Wiki.js - The most powerful and extensible open source Wiki software

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Wiki.js is the most powerful and extensible open source Wiki software. It works on virtually any platform and is compatible with either PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL Server or SQLite. It can manage all aspects of your wiki using the extensive and intuitive admin area. You can keep wiki public, completely private or a mix of both.

Wiki.js is bundled with lot of features,

  • It has built-in support for 2FA, Social authentication
  • All content modifications are tracked. You can revert to a previous state or recover a deleted page at any time. Easily keep track of who changed what
  • Visually compare two versions of the same page to see exactly what changed.
  • Quickly export a specific version of a page or create a new page from an older version.
  • Multi language support: Make your wiki available in multiple languages. Quickly switch between languages for the same page.
  • Right-to-left languages are fully supported.
  • Upload and manage your media assets from the Assets Manager. Easily categorize your assets in folders and see where they are used.
  • Insert code snippets with full color syntax Highlighting and line numbering.
  • Full text search support using Elastic search
  • Store the content in Git, Personal cloud, Enterprise Cloud Storage, Local network
  • Manage users and groups
  • Create your own themes to fully change the look and feel of your wiki



Related Projects

markdoc - A lightweight Markdown-based wiki system. Current status: abandoned.

  •    Python

Markdoc is a lightweight Markdown-based wiki system. It’s been designed to allow you to create and manage wikis as quickly and easily as possible. Technical Documentation/Manuals Markdoc can be used to write and render hand-written guides and manuals for software. Such documentation will normally be separate from automatically-generated API documentation, and might give a higher-level view than API docs alone. It might be used for client documentation for web/desktop applications, or even developer documentation for frameworks.

jingo - Node.js based Wiki

  •    Javascript

A git based wiki engine written for node.js, with a decent design, a search capability and a good typography. The aim of this wiki engine is to provide an easy way to create a centralized documentation area for people used to work with git and markdown. It should fit well into a development team without the burden to have to learn a complex and usually overkill application.

unittest-cpp - A lightweight unit testing framework for C++

  •    C++

The full documentation for building and using UnitTest++ can be found on the GitHub wiki page. The contents of this wiki are also included as a git submodule under the docs folder, so version-specific Markdown documentation is always available along with the download. While there are currently some bundled automake files, UnitTest++ is primarily built and supported using CMake.

ScrewTurn Wiki - ASP.NET Wiki Software

  •    ASPNET

ScrewTurn Wiki allows you to create, manage and share wikis. A wiki is a collaboratively-edited, information-centered website: the most famous is Wikipedia.

catalog - Create living style guides using Markdown or React

  •    Javascript

Catalog lets you create beautiful living and fully interactive style guides using Markdown and React components. Please read the Catalog documentation (built with Catalog!) for detailed installation and usage instructions.

nodewiki - A simple wiki system

  •    Javascript

A simple git based wiki system for markdown files written in node.js. This is a simple wiki system that uses markdown (text) files as its database. It reads and writes to the text files in the directory it was started in so it is possible to use text editors to edit the files. Version control is done through git. There is a git mode which automatically does a git commit on each file save.

IF Wiki - Interactive Fiction Wiki Games

  •    ASPNET

IF Wiki lets anybody create (and play) Adventure Games online. It combines Wikis with Interactive Fiction, so players can also author games. The technologies involved are MVC, Markdown and JQuery.

mm-wiki - MM-Wiki 一个轻量级的企业知识分享与团队协同软件,可用于快速构建企业 Wiki 和团队知识分享平台。部署方便,使用简单,帮助团队构建一个信息共享、文档管理的协作环境。

  •    Go

MM-Wiki 一个轻量级的企业知识分享与团队协同软件,可用于快速构建企业 Wiki 和团队知识分享平台。部署方便,使用简单,帮助团队构建一个信息共享、文档管理的协作环境。

SharePoint Wiki Macros

  •    JQuery

SharePoint Wiki Macros aims to fill some important feature gaps between popular wiki systems and SharePoint 2010 wikis (both Team Sites and Enterprise Wikis). "Macros" in a wiki are simple content tokens that are replaced with more complex code dynamically when a page is re...

index - Go modules by example is a series of work-along guides

  •    Shell

Go modules by example is a series of work-along guides that look to help explain how Go modules work and how to get things done. They are designed to complement the official Go documentation and the Go modules wiki. The guides are being released in no particular order and will instead be curated into a more cogent order/structure (in conjunction with the modules wiki) at a later date.

MediaWiki - powers Wikipedia

  •    PHP

MediaWiki is powers MediaWiki is designed to be run on a large server farm for a website that gets millions of hits per day. MediaWiki is an extremely powerful, scalable software and a feature-rich wiki implementation. Pages use MediaWiki's wikitext format, so that users without knowledge of XHTML or CSS can edit them easily.

Python Wikipedia Robot Framework

  •    Python

A framework for writing robots to crawl MediaWiki wikis like Wikipedia, with the goal of standardizing content or otherwise making minor modifications to the pages of the wiki including making interwiki links.

waliki - A wiki engine powered by Django and Git

  •    Python

Waliki is an extensible wiki app for Django with a Git backend. It's in an early development stage. I'll appreciate your feedback and help.

docs - Parse Platform docs

  •    CSS

These are the markdown sources for all of the Parse SDK guides. The content for the guides is stored in this repo, and we use Jekyll to generate a static site that is hosted on GitHub Pages. The guides are organized by platform. Each platform directory contains a set of markdown files, one for each main section in the guide.

gitdocs - Easy to use, SEO-friendly, beautiful documentation that lives in your git repo.

  •    Javascript

GitDocs helps you create beautiful, SEO-friendly documentation sites from markdown files that live alongside your source code. Cross-compile from multiple git repos and run locally for a great publishing experience.

guides - Documentation guides and tutorials for Clojure. Various authors.

  •    HTML

An assorted collection of tutorials, guides, and other documentation (by various authors) for the Clojure programming language and its ecosystem. Read the guides online. The goal is to produce quality technical documentation with limited duplication between guides, and eventually have these documents hosted at

go-wiki - A simple HTTP server rendering Markdown styled documents

  •    Go

A simple HTTP server rendering Markdown styled documents on the fly and optionally shows its git history including diffs. NOTE This is toy project to help me learn Go, so don't run this on anything publically available.

go-wiki - A simple HTTP server rendering Markdown styled documents

  •    Go

A simple HTTP server rendering Markdown styled documents on the fly and optionally shows its git history including diffs. NOTE This is toy project to help me learn Go, so don't run this on anything publically available.


  •    Delphi

WikiProject is Windows based user interface for major media-wiki projects including Wikipedia. WikiProject also contains complete media-wikis based Research Organizer, Windows and Internet Explorer addins and tools.

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