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Microsoft translator

Language translator designed to test Microsoft Translator web service API In Windows Phone 7 developed using Visual Studio 2010 in C#


Looking for Language Translation service? We are the Language Translator service Provider, We are located at Canada. We deliver Language translation services for a variety of subjects that includes Websites Translation, Medical Translation, Technical Translation, Legal Translation and other services in Canada, UK and USA.

AlterNative - Human-Like translations from .NET assemblies to C++

Alter-Native is a source code translator: from high-level language to native language (C++). It provides a tool to easy port applications from high-level languages such as .NET to native languages like C++. Most of the actual systems are C++ compatible, thus if the application is ported to this language, it can be executed in several platforms (i.e. smartphones, tablets, embedded systems and computers).

gotraining-1 - Comprehensive training material for learning the language.

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. Although it borrows ideas from existing languages, it has a unique and simple nature that make Go programs different in character from programs written in other languages. It balances the capabilities of a low-level systems language with some high-level features you see in modern languages today. This creates a programming environment that allows you to be incredibly productive, performant and fully in control; in Go, you can write less code and do so much more.Hardcore Go is a 3 day class for any intermediate-level developer who has some experience with other programming languages and wants to learn Go. This class provides an intensive, comprehensive and idiomatic view of the language. We focus on both the specification and implementation of the language, including topics ranging from language syntax, Go’s type system, concurrency, channels, testing and more. We believe this class is perfect for anyone who wants a jump start in learning Go or who wants a more thorough understanding of the language and its internals.

Multi-Language Words Memorizer

Language learning tool. This .net application is designed for learning words and help foreign language learners by lots of automatic features.

Atysian Translator

Atysian Translator is a little translator for the players made languages of the four races of Atys, the planet where the game The Saga of Ryzom is setted on. It provides an inrealtime translation in any language available and autocompletion of the words.

Language-translator - free language translation application using the microsoft translation service

free language translation application using the microsoft translation service

Resx Resource Translator

Tool for non-developers to quickly translate resource files (resx) in .NET projects to multiple languages in parallel. Shows a tree view of all resources and all translation strings in parallel, one column per language. Compatible with VS2008 and VS2010.

Translation API

A .Net API to provide text translation functionality from one language to other. Currently this uses google translation service to perform the translations.

Free language translator and file converter

This is a desktop language translator application. It allows the import for several popular subtitle and document formats.

dictdb - dictionary database for language translation

dictionary database for language translation

Interlingua Translator for Java

It is an universal language translator and written in Java. All languages are translated to an unique language (interlingua) and generate any native language from the interlingua. The wordbooks are XML. It use the context of a text, rules and a grammar.


TranslatOr aims at providing an online dictionary service allowing the user to freely define languages (=vocabulatories) and their mappings (=dictionaries). Its primary use is to make learning the vocabulatory of foreign languages easier.

Dictionary Translator for Umbraco

This package is to be used with the ASP.NET open source CMS Umbraco, which extends the umbraco admin user interface to allow you to translate a dictionary item into different languages with a simple click of a button using the Microsoft Translation WebService.

Apertium - A Language Independent Machine Translation Engine

Apertium is a machine translation platform, initially aimed at related-language pairs but expanded to deal with more divergent language pairs (such as English-Catalan). The platform provides a language-independent machine translation engine, tools to manage the linguistic data necessary to build a machine translation system for a given language pair and linguistic data for a growing number of language pairs.

Moodle - Course Management System

Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS) which could be used to create effective online learning portal. Each Moodle site can support thousands of courses. Courses can be categorised and searched. Array of course activities like Forums, Quizzes, Glossaries, Resources, Choices, Surveys, Assignments, Chats, Workshops are supported. It supports all major brands of database.


A Twilio service that translates back an SMS message. It also calls you back with a pronunciation in the local language. Useful if you're traveling - especially in occasions where your telco signal is a better option than wifi. Uses node.js and Mashape APIs (language detection, language translation, and text-to-voice)

NN Translator

A Simple, powerful, metro style translator that run minimized. Copy any word to the Clipboard, press CTRL + SHIFT + T and the word will be magically translated to the selected language.

express-translate - Add simple translation support to Express

Adds translation support to Express by exposing a t() function to both the req object and your views (using res.locals). It will translate keys specified in an object mapping of key => translation string for the languages that you specify. String interpolation is supported and all malicious content is html-escaped by default.By default, the middleware will read the current locale from req.locale; you can alter this behavior by setting the localeKey option described below. A locale must be specified on the req object in order for express-translate to know which language it should translate the keys in. The locale must be the same as those languages added to express-translate with addLanguage().

Pytho?ol: Spanish Language Learning Sof

Pytho?ol is an all-in-one program to help English speakers learn Spanish. Features include: Pronunciation, verb conjugation, dictionary (70,000+ words), thesaurus, quizzes, full-text translation, idioms, a verb browser, and a large reference section.