razorC.net - free CMS made with ASP.net web pages and WebMatrix

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razorC.net CMS - it is fast and easy way to start and maintain professional web site. Developed with ASP.net web pages (razor syntax) it is great for WebMatrix developers. Very easy to setup and modify. You can change any existing page layout to work with razorC.net in few min...




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DB_Razor_WebMatrix - bases de datos con WebMatrix y Razor

bases de datos con WebMatrix y Razor


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Simple lorem Ipsum generator helper

Hi, Lorem Ipsum generator allows web page designers to quicly add dummy content to their site. Developed in C# , you no longer have to worry about writing dummy content will testing your pages. Just enter the following code : @Utils.LoremIpsum.generate(); and voila !

OHG-CMS - OHG - ASP.NET Web Pages (Razor) Based CMS

OHG - ASP.NET Web Pages (Razor) Based CMS

navbuilder - NavBuilder - Easily build ul/li navigation for your cms in c#/razor.

NavBuilder - Easily build ul/li navigation for your cms in c#/razor.

Freemium Helper for WebMatrix

The Freemium Helper for WebMatrix provides an easy way to apply the Freemium model into your WebMatrix site. Using different user groups (or roles), it allows you to easily enable or disable features on your pages depending on the stock-keeping unit the user has paid for.

Composite C1 CMS - Open Source on .NET

A top rated ASP.NET web CMS here on CodePlex. Quality web CMS with a great API and solid usability. Friendly with ASP:NET Razor, Web Forms, MVC and XSLT.

Wufoo Helper for WebMatrix

The Wufoo Helper for WebMatrix provides an easy way to integrate Wufoo forms and data into your WebMatrix site. It allows you to add Wufoo forms in your pages and integrate the data submitted in your forms by using Web Hooks.

Groupon Helper for WebMatrix

The Groupon Helper for WebMatrix allows you to easily add a Groupon badge to your WebMatrix site. When the helper is in place, it can query the Groupon API to get the deals for a given location, for you to display them in new, different ways.

Rockin CMS-LMS Combo

RockinCmsLms Combo provides a great way for users to build their content and training sites with one great tool. It will be developed with C# 4.0-4.5, Silverlight, JQuery, and ASP.Net and MVC 3.0 with Razor. This project will demonstrate how to use todays technologies to build...


Weapsy is a Multi-Language Content Management System (CMS) developed in C#, ASP.NET MVC 3 with Razor syntax, Entity Framework 4 and SQL Server 2008.


OHG.NET CMS ASP.NET Web Pages (Razor) Based CMS Rich Theme Support Easy to use One-Click JQuery Plugins (Slider, LightBox,Paging,Image Gallery...) One-Click YouTube Videos, Bing Maps Twitter Bootstrap Interface Web Site Administrator Panel Li...


Nullable<CMS> is a powerful, flexible and pluggable, enterprise-quality content management system.


Docy is a tool for producing the MSDN script-free look for .NET documentation, using XML comments. It produces static html, wiki markup and also has an MVC site. It uses the Razor view engine and Jolt.


Personal (but not private) repository of demo content for Razor talks. Feel free to use this for any purpose (attribution appreciated) but this is not part of any product or future Razor feature.

razor-server - Razor is next generation provisioning software that handles bare metal hardware and virtual server provisioning

Razor is an advanced provisioning application which can deploy both bare-metal and virtual systems. It's aimed at solving the problem of how to bring new metal into a state where your existing DevOps/configuration management workflows can take it over.Newly added machines in a Razor deployment will PXE-boot from a special Razor Microkernel image, then check in, provide Razor with inventory information, and wait for further instructions. Razor will consult user-created policy rules to choose which tasks to apply to a new node, which will begin to follow the task directions, giving feedback to Razor as it completes various steps. Tasks can include steps for handoff to a DevOps system such as Puppet or to any other system capable of controlling the node (such as a vCenter server taking possession of ESX systems).

PayPal Helper for WebMatrix

The PayPal helper allows you to integrate PayPal payments within your WebMatrix website or e-commerce application. With a few lines of code, you’ll enable your Web site customers to click on a payment button to pay for their purchases with their PayPal accounts.

Foursquare Helper for WebMatrix

The Foursquare Helper for WebMatrix makes it simple to integrate Foursquare in your site. With a few lines of code you'll be able to show an "Add to My Foursquare" button or show any user's badges in your site.

GetSatisfaction Helper for WebMatrix

The GetSatisfaction Helper for WebMatrix allows you to easily integrate GetSatistaction feedback functionality into your site. It provides a set of widgets for your users to share their ideas, questions, problems, and praises.

Polldaddy Helper for WebMatrix

The Polldaddy helper makes easy to add Poll widgets, ratings and surveys to your WebMatrix site in a few lines of code. It also provides access to the Polldaddy API, wrapping some of the API methods to retrieve Poll data.