ReSharper PowerToys

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ReSharper PowerToys are plug-ins developed by both the Community and JetBrains for use with ReSharper.



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ReSharperPowerToys - ReSharper PowerToys are plugins developed by both the Community and JetBrains for use with ReSharper

Note: this file is provided for a quick reference only.The JetBrains ReSharper PowerToys Pack comprises a set of sample projects that illustrate basic techniques for ReSharper plugin development. The samples are intended as a quickstart basis for building third-party ReSharper plugins, especially the plugin installers. Their source code may be freely used under the BSD License.

resharper-vsix - VSIX and ReSharper integration

This repo contains two projects that enable better integration between Visual Studio's VSIX extensions and ReSharper.The first project, resharper-vsix is a ReSharper extension that will install any VSIX files bundled inside one of ReSharper 8's NuGet based extensions. This is intended to enable ReSharper extensions to also extend Visual Studio in ways that ReSharper doesn't currently support, perhaps by including project or item templates, or different editor extensions (highlights, adornments, folding, etc).

resharper-nuget - Plugin for ReSharper to support NuGet references correctly

This plugin for ReSharper adds support for NuGet references to ReSharper. It supports ReSharper 8.x, 7.1 and 6.1.Please note that this plugin is now deprecated. The functionality has been rolled into the main product as of ReSharper 9.1. This repo is left as a sample (albeit slightly out of date).

resharper-devguide - Developer guide for the ReSharper Platform

Welcome to the developer guide for the ReSharper Platform. This is the primary source of documentation for developing extensions for the ReSharper Platform that ships as part of ReSharper.This guide is Open Source, licensed under Apache 2.0. The source (as Markdown) is hosted on GitHub. Please feel free to raise issues or create pull requests to address incorrect or missing content. Please see the CONTRIBUTING page for details on how to build locally.

resharper-cyclomatic-complexity - ReSharper plugin to measure cyclomatic complexity as you type

This is a ReSharper plugin that measures cyclomatic complexity as you type. If the complexity of a method, function or property exceeds a configurable threshold, the method, function or property is marked with a warning highlight ("squiggly"). It supports ReSharper 9.1, and calculates cyclomatic complexity for C#, VB, JavaScript, TypeScript and C++.It can be installed by going to ReSharper → Extensions Manager and searching for "Cyclomatic Complexity".

resharper-plugins - Various simple plugins for ReSharper

Various simple plugins for ReSharper.To build the source, you need the ReSharper 7.1 SDK installed. Then just open the resharper-plugins.sln file and build.

resharper-presentation-assistant - ReSharper extension to show executing commands and keystrokes

Presentation Assistant is an extension for ReSharper 2016.1, 10, 9.2, 9.1 and 9.0 that will display the keyboard shortcuts for the currently executing action. Useful for demos, but also handy for pair programming - easily answer those "how did you do that?" questions.You can download the plugin via the Extension Manager. Once installed, you can enable and disable it by selecting the "Presentation Assistant" item in the ReSharper → Tools menu.

resharper-unity - ReSharper support for Unity

The "Unity Support" plugin adds specific functionality for the Unity game engine to ReSharper and Rider.Rider is JetBrains' cross platform .NET IDE, based on ReSharper and the IntelliJ Platform. It can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux and this plugin can replace the default MonoDevelop editor with an IDE providing rich code navigation, inspections and refactorings.

Reactive Extensions Plugin for Resharper

A Resharper plug-in to help use the Reactive Extension libraries. This has been developed for Resharper version 7.1 and supports the following version of the .N

mnemonics - Source code for mnemonic template generators for ReSharper and IDEA

Mnemonics are templates for ReSharper and IntelliJ that let you quickly generate code and data structures by typing in names which are based on mnemonics - a structured abbreviation of the code you're trying to create.The vertical bar above indicates where the caret will end up once you're done editing the name of the class.

resharper-angularjs - ReSharper plugin for AngularJS support

A plugin for ReSharper that adds support for AngularJS.The Live Templates are based on the IntelliJ templates by Pawel Kozlowski.

resharper-rider-samples - Simple interactive exercises to help learn ReSharper

In these materials, you'll learn about many of the features and productivity enhancements available in ReSharper. It provides step by step exercises for navigation, editing, inspections, refactoring and more. While it doesn't cover EVERY feature in ReSharper (we like to have some surprises), it does give many, many useful tips and tricks to both beginners and long time users.Each exercise also introduces the keyboard shortcuts that can be used to work with ReSharper more efficiently. Should you want to see all the shortcuts in one place, you can download a keyboard shortcut cheat sheet from the JetBrains documentation web site, either for the Visual Studio keyboard scheme, or the IntelliJ scheme.

ExternalAnnotations - JetBrains ReSharper External Annotations

The default set of external annotations that ships with ReSharper and Rider.

resharper-ultimate-whatsnew - Code samples to illustrate changes in new ReSharper Ultimate releases

This solution serves to showcase improvements introduced in new releases of ReSharper Ultimate products in a compact and code-centric way.To JetBrains employees, it allows reusing sample code across all kinds of communications related to a particular ReSharper Ultimate release, such as blog posts, web help, social media updates, videos and live demos.

Exceptional ReSharper Plugin

This is a plugin for great ReSharper product. The main purpose for that plugin is to aid developers to analyse thrown exceptions and provide some guidance about them. It introduces the notion of checked exception that you may know from Java to C#.

ReSharper Settings Manager

R# Settings Manager is a JetBrains ReShaper plug-in that adds an extended ReSharper settings management and sharing capabilities.

JSLint for Resharper

Adds highlighting of JSLint validation errors to Resharper in Visual Studio.