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IronPython addin for Redgate's .Net Reflector

  •    DotNet

A .Net Reflector addin for IronPython. Developed in C#.

Reflector .NET


Reflector .NET is an open source reflection tool in .NET world, it's used for viewing metadata of a .NET assembly and de-assembling IL code of each method. In further version, it could also be used to de-compile high level programming language source code, such as C#.

XNA Image Reflector

  •    CSharp

XNA Image Reflector allows you to add Web 2.0-like reflections to images in a few clicks

object-reflector - Allows reflection of object attributes, including inherited and non-public ones

  •    PHP

Allows reflection of object attributes, including inherited and non-public ones.

SpugDisposeCheck - VS Addin for validating Sharepoint 2007,2010 dispose objects


AddIn that wraps the SPDisposeCheck Tool from Microsoft for SharePoint and fully integrate it with Visual Studio. Vs2008, Vs2010 and SharePoint 2007 and Sharepoint 2010

NUnitit - a Visual Studio Addin for NUnit

  •    CSharp

An addin that allows you to run and debug NUnit projects within Visual Studio without setting a start program in the debug options or attaching manually to an external process.

Visual Studio Solution Code Format AddIn


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Circular Dependency Check


This is a simple tool which can be used to check circular dependency amongst a given prebuilt assemblies. It uses CCI ( common compiler infrastructure ) to read metadata instead of Reflection. It can be used as a starting point for building set of such kind of tools for code ...

FileGenerator For Reflector

  •    CSharp

This is an add-in for Reflector - it generates code and resource files for a selected assembly, module, namespace, or type. It also creates a VS project file to see the generated files in Visual Studio. Note that this project does NOT contain Reflector.exe. You have to downlo...

ExceptionFinder for Reflector

  •    CSharp

This is a Reflector add-in that will find all of the exceptions that might be thrown by a method.

Dot Net Reflector


OPEN SOURCE AND FREE Reflector. Let it be said right now. Dot Net Reflector forever will be free and here on codeplex.

CCI Explorer (An alternative to .NET Reflector)


CCI Explorer is an alternative to RedGate Reflector. It use the Microsoft Common Compiler Infrastructure to decompil and view source executable code. The application is writing in WPF and use the MVVM pattern.



Bewise Outlook Work Items Extension is a TFS 2008/2010 addin for Outlook 2007/2010.

Build Version Increment Add-In Visual Studio


An addin for Visual Studio 2005/2008 to auto increment build versions of projects.

Web Test Tools


Tools like the Coded UI Testing tools in Visual Studio 2010 and SpecFlow are great tools when it comes to Behavior Driven Development (BDD) of web sites, but unfortunately they don't work together as easily as they could. This project attempts to address these problems usin...

monodevelop-nuget-addin - NuGet addin for MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio

  •    CSharp

This is a port of the SharpDevelop NuGet package management addin that works with MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio 3.0 and 4.x under Windows, Mac and Linux. It adds a Manage Packages dialog to MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio where you can install, update or uninstall NuGet packages. Please note that Xamarin Studio 5.0 and MonoDevelop 5.0 both have the NuGet addin built-in. All further development of the NuGet addin, for MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio version 5.0 and above, will be done in the main MonoDevelop GitHub repository. The code available here is for MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio 3.0 and 4.x.

Top2OneNote AddIn


The Top2OneNote AddIn is a toolbar addin for OneNote 2007. This addin gives you the option to import a TOP (WALTOP) file (generated by a digital notepad) into OneNote. Because of text recognition you are able to search between your written notes while keeping the original writing

Visual Studio Flat Solution Explorer

  •    C++

The Flat Solution Explorer is a Visual Studio 2005 Addin that shows a non-hierarchical view of all items in a solution. There is an input box that provides real time filtering of the items. This is a great Addin for managing large solutions. This Addin is implemented in C++...

Doxygen Browser Addin for VS


Doxygen Browser Addin. It's an addin for VS 2005/2008, that allows navigate on Doxygen documentation into the IDE of Visual Studio.

Toggle Script Debugging Addin


The Toggle Script Debugging Addin is a simple addin for Visual Studio 2008 that allows you to quickly enable and disable script debugging from Visual Studio. When you don't need to debug JavaScript files, simply click on the addin icon and Script debugging will be disabled. ...