything else that's usually immutable (since all hardlinked copies of a file will change when any one of them is changed).Works on macOS and Linux. Windows is not supported.

SecureSoapClient - A secure by default SoapClient extension for PHP

A secure by default SoapClient extension for PHP

JSanity - A secure-by-default, performance, cross-browser client-side HTML sanitization library

A secure-by-default, performant, cross-browser client-side HTML sanitization library.2/18/2016: @kh9n has completed a significant refactoring.

ssl-config - SSL configuration logic, extracted from Play's WS (for use in Akka et al).

Goal and purpose of this library is to make Play's WS library as well as Akka HTTP "secure by default". Sadly, while Java's security has been steadily improving some settings are still left up to the user, and certain algorithms which should never be used in a serious prodution system are still accepted by the default settings of the SSL/TLS infrastructure. These things are possible to fix, by providing specialized implementations and/or defining additional settings for the Java runtime to use – this is exactly the purpose of SSL Config.Additional modules offer integration with Play WS (which by default utilises the Ning Async Http Client), Akka Http and any other library which may need support from this library.

Caddy - Fast, cross-platform HTTP/2 web server with automatic HTTPS

Caddy is a general-purpose HTTP/2 web server that serves HTTPS by default. Caddy is fast, easy to use, and makes you more productive.

xml-blacklist - ruby task to strip nodes from xml documents

```./filter_xml_dir OPTION...```Copy all files from one directory to another, stripping out specified XML nodes from each file in the process.All files from SOURCE will be processed and copied to DESTINATION. Unless `--no-recurse` is supplied, all subfolders willbe copied as well. Only folders with files in them will be copied. File types are not checked. Symlinks are copied intonormal files by default, but with `--symlink=link` the target will be relinked (without change) in DESTINATION, or wit

de-duper - Dedupe | Dedupe two email lists and push duplicates into a third list (ruby intersection)

Dedupe | Dedupe two email lists and push duplicates into a third list (ruby intersection)


RWSecure parses the /var/log/secure (or specified secure log) file for Invalid usernames or Failed password. If more than x invalid or failed attempts by one IP(i.e. brute force), it will add that IP to your /etc/hosts.deny file by default (also configur

lbackup Java Backup

Java backup tool providing file level data deduplication: If a file is stored, it is never stored a second time unless the file's content changes. Instead, a reference to the stored data is created. This holds true even if the file is moved or renamed.


Efficient Client-Server Backup system for Linux and Windows. A client for Windows lets you backup open files and complete partition images. Backups are stored to disks in a efficient way (deduplication) on either Windows or Linux servers.

Friendly-Backup - Super easy, secure, offsite backup

Super easy, secure, offsite backup

duply (simple duplicity)

Duply is a shell front end for the duplicity backup tool It greatly simplifies it's usage by implementing backup job profiles, batch commands and more. Who says secure backups on non-trusted spaces are no child's play?